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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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i was prescribed topomax, i dont take it thought

i probably should. at a higher dosage it makes things taste- horrible. it is used off label as a drug to help bulimics control their binges (if everything tastes like ****, you wont want it) and yes it sooo messes with your ability to recall words, it is sooo bizarre! like... "floor" i was like uhm... the thing, you ... flat... you walk uhm...

anyway goodluck i'm bulimic and have been straight (har) for two weeks. i'm hoping to stay away from it

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I was on Topomax for binge eating disorder, but didn't notice a difference. In fact the more I tried to fight the disorder, the worse it got. I did some outpatient treatment which helped. And for some reason, it got better on its own. I still binge sometimes, but it is 1000 x's better. (No more running to four grocery stores to have a massive binge).

I think it's worth trying anything in the arsenal to battle an eating disorder.

I wish I could help you more. My eating disorder is a mystery to me.

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I was on Topamax for almost 3 years for migraines before I had to stop taking it. The first side effect I had was a tingling in my hands and feet- it felt like a bunch of little pins pricking me.

Next was word recall and cognition in general. I lost my ability to think clearly enough to write papers or give presentations, and I am a senior in college so those are critical skills. I just couldn't think in general- I couldn't remember how to do math problems or information for exams. I stopped taking it 2ish months ago and I have seen a tremendous improvement! I even got an A+ on a paper, while I was getting in the B-C range while on Topamax.

That said, the medication affects everyone differently. If you see any of these symptoms (which you may not), I would stop taking it because they aren't the side effects that go away over time.
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I have been on topamax for a week now. I am on the lowest dose; 25 mcg, twice a day. I do not have any problems with my memory but do feel an increase in temperature. I happen to like what it has done to my mood. I feel like it is more elevated. I do have major depression. As far as the buelmia, I think I need an increase in order to prevent this. I still am obsessed at this point with binging, though I have made an effort to cut down.

Thank you everyone for your posts.

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Default preddiegirl

i took topamax for about 3 weeks when dr thought i was having migraine headaches, when the topamax didnt seem to be helping, and i developed a kidney stone and uti...we decided to stop treatment. the dr has since diagnosed me with temporal arteritis, and changed treatment. topamax made me feel kind of "out of it", i also couldnt drink any carbonated beverages because it changed the way that they tasted to me. i did lose about 10 pounds while on it, because it changed my appetite also, but didnt help my headaches. so if ya take topamax just make sure you drink lots of fluids....and don't go off cold turkey..
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My son took Topomax for about 6 months for hemiplegic migraines. He hated how he felt on it and the way everything had a metallic taste. I have read that some that take it call it "Dope-a-max" because of the way it makes them feel.
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HI! I was on Topamax 2 years ago and started again this week. It really helped with my migraines and yes you can develop a metallic taste in your mouth. However, I only tasted it when I ate things that were sugary....which helped me lose 25 pounds. I was also in a better mood so I can see why they would suggest it for a mood stabilizer. i never had any problems with getting dopey but everyone is different. Just start off at a low dose and your doc will gradually increase if need be.

Good luck!!

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Default Topomax: My own Experience

I took Topomax as a mood stabilizer and to cut down on my craving with Depakote. It didn't do much for me so I stopped taking it. Everyone has a different reaction to it. It is sometimes referred to as Dopomax because it can impair your word retrieval.
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I know this is an old thread, but my experience with Topamax has been so positive that I wanted to chime in. I'm Bipolar and was in the middle of of a manic spell when I started taking it. That manic spell - gone, in an instant! Racing thoughts at night, greatly reduced. My urge to binge or even just eat out of boredom is gone, and I find I can focus(and meditate) a lot easier. The only side effects I've noticed are a slightly slower reaction time, and that soda in a can and fountain soda doesn't taste good. Soda in a glass or plastic bottle tastes the same as always. I love Topamax, and I wish I would have tried it first instead of last.

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Hi! I'm bipolar and have been on topamax along with my antidepressants since I was sixteen. It is used as a mood stabilizer for me, however it can be used to treat seizures as well. My doctor put me on it because I was concerned about gaining a ton of weight with my anti-depressants and I was already heavy. I gain weight at the drop of a hat, All i have to do is look at a cookie and i gain three pounds (seriously i'm not exaggerating) and Topamax actually helps to sustain my weight pretty well. If i'm watching what I'm eating and ect, it helps me lose weight because it supresses the appetite a little bit. Over all i've had nothing but good things to say about it. It's good for my sanity and good for my waist line :-) Good Luck!

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I HATE this drug. HATE IT.

I was tried taking Topamax for about 4 months. It did nothing for me other than turn me into a total space cadet, make it hard to function and make me depressed.

Everyone's body is different but it's not for me.
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I was on it for a while. I lost a few lbs on it. I was on it for migraines. I started off at a low dose & had to be increased after a while. Everytime I increased I warned my co workers cuz the nickname it has in my area is dopeamax. I would sit at the computer & stare at it trying to remember what I was supposed to do or how to go something on it. It would be things that I did everyday. I did not have to take depression meds while on it either which I liked cuz then I didnt have to pop even more pills. I did stop taking it cuz I did reach a point that it was not helping with my migraines.
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Both my aunt and a friend were on it for migraines.

Aunt lost tons of weight but is gaining it all back and Friend didn't lose any weight but was either passed out asleep or walking around like a zombie.
This is me starting over again....
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I'm currently taking Topamax and having been for about a year now. I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and my doctor prescribed is as a mood stabalizer. There are definitely pros and cons to this med. I definitely feel 90% better than what I was feeling, however, I don't know if it is because of the lifestyle changes I have made or the medications I take. Or a combination.

Everyone is different, but here are the side effects that I had/have:
- memory loss
- word recall issues
- speech problems
- metallic taste
- supressed appetite
- tingling hands and feet
- increased temperature

I have been able to lose weight (17 lbs and 20 inches since end of May) but I have completely overhauled my diet.
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I know this thread is old, but I just wanted to add to it in case anyone else needed info on it. I took it for a few months for migraines and I found it effective. As an added bonus, I lost weight. I felt hunger, but I simply did not feel like eating because it made everything taste bad. I remember trying to eat ice cream and it tasted metallic and disgusting. It also sucked to feel hunger but be grossed out by everything.

I stopped taking it not just because if affected my word recall, but after a very scary event. I was by my school, that I attended for more than a year. I was less than a block from it and I was completely LOST. I had no idea where I was supposed to go or where I was and it frightened me so much I started crying, even after my memory came back. I'll never touch the stuff again no matter how bad my migraines are! I know there are more, but it's been a couple years and they've slipped my mind

CC'ing/IF back to maintenance weight
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