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Gooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning and Happy 1st of September to everyone!!!!

I hope everyone had a great night sleep and that you're having a great morning!!

Today's the first! Lost of brand new routines, programs and plans are starting up for all of us! I'm very proud of all the ladies here--those who have been around for months who have amazed me over and over with their strength, willpower, determination and stamina and have made me smile more times that I can count. You ladies are the best! And to the Newbies! A big huge going out to each and every one of you!!! I'm proud of you too! You're taking a wonderful step in a healthier, stronger you! Take each day one and at a time and keep moving forward--everyone's journey is their own so be sure to embrace it and make it yours!!

As FSA said, there's no need to post every day but if you'd like to--go for it! You'll find there's a few of us that post multiple times a day, there's no right or wrong, anytime you can post is fine by us!

SG~ Okay girlie! You're on!!! You and me 5K baby!!!

Okay girls, well, I woke up to a little loss this morning! Down .4 bringing me to 142.6. Yay!

Well, better get going--I need to make lunches and hop in the shower, we're heading to the park today!

Have a great day ladies and be sure to...

Drink Your Water!!!

It is never too late to be what you might have been. ~ George Eliot

= 20 lbs gone
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Happy September 1st
I'm up & at 'em & on my way out the door.

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There is no spoon!
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Sandye, a day at the park sounds great. You kids enjoy it.

Susie, good to see you posting darling. Now you show the day who's the boss.
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ISO my perfect body
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ALLLLLRIIIGHT! No more procrastination! I guess since it is September, I better put something in writing! My goal for September is to keep PLANNING my meals ahead and lose 5 pounds. Current is (209#) I know it is not much, but I have 3 weekends off in Sept, and am upping my strength training routine and that will make it a challenge.
Good luck everyone! I am off to post in exercise land!!!!

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And we're off! Good luck everyone. I'm up .2 this morning. What a way to start!

One for every 5 pounds lost

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My goal for this month is to lose at least 5lbs, no pop drinking for 30 days and focus on drinking more water, especially when I'm at work!

CURRENT Goal: Healthy Baby! http://gettindowntoit.blogspot.com/
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Ready for final round!
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Hello everyone!!! Great to see a new thread. Last month I only lost 5lbs. Im sure due to fact of lack of excerise coz my back (grrrr). But this is a new month. The pain is less therefore I will try light excerise plus I am in physical therapy.

So here goes September goals! Which I am going to meet! Septembers weight goal= 167lbs. (45lb loss for me- yipee). This number does make me happy. I am going to do light excerise 3x a week. 30 minutes cardio, 20 situps (unsure on this one but will try). Also 80fl oz water everyday.
March 1st Goal 182 lbs!
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I'm in (again). My goals this month are to stick with this thread all month - I've joined several times and didn't really stick with the thread and all wonderful motivation here! I also plan to plan my eating more carefully. Teaching at the University is back in full swing now so I need to plan my lunches and snacks so I avoid the cafeteria!

My weight goal is to lose ten pounds this month. I'm up a couple pounds from my Sunday morning weigh-in so that salt weight should go soon (I'm almost done my first 25 oz bottle of water this morning).

Overall goal - lose 10 pounds or get below 225 (starting weight is 233)

Restarting on February 9, 2018

1) 302.22 (33.8 pounds lost) - 10% of weight lost
2) 268.64 (67.16 pounds lost) - 20% of weight lost
3) 235.06 (100.74 pounds lost) - 30% of weight lost
4) 201.48 (134.32 pounds lost) - 40% of weight lost
5) 167.9 (167.9 pounds lost) - 50% of weight lost
6) 134.32 (201.48 pounds lost) - 60% of weight lost - not sure if this is attainable!
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I'm so up for this challenge, my goals for this month are:

1 exercise 5Xs a week
2 drink 8 glasses of water every day
3 eat healthy (just went grocery shopping yesterday) no junk food
4 no fast food or take out
5 to lose anywhere between 5 and 10lbs by Oct 1st
Main Goal

For every 5lbs

Novemeber Exercise Challenge Goal: 177/1100
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Back at it...again!
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I've started the day out right...took my vitamin, ate a healthy breakfast, exercised and came on here for my daily dose of healthy inspiration! I'd say I've got things going pretty darn well. I've already done some cleaning around the house. 2 of my sweet kids have their first day of school today! I already miss them, BUT it's amazing how much easier it is to clean with just 1 child at home!!! LOL My youngest can be a real worker, too. So, we should get a lot done today. Next project...clean the toy closet! I also told my mil I'd clean the dining room floor. It's wood laminate and I've never had that in any of our houses, so I had to ask her how it needs to be cleaned. It shouldn't take real long. I gotta do it today since for some reason I feel motivated to clean! I've got some errands to run this afternoon before I pick up the kids, too, so I gotta head out and get to work. I'll be back on later if things go smoothly. If not, send a search party....I may have been attacked and held captive by the dust bunnies!

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Woman On A Mission
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Height: 5'4"


The thread started early, so as usual I didn't find it till today. I had been posing on the Aug thread. Oh well.

Looks as though everyone has some really good goals. Good luck.

Since I am really at maintenance, the only goals I have are:
  • Stay within 4 lbs of 125 (don't want to see 130 again)
  • Make healthy meals for myself and my son...he needs it and would live on pizza and chicken fingers if he could)
  • Continue working out 6 days a week

"When I changed my attitude, I changed my life!!

Lost 22 inches since May 1st 2009
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Got a late start today but out the door to feed the animals so thankful for this thread . Got my menu made out and plan on sticking to it!

Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food." Romans 14:20a (NIV

Goal one......200
Goal 2..........195
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Make it to the moon...
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S/C/G: 12.31.12: 286.6/260.0/150.0

Height: 5'5"


CW: 270
GW: 260
Comfortably fit into a size 20 pair of pants

Aiming high, but I think I can get there!

I'll make it to the moon if I have to crawl...
**Mini Goals**SW:286.6 1/1/13
**5%(272.2) 1/20/13**10%(258)**Big #! 249**15%(243.6)**50lbs.(236.6)**20%(229.4)**25%(21 5.0)**OneDerland (199.9)**Big #! 190**100lbs.(186.6)** Big #! 179**40%(172.2)**125lbs.(161.6)**45%(157.8)**GOAL 150**
Red = Goal Reached

June Exercise Challenge: 90/1300 Minutes
One for every 5lbs.

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Height: 5'8


good morning!

i see the thread is off and running as usual! Just a quick hello to everyone before I head out for the last free day before school starts!

Trying like crazy not to fit into my genes.

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There is no spoon!
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Height: 5/9


I love coming in and reading up on everyones news. The day has started off great...lots of laundry and rockin' out already. I've decided to just get up extremely early on M,W,F...that way, like Sandye, I can get my ST and Cardio in before the wee ones get up. I figure I can get ST done before the older two get up and then after they get on the bus, I can get my hour of Cardio in as well. Then that leaves the rest of the day for me to do with as I please. Well I'm off, guess I'll go strip some beds and wash some sheets and all that good jazz. Hope you ladies are having a wonderful pleasing day thus far.
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