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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Weight Loss Obstical - Greif

I am really starting to struggle with my weight loss and thought I would come back to 3FC and see if anyone has some tips for me. I decided due to my situation the 'Depression and Weight Issues' forum may be the place to find the best advice.

First let me tell you I am 30 yrs old, married, but have no kids yet. I have two dogs I love very very much and on June 4th I had five horses I loved very very much. I also have a few barn cats that are a joy to have too.

Well on June 4th one of my horses got very very sick. We tried giving him a chance and sent him to the vet for the night. By 5 am he was doing so much worse we ended up putting him down. Our only other option was surgery for $5,000 and it was very very risky. I grieved over the loss of Ciervo but seem to manage thru it. Ciervo was only 11 so it was a shock and very hard. We owned him for 9 years. I ate okay, not as good as I should and found time to exercise about three days a week for an hour or more. I usually exercise at least five days a week.

Well then two weeks ago it got really really hot here in WI. Humid too. One of my other horses toke it really hard and was miserable. So I went about to find out what I could do for him. I opted to put him down last Friday July 3rd. Four weeks after Ciervo. Tardy was 33yrs old and I owned him for 13 years. I loved him a lot. He was my best friend. I am having a harder time with Tardy's loss then I did with Ciervo. I was a lot closer to Tardy. Last week I spent every extra minute I had with tardy becausse I knew it was coming. I am so happy I had that blessing. I did not exercise and I did not eat the greatest. (I visited Dairy Queen three times in five days.)

My dogs are also getting older and I get scared about lossing them. My Husky is almost 12 and my Shepherd is 10. My husky has been having problems with one eye and I am taking her in Thursday but I am so scared about what they might find. I am afraid I won't be able to afford to get her healthy. I am afraid something might happen to them and I will lose them too.

I am scared and worried and sad and greiving. I am stressed out and because of all this (I think) my hair is shedding and it is thin enought to begin with. I am afraid something is wrong with me and Ihave no health insurance. I am afraid to wake up in the morning because I am afraid of my life right now.

I told myself today I would start fresh and have at it again. I woke up started my normal routine and found it hard to get thru morning chores, etc. Then by the time I got in the house I wanted nothing to do with exercise. My body feels so weak from the stress that I didn't want to go thru with exercising.

I have been lucky and have been maintaining my weight. But I want to keep losing. I am afraid the fat may be creeping back and the muscle going away. Most days I do eat good but I have not tracked my calories for a long time. Now I am fighting to get my butt to exercise. I am sad and I don't want to exercise or do much of anything when I am sad. Any tips on getting yourself to want to, or to just, do what I need to do?
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So sorry about Ciervo and Tardy. That has to be really tough to put down 2 of your babies so close together. My husband and I recently had to put down one of our 13-year-old dogs, and we've been very sad, so I empathize.

Wish I had good advice to give about getting back on track, but I'm struggling with the same issues. Sending lots of good vibes your way. Better days ahead for you.
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Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your horses/friends that is so sad. Its so hard when our pets get hurt or when they get older

The only thing I might suggest is talking to your doctor, sounds like you are going through so much right now and that the only one that can give you good advice would be your doc.


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Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
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Schedule a time for exercise and then keep that appointment. Plan your meals and snacks in advance and then stick to that plan.

I'm sorry about your animals - I know how hard it is to lose a pet.

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So sorry for the losses of your horses. I know how much we love our four footed friends, they are part of our families. Take one day at a time , going to Dairy Queen won't change anything, but if you do , don't beat yourself up over it. In time you will be able to think of the wonderful times you shared with Ciervo and Tardy, remember that because of you they had a wonderful, loving home.
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Thank you for your condolences and advice. This week is getting better. I have been concious of what I am eating and making better choices again. I have not yet exercised but did help my hubby on a job yesterday and walked for close to an hour and a half. It was hard too cause it was at a farm and I wore rubber boots that were too big. I was pretty warm and sweaty from that. I am hoping tonight to get a nice walk in. My days have been kind of messed up so it is hard to get back on schedule. I have been caring for a friends horses that take up a good two hours extra a day and then had a farrier appointment (horses hooves) and a vet appointment for the dog tomorrow.

I decided I am gonna buy a small pocket size notebook to carry with me to write down my calories. I am also going to buy a new book to help get me motivated again. Books tend to really help me out.

The grieving is still hard but I can make it thru an afternoon at work with only crying a little, verses feeling like I can not work what so ever. I have my TOM too so that makes this all a little harder. Dang TOM.

Again thank you. I am looking forward to losing the rest of this weight. I just need to be patient and let my body cope with one thing at a time.
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I am very sorry for your losses. I am an animal lover too.One of my dogs
took a heart attack,right in front of me,and died. This was 7 months ago,and I still miss him dearly.I was never on meds for depression b4.But,after this incident I had to go on them ,just to function,and get trough the day. It does get a little easier,but still hurts. Good luck,and wishes.Tracy
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