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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Searching for Motivation
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Question how to maintain the motivation?

I have to tell you that I am really tired of worrying about my weight.

I sometimes feel like I should just stop thinking about it and focus on being happy with myself the way that I am. Then, however, I get ready for work and can't find any flattering clothes to wear and just start thinking about it again.

I have worked out many times for almost a year and just don't seem to be getting anywhere. I was intentionally NOT weighing myself for a month at a time so I could visably see results and I didn't lose but maybe 2-4 lbs. How discouraging is that? This is after several months prior of working out and watching what I was eating. I am so unmotivated right now.

What makes me the most irritated is that I am not looking for sympathy and know all the answers to all my questions. I just want to be - be satisfied and happy and comfortable. Why does this have to be so hard? What is it about my body makeup that makes it so hard for me to lose weight? I refuse to take meds for dieting (don't even believe in dieting) but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm missing something chemically that would assist in processing the foods I eat. Oh, I don't know. It just really irritates me all the time. I hate feeling this crabby and knowing that what needs to be done to remedy the situation is just so overwhelming. UGH! Any suggesstions? Thanks for listening to my rant.


and (all the time...grrr.....)
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Fit from Within by Victoria Moran

A book a friend who has weight issues told me about. I too struggle with being sick about worrying about my weight... swing from being passionate, committed, determined ... to a lump who can't get off her ample arse and get moving.

I'm enjoying the book ~ tho I'm a long way from peace from within. It's worth looking at *s.. and not too expensive.

My program: Michael Thurmond's 6 Week Body Makeover (based on body type)

Never mind waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. Stride down there and light the darn thing yourself!
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Hey Jen/Sassypie!

I just want you to know that your post really struck a cord with me. As a matter of fact - I could have written it word for word (if I were good at putting things into words). Your thoughts are exactly mine! I have battled my weight all my life! I have always been a little overweight and now I am...... well pretty overweight.

I am 5' 3 1/2" and weigh 195 or 199, just depends on what day of the week it is. I struggle with the fact that no matter how much I work out (I do have a busy life aside from exercising) and no matter how healthy I eat, that no matter what, this is my body size. I struggle with trying to accept myself and be happy with my body size....how do people do it - you see people who are really big and say they are big and beautiful and love being big women....how do they do that? I hate it! I hate being uncomfortable in my own skin. I struggle everyday with trying to accept my body size.

I also feel that with all that I know about this stuff, that I am missing something somewhere, some gene that I need, some vitamin or hormone that I am lacking that makes it impossible for me to lose weight. I truly wonder what it would actually take for me to lose some weight? wonder what would happen if I was stranded on a island for a month with no food if I would even lose any weight?

Now having said all that - which really sounds negative - I do try really really hard to be positive and not let on that I feel so negative about my weight. But I felt the need to be honest with you since you were being so honest with us. Hope I didn't sound too negative *sigh*

Jen/Sassypie - why don't you join us on the daily thread! I would really like to get you know you better and maybe along the way we will find some answers to losing some weight or at least accepting ourselves. :-)

take care,

one for every 5 lbs lost since finally getting treatment in 2004 for my previously undiagnosed thyroid problem. I take 5 grains Armour Thyroid daily to treat my low thyroid symptoms and I can finally say that I feel good!!!!!
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Hey Cathy, I totally agree with you about the women that call themselves BBWs and such. The only thing is, I used to be the same way, til one day I noticed that I hadn't been dieting or anything, I just stepped on a scale and noticed that I was somehow 20 pounds lighter, true story. May 1st last year, I weighed 304. By the end of the month, all I'd done was take Xenadrine and occasionally ride my bike, and by May 31st, I weighed straight up 280. I'm not selling out the RX or anything, but it just really motivated me to start dieting. That and the fact that when I was at college, my mother found out she was diabetic and her father passed away when she was 12 from being just that..a diabetic. I knew that since my weight was so high, if I didn't start on something as far as dieting, I would end up just like everyone else in my family. That was really my motivation to even start trying to lose weight. So far, it's been fairly well to me, I've lost right at 40 pounds, and continue to lose every week or so. The thing I see is that, if you haven't had the gastric bypass done, it's really good that we've all been able to lose weight. Just the risks alone from that surgery is why I opted not to have it done. But I see that as with anything though, it's made for some people and not for others. The ones that it works for, it works really really good and that goes with diets too, though really, I guess.
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Hospitalized in early 2016 for stress overload - gained 32 pounds while in the hospital. Goal is to now lose it, and I hate backtracking, so that is my fuel for motivation!

I have been called 'Penelope' and 'Garcia' for years because I am supersmart with computers. Now I only need the blonde hair once I get back to my goal weight.
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Come join the daily thread......I find that helps with the motivation.....but it is a constant battle.

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