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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default zoloft

Has anybody ever actually LOST weight on zoloft? It is listed as a side effect for the drug but I keep finding websites and forums talking about weight gain with the drug. My physician suggested I begin taking 50 mg of zoloft. I'm concerned that it may interfere with my weight loss.
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I lost weight on zoloft. It also made sleeping difficult and suppressed my appetite. I was very skinny already at the time, barely eating due to anxiety and depression and so I didn't lose much weight because there just wasn't much extra left to lose. I hardly ever felt hungry and I had to remind myself to eat so I wouldn't get too weak. I don't know how much of that was my mental state at the time and how much of it was the zoloft. But once I got to feeling better, I still didn't gain any weight while on it. I know i'm an exception to the rule in this regard. Obviously everyone is gonna react to meds differently so you'll just have to see what it does to you.
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Default zoloft effects

Several years ago, I was having chronic neck pain after a car accident, and my doc put me on zoloft to help with the pain. It worked very well ( I still have a happy memory of my first pain free hour, 2 days after taking it for the first time) and I was able to become pain free.
With the chronic pain I was also had a bad temper, and was miserable.
It really helped my mood too. I did have some trouble sleeping, and had some jitters, but tried taking it in the morning and that was better.
After a couple of months, I realized I had lost weight. I wasn't really struggling with my weight at the time, ( I was about 150 lbs, a bit overweight, but I wasn't worried about it) and got down to 140 in 2 months without trying. It also had the pleasant side effect of mild urinary retention, and since I had a mild incontinence issue, I was perfectly happy with that.
I gained the weight back slowly after weaning off. The incontinence returned.
3 years ago I started to have problems with depression. I tried the zoloft again, and the effects were not the same. It made me sleepy, no jitters, and no effects on weight. Also, I had had surgery for the incontinence, and wound up getting repeated bladder infections because of the urinary retention.
Effexor was the same.
I am now on wellbutrin, since the urinary effects are minimal, but I am not sure of the effects on my depression, (my temper is flaring a lot these days too) or appetite or libido.

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I lost my appetite on Zoloft so yes I lost weight however it made me incredibly sleepy so what was the point? LOL!! I quit taking it because sleeping 15 hours a day isn't possible when you have 3 kids. Sigh...
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Zoloft can have some very nasty side effects at first. I have been back on my meds since Oct 6th and have lost 12 pounds. Zoloft makes me extremely tired all day long and then I have trouble sleeping at night. It also makes me feel a little sick to my stomach so I don't eat. I also just don't seem to have the desire to eat anything. The good news is the side effects go away after a couple of weeks. However, I still don't feel any great desire to eat. That could be because I am an emotional eater and the zoloft has helped curb those feelings.

ETA: I am also on 50 mg a day. My friend just started with the same dose and is going through the exact same side effects and having weight loss.

HTHs you!

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I lost weight when I first started on Zoloft. I just didn't feel like eating.
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