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S/C/G: 256/169/160

Height: 5ft 4.5in



As of this morning you are 187.8. You have become complacent in the last month, I'm guessing because this is the smallest you've been in 10 years... however the plan is to get back on track after this week-end. I hope you are under 170 while reading this. You have done amazing and are amazing. If you are not where you hope to be know that you can do this. Look how far you've come already.
What can be accomplished in a few months if you put your mind to it is incredible. You are proof of that.

Personal notes: Your daughter is struggling hopefully she's in a better place and you are lonely and miss having a relationship but really enjoy the time you spend with yourself.

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Hello Sexy. You should be about 170-175 now and just about ready for the start of rugby season. Did you complete your learn to run program? Were the holidays very difficult and did you get lots of clothes? You should no longer be smoking anymore. Did it slow down your weight loss any. Hopefully your bodyfat is down to about 30% or less. You should be able to look back and see how far you have come and be really proud of yourself. You must be fulling so much better. Are we still having knee problems or has the weight loss made a big difference?

There are so many things I want to ask you. Was it very hard? I'm not finding too bad. Some days it seems like I will never be where you are now but I won't quit. Do we look much different? Are we running 30-40 min 3x a week? Did we gone a gym for strength training cause the home machine is to light? Can't wait to see you. Keep up the good work

Go me go!!
Mini goals: no longer morbidly obese (255), lost 25 lbs (255), lost 10% (252), 1/4 way done (249), lost 50 lbs (230),1/2 way done (227.5), lost 20% (224), no longer severly obese (223), lost 75lbs (205), onederland (199.8), no longer obese (191), lost 30% (186), lost 100 lbs (180), no longer overweight (159)
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I think I'm losing it!
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Dear Future AwShucks,

On October 12, you woke up to the scale registering 204.8. WOW! You were really excited and enjoying the new feelings of being a bit smaller, having been much the same size for months. I hope the losses continued and you're safely under 200 by now. In October, you were just over 40 pounds from goal. How close are you, now?

Well, it's 2 months into the new year. This letter was written months ago. Remember? You had so much fun in October, enjoying the fall weather and meeting that shy guy. Has he come around? For heaven sakes, I hope one of you gained the confidence to get together! Back then, you were 6 months away from that big trip you wanted to take. On March 1, when you read this, you should be having the time of your life. I hope it is all that you wanted it to be, and that you've found the cutest early spring wardrobe to take with you.

I know you've continued to workout, but I hope you've stepped it up some and perhaps started running. I know you can do it. Did you win the fitness award at work? Did you handle that well? You really are an athlete, now. You should admit it.

Are you any closer to getting out of the city? A lot of your stress stems from that. Even if you've just begun, that's a start. Just keep taking the next right step. By the way, how's that new job? 2014 is going to be a great year for you. I know it. You have accomplished so much and I'm so proud of you! You should be proud of yourself - it's OK, you know.

Losing again since January 2012

"Tomorrow is a new day; You shall begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense." Ralph Waldo Emerson
(3.10.14) I resolve to lose the last 60lbs to make it all the way to goal! One blossom = 5lbs

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Dear Future Kaitie,

Wow, if all has gone to plan you are 3 months pregnant. I really hope that you are happy and not freaking out about having to gain weight again--that being said, don't go crazy girl!! I also hope that you are not experiencing that horrific morning sickness that Tammy had with her munchkins. This time last year you were just getting over pneumonia, I seriously hope that you never get that again. That sucked. Anyway. As of today 10/15/13 you are 157.8 pounds. Your goal was to keep losing weight until you got pregnant so hopefully I made it at least 155 or did all those crazy medications make you gain weight? Either way, it's all good. As long as you're happy.

If for some reason you are not pregnant, I hope you didn't jump off the deep end like last time. That deep end sucked royally and cost you a 65 pounds in weight gain. I know you were upset, but don't do that again. Skinny is better than fat.

I also hope that school isn't driving you mad, deep down you do love teaching--it's just that you lost your mojo somewhere between lesson planning, sgo's, evil observations, and not so friendly people. Remember the kids. Who cares about anything else.

Goal: 3 months pregnant or if that didn't work, 140 pounds or less.

Good luck Kaitie, and remember--don't jump off the deep end. Take an awesome vacation somewhere and let it all go.

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Height: 5'5"


This is an amazing idea.

Dear Future Ashlee,

As of today, you have lost 10 lbs since re-starting your weight loss journey on June 1, 2013. Your weight loss is going pretty slowly (averaging 1/2 lb per week), but it is better than going the other way. You know why you are losing weight slowly. It's because you do well with calorie counting during the week, and then give into your (many) cravings on the weekends. Some days you are ok with that, and other days you are determined to get it from a cheat weekend to a cheat day... Baby steps.

I know that in March 2014, you will still be doing well on your weight loss journey. You will have lost at least 20 more lbs, putting you at or below your pre-pregnancy weight. You have not added working out to your weight loss journey yet, but you will soon. And by March 2014, you will be much more fit and in shape than you are now.

You have a lot happening in 2014. You are a bridesmaid in a good friend's wedding in May. There will be lots of people there from high school, so you will be determined to look great! At the end of June, DH and you will be taking a much-needed vacation back to your honeymoon spot in Mexico. Of course you will look awesome in that bikini! And most important of all, you and DH are going to try for another baby. That's really what these goals are for.

By March 2014, you will only have 20 more lbs to lose if that, before you meet your goal. You will be healthier, feel better, and look amazing! You have wanted this for so long. You got this!
Ultimate Goal (Re-start 8/1/17)
Slow and steady...

Mini Goals:
#1- 195/baby #2 pre-pregnancy weight (met ?)
#2- 189/out of the 190's (met ?)
#3- 179/overweight BMI (met ?)
#4- 166/baby #1 pre-pregnancy weight (met ?)
#5- 156/highschool weight (met ?)
#6- 147/healthy BMI & GOAL (met ?)

1 for each 5 lbs lost

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S/C/G: 256/169/160

Height: 5ft 4.5in


Bumping for those that posted here.
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Height: 5'5


Dear Future Self,

I'll just put it this way. There's two ways this road could have gone: you either actually stuck with this, longer than you've stuck with anything, or you gave up again, and right about now you're feeling ugly and disgusting and are checking out your new stretch marks daily. If you've really stuck with this, then ME, I am so proud of you. Because you've proved yourself wrong. And you have proved, to yourself, that you are stronger than you think. And if you took the other road, then I need to you a) stop checking out your stretch marks and b) just get your *** right back into it! And always remember: you are doing this for you, for you to have Kip. And if that isn't motivation enough, might I ask you what is? But enough of the pep talk...

Right now you've been back at it for about a month. But really for about 18 days. You've lost 9 pounds...9 pounds! Already! From 217.4 to 209. You're drinking nothing but water and a cup of coffee in the mornings. You have seriously come such a long way, in just as little as 18 days. And you look good too. Just like that your belly has diminished, your butt is firmer, and your chins (haha) are going away. You took a 'before' picture when you started, and there's a second installment to come..although you can't decide if you will wait until you reach 200 pounds, or if you will just take it at the 3 /1 month mark. So basically, things are good.

6 months is a long time and allows for many end points. But if in 6 months you are feeling discouraged again, you are off the right path, just remember this. Remember how to get started again. And remember Kip.

And don't forget to love you, regardless!

= 10 lbs gone:

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