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Future Skinny Pastry Chef
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S/C/G: 285/ticker/150

Height: 5'8"

Default Autumn Challenge!

I hope it's okay for me to start a challenge...

The best time of year is coming! The outdoors will be changing and so will we, for the better. It also means that it's finally cooling down outside, so outdoor exercising won't be so horrendous (especially if your neck of the woods had record highs and weekly heat advisories all summer).

It'll officially run from September 1st to November 30th. I know autumn doesn't officially start until Sept. 23, but 1.) as soon as the calendar says September, it's fall to me and 2.) it gives us an even three months to achieve whatever goals we set.

So, to start off:

CW: 219
GW: 185-190

1.) Cut down soda and drink more water & tea (since I can now justify drinking hot tea!)
2.) Go for protein/vegetable meals and cut down on carbs
3.) Exercise 3-5x/week
4.) Abstain from fast food
5.) Regulate sleep schedule (I'm up until 4AM and sleep until 1PM. Doesn't help I don't get home from work until 1AM).
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S/C/G: 242.6/236/140

Height: 5'7"


Can I join with you? Autumn is my favorite time of the year.

CW: 236
GW: 199

Cut out soda altogether.
Cut down on coffee and add tea.
Work on learning how to cook at home
Complete C25K
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Super Mom
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S/C/G: 240/240/115

Height: 5'1"


I'm in! CW: 184, GW: 150, Goals: exercise each day at least 30 min (shooting for 1 hour).
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Changing for the better..
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Posts: 8

S/C/G: 280/251.4/227(10% up next 205)

Height: 5'3


ooo i wanna join too!
cw 254---went up 2lbs ugh
gw 210

64oz of water daily
workout twice a day 5 out of 7 days a week
no fast food
get 8.5 hours a sleep nightly
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Make it to the moon...
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Location: Vermont
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S/C/G: 12.31.12: 286.6/260.0/150.0

Height: 5'5"


I'm in!!!

SW: 263
GW: 230

1. Exercise 3-5 times/week
2. Cut out soda
3. Track Daily
4. BIG ONE... Quit Smoking!

I'll make it to the moon if I have to crawl...
**Mini Goals**SW:286.6 1/1/13
**5%(272.2) 1/20/13**10%(258)**Big #! 249**15%(243.6)**50lbs.(236.6)**20%(229.4)**25%(21 5.0)**OneDerland (199.9)**Big #! 190**100lbs.(186.6)** Big #! 179**40%(172.2)**125lbs.(161.6)**45%(157.8)**GOAL 150**
Red = Goal Reached

June Exercise Challenge: 90/1300 Minutes
One for every 5lbs.

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Location: Chicago, IL
Posts: 98

S/C/G: 306/SEE TICKER/140

Height: 5'3''


I'd love to join!!

cw: 304.5
gw: 280

I weigh in on Wednesdays so, I'm already down from my cw

9/1: 297.8 (-6.4)
9/8: 296.6 (-1.2)
9/15: 295.8 (-0.8)
9/22: 295.2 (-0.6)
9/29: 289.4 (-5.8)
10/6: 290.4 (+1.0)
10/13:289.8 (-0.6)
10/20:291.6 (+1.8) UGH!!
10/27:289.2 (-2.4) Back on track!

Cook healthy meals at home
drink less soda
drink more water
exercise 3-5x a week
eat out no more than twice per week
Long Term Goal:

Third Goal:

First Goal: to be under 300lbs - Met 09/01/10
Second Goal: 5% loss (290.7 or less) - Met 09/29/10
Third Goal: 10% loss - (275.4 or less) -
Fourth Goal: weigh less than 250 -
Goal weight 150-140:

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Senior Member
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Location: Walla Walla, WA
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S/C/G: 186.0/186.0/140

Height: 5"6"


Me too!!!!

SW: 173.2
GW: 150

Finish/Continue C25K
Lift Weights or P90X 3x a week
Keep on Track

"Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels"

Start Date: January 18, 2012
Start Weight: 186.0
Goal Weight: 140.0

Mini Goal: 180.0
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Senior Member
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Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Posts: 1,191

S/C/G: 140/137/125

Height: 5'2.5"


I would love to join!! I am returning to this site from gaining some weight back.


