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Independance Day challenge

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Default Independence Day challenge

With Valentine's Day drawing near and concluding many ongoing challenges and spring just about 1 1/2 months away I thought adding a more distant challenge (but not *too* distant) might be helpful. I'd love to have you join me!

Set the goal(s) that suit(s) you best.

My goals are to continue to exercise a minimum of 4x per week and to continue the slow and steady weight loss I've been doing since January.

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Onward & Downward
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Arrgh could a mod please change the subject to the correct spelling of independence? Ha ha although maybe people could be intending to go to a DANCE.
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*Embrace Power*
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S/C/G: 315/see ticker/205

Height: 5'5


Goal is to exercise 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes and to be almost in Onederland by July 4th!

SW: 245
GW by July 4th: 238

4/5~ 242.8
4/12~ 250
4/19~ 245.2 FINALLYYY!
4/26~ 245

Month's loss: 0 lb

5/3~ 247
5/10~ No weigh in
5/17~ 250
5/24~ 247.2
5/31~ 244.2

Month's loss: -0.8lb



Month's loss:


Total loss:
Goal: 238
for every 5 lbs I lose!

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Workin for a New ankle
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S/C/G: 256.8/ticker/155

Height: 5'7.5"


I would like to join up... My goal it to be in onederland by then...current weight is 233.4 so I guess I want to lose a minimum of 34 lbs!
Sonja ~ mama to 5...4 boys ages 11, 3, twin 2 year olds and 1 girl 7yrs

1st goal 5% = 244.0 DONE, 2nd goal 30 lbs lost = 226.8 DONE
3rd goal " moderately obese" BMI =223,
4th goal 15% = 218.2,
5th goal 20% = 205.5,
6th goal "overweight " BMI = 191,
7th goal "normal" BMI =159
final goal 155
one for every 5 lbs lost

Daily Weigh In Post
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S/C/G: 154/ticker/123

Height: 5'3"


My goal is to be at goal weight by 7/4, which will mean losing a lb a week.

I am also:

1) Counting calories and averaging 1350/day(cycling)
2) Getting some type of exercise 6 days/week
3) Running 2-3 X/week, training for a half-marathon in May
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Welcome ladies! Glad to have you all joining me. It's hard but since this is a lifetime goal it's so worth the time and effort! We can do this!
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S/C/G: 298/248/158

Height: 5'7"


I love the idea of a mid year challenge goal! I failed miserably at the other challenges I signed up for- lets see how this one goes! Independence day is right before my birthday, so it works out well!

I currently weigh about 284, and I'd like to weigh below 250. So that's 34lbs loss by July 4! I think I can do it!
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Onward & Downward
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Welcome FerrisW. Glad this is a helpful goal for you.. slow and steady we can do this!
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Posts: 725

S/C/G: 96/ticker/72

Height: 5'7"/170cm


Hey guys, I'd love to join this. I'm hoping to hit my current goal right around that time and then I can see if I can go lower! I've got 22 pounds to go so a pound a week.

Restart @96kg-Nov. 1st, 2012

Mini Goals:
Onederland (90.8)- Dec. 15 No longer Obese (86.5)- Feb. 14 15% lost (81.6)- Mar. 28 Original Goal (77) - July 13

Tracking Every 2.5% loss:
93.6 (11/22/12) 91.3 (12/10/12) 89.0 (12/30/12) 86.8 (2/12/13) 84.6 (03/07/13) 82.5 (03/20/13) 80.4 (04/24/13) 78.4 (05/16/2013) 76.4 (07/18/2013) 74.5 (12/29/2013) 72.6
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Slower But Get'n There
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Location: Kentucky
Posts: 1,166

S/C/G: 287.6/243.6/199

Height: 5'7"


I want to continue drinking more water, and eating healthier.

SW 251.6 today
CW 251.6
GW 231.6 for this challenge
2015 Year End Goal 199
2015 Exercise Goal 200 miles
(CW 246)
50 Pound Challenge Goal 228

Will Give Myself One for every 10 pounds

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Location: NY
Posts: 2

S/C/G: 192/192/130

Height: 5'2"


SW- 203
GW- 160

That's 43 lbs. I can do this! I will succeed by logging all my meals into my fitness pal, drinking more water and exercising at least 30 minutes 6 days a week.
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Gettin' it done!
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Posts: 2,803

S/C/G: HW- 242 Restart SW:166 7/24/14

Height: a little over 5'2


Hi all! I'd love to join in on this challenge!

SW- 175
GW- 150 or below.

I will also try to keep track of my food intake on my WW app and watch my alcohol intake too from time to time. Let's dooo it!

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.- Winston Churchill
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Height: 1.68 m



I am kind of new here xD, and I would like to join you guys on this challenge.
I am planning a trip for the summer, and I REALLY need to look at least decent.

Anyway, my goals:
1. I want to loose arround 43ish lbs.
2. I need to start working out, I never have time though, so I'll say walk for at least 20 mins a day and actually workout at least 2 days a week.
3. NOT GIVE UP! I am sick of quiting my diets because I get sad or depressed.
4. Drink 2L of water (min) everyday
5. Keep up the calorie counting!
So, I think that's it? If any of you have any suggestions please feel free to say something, I am kind of improvising here, and if you think my weight loss expectation is too high compared to what I'm willing to work out, please say so! Because I wouldn't know!!!
Also, when does the challenge officially starts? Like when you subscribe, or is there an especific day?


Oh! Right the weights...

SW: 214 (today?)
GW (for this challenge): 171
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Location: Ohio
Posts: 3,033

S/C/G: 245/ticker/125

Height: 5'2"


I'm in! I'm part of the Valentine's Day challenge that's ending...tomorrow, so I'm glad I have a new one to start! I just got back from vacation, and apparently I ate way more than I thought I did, so I'm going to estimate my starting weight at 166.0

I would like to be around my high school weight (145 my senior year), so that's 21 pounds by July 4th. Since I weigh in for another challenge on Wednesdays, that will be when I weigh in for this too.

2/13- 166.0

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S/C/G: 225/ticker/135

Height: 5'7''


I'd love to join this as well. My son's first birthday is around then and it's so important to me that I be healthier by the time he's running circles around me.
SW: 184
GW: 150

Mini goal: 15 pounds by New Year's Eve
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