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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Generic Wellbutrin

I recently started taking 300mg of generic wellbutrin for depression and i wanted to see if people have lost or gained weight on this medication, i have lost 60lbs and terrified of gaining

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I take the generic wellbutrin XL at 300mg. There hasn't been a huge change in my weight. I have been on it since it first became available a couple of years ago. My weight has fluctuated within 10lbs without huge gains or losses (but my effort was aimed more at maintaining than losing). Just keep up your good habits and you should be alright!
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I also take this (Budeprion is the generic name, not sure of the spelling though)... never gained weight from this drug. If anything, people sometimes report losing weight I believe.

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I lost 10 pounds easily when I first started taking this medication, and this is pretty common. Actually, wellbutrin combined with another drug (naltrexone) have been under FDA consideration as a weight loss drug.
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I didn't notice a change either way. I actually didn't even notice a benefit of it lessening my depression. That depressed me because I'd read about so many success stories of just feeling better which made them want to exercise and move. Didn't happen for me. But the good thing is that I didn't gain. I'm actually still on it because I'm finally on a cocktail that seems to be working, and we're worried about rocking the boat to remove it. Plus there are supposed to be some inherent appetite suppressant qualities to it. Hopefully there is some subtle benefit that I'm receiving that I'm not aware of. But I think this is one of the few that does not cause weight gain for most people.

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My difficulty with the wellbutrin is horrible insomnia...has anyone worked past this issue?
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Default Lost weight

I lost a little bit of weight on generic Wellbutrin when I was on it, though it was enough for people to comment on. Maybe about 10-15 pounds. My appetite decreased a lot, which is probably the cause of the weight loss, though I wasn't eating all that much due to mood to begin with. I never felt all that hungry on it.

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I read alot of people mention they more motivation on wellbutrin, so that could contribute to weight loss as well as the reduced appetite...
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Ontariogirl35 I take my 300mg pill in the morning around 7.30, if i take it early enough i dont have problems with insomnia.....and a few days in and i've lost weight, i'm still eating as well as i did and walking, so for now its ok

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I lost 10 pounds on wellbutrin rather quickly. For the first 1 -2 months I didn't have an interest in eating large amounts of food, which was fantastic. My binging actually isn't nearly as bad as it was before the medication, but it's still there.

It works wonderfully for me (less anxiety, irrational thinking, better mood) and I'm happy to be on it.

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I've had no problems with insomnia. For me, it does not curb my appetite at all, I could easily eat more than ever if I wanted. But neither do I feel like it increased it either .
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Default Yes - generic WB can help with weight loss

Hi - I know this is an old thread, but thought I'd put my two cents in since I am currently taking generic WB XL-150 mg/day. I have been on it for about ten days, I have also been weaning off of Citalopram (generic Celexa) 20 mg/day for the past year (per doctor's orders). I went down to 10 mg per day of Cit for one week. 5 mg/day for the next and so forth. My doctor seemed to disregard the fact that I went to Weight Watchers for SEVEN MONTHS while I was on Citalopram and lost a grand total of.......5 lbs. It killed me to hear so many other's success stories, when I counted points, exercised, wore my activity monitor, all while in graduate school and being a single parent. I mentioned having sexual side effects to my doc as well as the weight issue and boom she prescribed generic WB.

Since I have started to wean off Cit and have been taking generic WB, I have already lost 5 lbs. and it has only been 10 days. The first few days I was strangely lethargic, but I was patient and now I have the motivation to get things done. No more making a to-do list and staring at it for a couple days. I just do what needs to be done without dreading it like I did when I had no motivation on Citalopram. I have also been cleaning my house like crazy.... but I think that is because it helped so much with my depression.
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I enjoy my welbutrin as well. It's kind of like coffee for me - it helps me feel energized and ready to get stuff done. I cant say that welbutrin on its own helps me lose (though it does suppress my appetite a bit, i rarely ever binge) but it gives me the energy to get to the gym and eat right so that i can lose weight

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