Cardio minimum 1 hour 3x/week
Weights/condition 2x/week
Stay away from sugar
First Goal ~Healthy BMI met March 2007

Goal for October 6,2010

Long term goal~~ To meet by Christmas.
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Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Posts: 32

S/C/G: 237/234/150


CW: 237
GW: 205

1. cut out high fructose corn syrup
2. cut back on coffee
3. exercise DAILY
4. bring/eat a healthy lunch every day.
5. Walk 3 days a week on my lunch break.
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ChuckNorris is my copilot
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Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 35

S/C/G: 210/196/140 mini:199/196/190

Height: 5' 2"



GW: 175

Be very faithful to posting to the dailyplate
Finish Slim in Six
Begin 30 day shred
Try to reduce sugars from my diet
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Location: Pittsburgh
Posts: 189

Height: 5'0"


My first 3FC challenge!!!

CW- 164.2

1.) Continue ti write down everything I eat
2.) Run every other day
3.) Incorporate wight training into my non-running days
4.) Continue to being a healthy lunch

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Location: Kentucky
Posts: 204

S/C/G: 287.6/268.4/155

Height: 5'7"


I'm in. I like this, was wanting a new challenge.

SW 272.8
CW 272.8
GW 257.8 15 pounds

Other Goals:

1. Stop drinking Regular Sodas
2. Drink More water, make it a habit.
3. 75 m watp, which is 25 a month, I've done it before.
4. Develop healthier eating habits. Less points, more fruits and veges.
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Joie de Vivre!!
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Location: Utah
Posts: 1,139

S/C/G: 230/ticker/130

Height: 5'7"


I would like to join in this. I'm visiting my brother for thanksgiving. I haven't seen him in three years and I want him to see his little sister looking smaller than he's ever seen! (Which I actually am, but I want it to be even smaller, lol.) When I was a kid he tried to get me into exercising (wanted to do tae bo with me, bike riding, etc), but I just didn't care enough back then. I wish I'd appreciated it more.

So my goal is to see 169 on the scale before I go. Even if it's only 169.9!

CW - 177.2
GW - 169.9

1) Keep up with my workouts. I might skip a day or two because I feel awful but I have to push myself back on track ASAP.
2) Limit treats. I need to stop looking for opportunities to let myself go a little off plan, and search for ways to stay super on plan!
3) Yoga every morning.
4) More water.
"The pieces won't pick up themselves, you know..."
--Olivia-- Falling down isn't the failure, staying down is.

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Location: Iowa
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S/C/G: 240/ticker/140

Height: 5'4"


I have been wanting to join a challenge, I was waiting for the September one to start but this is awesome. I love autumn too but its bitter sweet. Yes its lovely weather and beautiful but it means WINTER is near and I HATE being cold!

CW: 205.8
GW: 199 (i know its not much but read on...)

In addition to a weight goal I want to do an inches goal. I have lots of size 12s in fall clothes that I still like and have saved. I pull pretty taught on my measuring tape in order to get a consistent reading each time, but here are my current and goal measurements:
Waist Start: 32 Goal: 30
Hips Start: 42 Goal: 40
Bust Start: 42.5 Goal: 40 (not a 12 but i like to keep things even)

Action Based goals:
1. Track food daily on Daily Plate
2. Exercise more than 150 minutes per week.
3. Yoga at least 3x per week

Hopefully I will blow these goals out of the water!
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Posts: 134

S/C/G: 276/see ticker/160

Height: 5'8


I'm in!!

drink at least 72 ounces water a day
Cardio 5-6 days a week
Weight training 2 times a week
Complete C25k program

One for Every 5 lbs lost
1st Mini Goal- 260 lbs:
2nd Mini Goal- 220
3rd Mini Goal- ONDERLAND (100lbs)
4th Mini Goal-160(Normal BMI 24)

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