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Default Need food suggestions Please!!

OK, Ya'll so Im 23, diabetic and possible high Cholesterol . Bummer. I really need to do somthing about it. I have dealt with it forever, and even thought I get depressed every day, I do nothing. I really don't know what to eat, I only like so many foods. I don't like veggies. Im trying to figure out other things to eat. For breakfast I usually eat a hard boiled egg, or sausage patties, or maybe a bowl of Wheat chex. For lunch I will take either tuna, PB &J, or egg salad. Im getting so sick of all that. yuck,

So I really need help to find different things to eat. I hate eating, if I could not eat I would love it. But I can't. Any suggestions for diabetics? If I eat light then within a few hours im shakin and getting dizzy!!
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Are you on insulin?

If you're on insulin you have to be very careful that you eat every few hours and have at least a certain number of carbohydrates per meal (My husband needs to have 45 - 70 carbs per meal, but he is a very large man. You will probably need less, but your doctor or a diabetic counselor should have told you what you should be eating and how to count it)

Have you spoken with a diabetic education counselor. In some areas there are free programs (or at least a few sessions)?

If you aren't able to access affordable diabetic counseling, then there are tons of books in your local library. Look for a basic one, like something published by the American Diabetes Association, and try to make sure it's geared towards the type of diabetes you have.
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Have you checked out the diabetes support forum here at 3FC?

I'm always a little skeptical when people say they don't like vegetables. There are literally hundreds of different vegetables and they can be cooked in hundreds of different ways. There must be at least a few that you could eat. My SO also doesn't "like" veggies, but we still eat a lot of veggies. Some of the veggies he likes include:
- onions
- carrots
- swiss chard
- tomatoes cooked into a sauce
- fennel
- red and green bell peppers
- corn
- potatoes (both sweet and white)
- celeraic (celery root)
- turnips
- parsnips
- celery
- peas (regular, fava, snow, and snap)
- green beans
- kidney, pinto, black, and cannelloni beans
- radishes
- lettuce
- garlic
- green cabbage (raw only, not cooked)

That's a pretty long list for someone who doesn't "like" veggies. Now granted, some of those he will only eat if I prepare them a certain way, but he'll still eat them. Maybe you would like some of those as well. Check out The World's Healthiest Foods or the Veggie Challenged Forum for recipe ideas. Or try just googling the name of the vegetable with the word "recipes".
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