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~*Haunting for Halloween Challenge 2014*~

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Default ~*Haunting for Halloween Challenge 2014*~

Welcome to Haunting for Halloween Challenge 2014

Welcome to the Haunting for Halloween challenge 2014! For those of you who know me, welcome back, I’m glad you’re here! For those of you who are thinking, “who is this crazy person?” allow me to introduce myself! I’ve been doing these spread sheet challenges for a good few years now and I’ve seen so many amazing people lose weight. I’ve been holding these challenges in the forum I dwell in the most – the 20-something forum. However I felt like I wanted to spread out to other forums this year and create a super duper challenge that includes people of all sizes and ages. We’ll all be using the same spread sheet, so it’ll be fun to spur each other on! I’ve tried to include the forums that I see have had a lot of activity recently, but if you think that this challenge should be posted in your favourite sub-forum then please PM me and let me know!

Here’s the aim of the game…lose the most percentage of body weight by Halloween and roll up to your fancy dress party (or your couch with the lights off because you hate kids) and feel sexier than ever. I don’t want to hear any “oh…I won’t be sexy by Halloween” because I’m here to tell you YOU ARE A FREAKIN’ SEXY CANDY PANDA! SHAKE IT LIKE YOU’RE AT A NAKED DANCE PARTY! This is just a way to encourage a healthy bit of competition into your routine.

Let's Keep This Simple! Please Read These Rules!

• You can join this challenge at any time!! Really really!
~~>Click Here to view the Spreadsheet!<~~
• Enter your Username, Starting Weight (at the weight you are at NOW), which forum you're joining from (e.g. 20-somethings, 100 lbs club etc) and scroll to the right and enter your Goal Weight.
LEAVE THE LBS TO LOSE, LBS LOST AND % OF WEIGHT LOSS COLUMNS ALONE! The rest is all filled out automatically by the spread sheet monkeys. Let them do their job, they get plenty of bananas
• Week by week enter your weight on any day you want Monday - Sunday.
• Check back in to the thread and I'll publish a weekly chart to show who's dominating over us all.
• If you want to take a break from weighing in then right click the cell for that week and select "Insert Note" (definitely not a "comment" because these won't move with your username if new members join the spreadsheet!) and add your reason for not weighing in.
• If you don't weigh in for more than 2 weeks without a noted reason you will be moved to Standby. Come to the thread and opt back in if you want to re-enter the challenge.

That's it!* A huge part of this challenge is the community support, so please use this thread to talk to each other and update us on your progress. It’s less about just saying “today I weigh ___” and more about actually communicating with fellow sexy candy panda’s and talking about your life and all its ups and downs. Think of this thread more like a chat thread rather than just a place to post weights.

Can I change my Goal Weight once the challenge has begun? ~ Yes! Just change the number in the Goal Weight column and the lbs to lose and lbs to go columns will sort themselves out. So no need to fiddle around with anything else BUT the Goal Weight value.
There's a - mark in my cell for a week, but I know what I weighed! Can I change it? ~ Yes! The more information you can put in the better.

This challenge will start officially on August 25th, but enter your starting weights now! You can edit your starting weight before the official start date if you so desire.

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I'm in. Sounds like a fun opportunity to gain some support.


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Day 1 back on plan...
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Love Halloween

5%: 248
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Goal 30% Body weight loss

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I'm in I need to get motivated again.
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The challenge has begun! Join at any time but starting weights should be entered and your week 1 weight can be inputted between Monday - Sunday. Check back in the thread every Monday to see who's lost the most weight! I'll be doing individual forum charts as well, so you can compete with each other in your own forums

It couldn't come at a better time. I've been slacking BIG TIME and I need to sort my sh!t out. I need to exercise and count calories. It's not brain surgery, it's just getting into a better routine and applying a healthy lifestyle to my life - a life I want because I want to see results. I'm creeping closer and closer to obesity again, I simply do not want that to happen. I'm putting my starting weight at 167 lbs and my goal is to lose 10 lbs in this challenge. I can do this!

What is your plan during this challenge? Most importantly, what costume do you want to dress up in for Halloween??
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