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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Wellbutrin making things worse

I've been taking Wellbutrin for just over a month now and I think it's actually making my depression, and especially my anxiety, worse. I'm constantly stressed out over little things and I've been incredibly irritable. I've read that a side effect can be feeling tightness in your chest and I get like that a lot. I think I might stop taking it. Has anyone else had these problems while taking Wellbutrin? I was pretty bad before taking it too. Over the summer I was taking Zoloft and it really helped but I'm pretty sure it was making my hair fall out. I might have to go back to it, though.
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Go back to your doctor and see what your other options are if the side-effects are unbearable. There are many meds out there on the market to try. Good luck!
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and don't ever discontinue a medication without asking first...some you need to taper!

Good luck!

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When I was Wellbutrin I was an OCD, overanxious MESS!!!! And I don't even HAVE OCD or anxiety!!! So I would say it definitely caused this in me. Plus it made my hair fall out.

It's okay, there are many different options out there. You don't necessarily have to go back to Zoloft.

What about Effexor?

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i did not know it was such a common thing for antidepressants to make someones hair fall out.

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YES I was incredibly irritable on Wellbutrin...AT FIRST. Irritable and anxious. I was a mess trying to fall asleep, but mostly I was crazy jumpy and felt irritated all the time.

My doc lowered the dose and it's been smooth sailing since. Mention it to him/her though. Mine seemed to act like it was a common complaint.

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I loved Wellbutrin. I was laser-focused and hyper as all get out. :-)

That said, if it is not working for your anxiety and/or depression, speak to your doctor. Also, Wellbutrin is not meant to be stopped cold turkey. This is serious. Talk to your doctor and taper off.

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It's not for everyone, which is why those doctors get the big bucks!

Wellbutrin is my new best buddy. When I started it I stopped obsessing about food and my xhusband and slowly lost 40 lbs without much effort at all. (Now if the last 20 should be so easy...)

It needs to be tapered (ask my daughter how I know) so make that appt. asap.

Good luck.
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My husband passed away a year ago and I have been on Wellbuterin for about 7 months due to depression...I haven't had any of these side effects, mine actually gives me energy and at the same time calms down the anxious feelings...I would talk to your doctor...maybe they have another remedy out there for ya!
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I have had the same experience as you Madys momma. I like bupropion/wellbuterin. Actually helped me sleep a lot better, get out of bed easier, and it must have aided me in losing my 130 lbs becuase I was on it since I started WW.

But check with the Doc. I had some minor issues and a dose change fixed it all.
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The wellbutrin I take seems to help, but I also take clonzipan for the anxiety. Up until a few months ago, I was on both wellbutrin and effexor, and the anxiety meds, I was an emotional mess. I agree, that if it doesn't work, and the side effects continue, get to your doctor as quickly as you can,

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Manda, please call your doctor Let us know what he says.

Mady's Mom sorry to hear about your DH

I did great on Welbutrin, now Zoloft is another story, that stuff gave me wicked thoughts and anxiety.

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I take Cipralex (aka Lexapro in the States) and it's worked miracles for my anxiety!
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I've been taking Wellbutrin for about 3 years, and love it. But everyone is different. There are lots of meds out there, so talk to your doc. DO NOT quit meds cold turkey. I did it with Paxil, and was crazy as a loon. Your doctor needs to taper you off.

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I've been taking wellbutrin and prozac for OCD/ eating disorder (recovered) for the past 3 years or so. before that, I had to try different combinations of medications. It took multiple tries until I found the best combo for me. Some medicines made me more anxious and upset. And now, I've been doing well with this combination. I guess my point is that it might take several tries but you will be able to find the right medication(s) for you. Just make sure you talk to your doctor before making any changes.
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