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AWESOME!!!!! all I can say is AWESOME!!!!

You ladies are so inspiring. To those that lost.....great work. To those that stuck to it and worked those goals.....congratulations.

I was bummed when i missed the goal of 249. But I have to go back and look at where I was when I started this challenge. I did lose 10 lbs. this month. That is progress!!!!! So I am proud. I did meet a goal.

As for next month I am shooting big again 239!!! So watch me in October!! I will do it. We will all do it. See you all in October.

I truly do appreciate you all!!!
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Way to go everyone!!!

My goal this month was to lose at least 2 pounds - and I did it! I lost 4.6! That is a lot of me to lose in a month, so I am very happy! I hope I can keep it up for next month.
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I MET GOAL!!!! My goal for September was 195 and I weighed in this morning at 193.0!!!!!!

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Go Blue Team!
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Congrats everyone who met or exceeded their goal for September!! And congrats to everyone for sticking to it and doing it!
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Nellonello, sotypical, and jellofer CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSS girls on meeting goals, the losses, progress, etc!!!! THat's fantastic. :c heer: wtg chicks! What a nice way to start our new month.

Wishing you all continued success.

Im going to go fix that list right now. Having pc troubles today.
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econ nerd....congratulationssssss to you on maintaining! See you in our new thread.
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September Weight Loss Challenge Team Members and Goals List
Please let me know if I miss anyone or something is incorrect, thanks

:c heer3:

congratulations to all of you girls in every respect, for meeting goals, completing a month, making progress, sticking with it or getting right back to it,...etc. etc.

FullSteamAhead: lose 6-7 lbs, champ. 2x/wk max WK1, WK2, WK3, WK4
juliast27: reach 175's--MET GOAL!!
nellonello: to see 195--MET GOAL!!
Aclai4067: No more than 2 sodas per wk, survive b'day w/a loss, + be 250 lbs. by Sep. 30
sasha: lose approx. 10 lbs. to be 240
Delphi: lose 10 lbs. + reach a normal BMI--MET GOAL!!
AngelD: have breakfast every other day + start + stick with C25K
Nella: lose 10 lbs--MET GOAL!! + fit into one of my old pair of jeans--MET GOAL!! do level 2 or 3 on 30DS w/no 5 second breaks
iDream: Lose 5 lbs--MET GOAL!! Lose more inches + Keep trying new recipes--MET GOAL!! Keep trying new veggies--MET GOAL!!
wamama: 08/29: 281 lbs, Goal : 270 lbs by my birthday late Sept.
dcapulet: lose 4-6 lbs, Daily water goal: 64 oz 5 out of 7 days, Keep going with couch to 5 k, Yoga 4 days a week, + Good, clean, op eating most days.
Shrinking Girl: Lose 8 lbs--MET GOAL!!
jellofer2: to be 249 by Sep. 30. Lost 10 lbs!!
Tummy Girl: Lose 10 lbs. to hit 166--MET GOAL!!
Bootsie: Lose 10 lbs.
Late To The Game: Lose 7-10 lbs--MET GOAL!!
susiemartin: Lose 10 lbs. to hit 227.
MyOwnSabateur: I am right now 184.8, My goal for Sept is to be in 179.
Mystical: Lose 10 lbs.
hugmequick: Lose 6 lbs. to reach 258.
Miss Mallee: Loose 10 pounds, Stop drinking soda (even diet).
ruth135: pending
mustbedreaming: My goal is to lose 10 pounds & walk 2 miles on the treadmill (8-10%incline) 3x per week!
matilda: drop 10lbs, + workout 5hr./wk.
ruth135: lose 4-6 lbs., + start Strength training regularly.
MsPerception: get to 144--MET GOAL!! multi-vitamin most days + get back to meal-planning--MET GOAL!!Bigmid: Lose 6 lbs--MET GOAL!!
pucedaisy: Lose 5 lbs. to reach my goal of 140! I'll need to keep my new and improved eating habits and STEP UP the exercise!
Sotypical: Lose at least 2 pounds --MET GOAL!! (4.6)
c laura: lose 15lbs this month and/or drop six inches.
misschloe: i want to stay on the wagon all month, which means no cheating, lots of veggies, lean protein.
Synesthetes: lose 2lbs.
Lewisempire: keep PLANNING my meals ahead and lose 5 pounds.
Wifey: lose at least 5lbs, no pop drinking for 30 days and focus on drinking more water, especially when I'm at work!
HeatherEljohari: Septembers weight goal= 167lbs. do light excerise 3x a week. 30 minutes cardio, 20 situps (unsure on this one but will try). Also 80fl oz water everyday.
econ nerd: lose 10 pounds or get below 223 (starting weight is 233)
ButterflyDiva: drink 8 glasses of water every day, eat healthy... no junk food, no fast food or take out, 5 to lose anywhere between 5 and 10lbs by Oct 1st.
Jacque999: Stay within 4 lbs of 125, Make healthy meals for myself and my son, Continue working out 6 days a week.
KimL1214: CW: 270, GW: 260,Comfortably fit into a size 20 pair of pants.
urockmom: lose 5 pounds--MET GOAL!!
dandk0204: lose 10lbs.
Newshinyme: journal my food intake for every meal.
HealthyBunny: My SW is 160 lbs, my goal for the month is to lose 6 lbs.
MeowMix: My goal is to lose 8 pounds by Sep. 30th--MET GOAL!!Jessicado22: to get into the 250s--MET GOAL!! and to fit into those smallest of small size 20 pants I have in storage and be able to wear them in public--MET GOAL!! added goal, get into the 240s.
mizzmizzy: lose 9 lbs. to get to 161.
Hotsplashes: My goal is to be in the 7's. And as close to 175 as I can possibly get.
aprilcp12344: currently sit at 171 and hope to be at 165 by the end of the month
Bessie Mary Alice : Goal: Reach 150lbs, Walk or bike the new trail just opened down the street at least every Saturday/Sunday.
misspiggy408: Get out of the 140's (FINALLY!!) , Weight/Resistance bands, workout 2-3x / week, Cardio 5x / week.
CanadianCutie: lose 10 pounds by September 30th.
layddi: I'd like to see 190 by the end of September, that would be 11 pounds.
slimmerCindy: I am shooting for onderland in September! (that's like 10 pounds).
inthemidst: get to 178, eat OP, and not let school freak me out--MET GOAL!!
cheri1957: starting in at 238 my goal is to lose 100 pounds...
IgetfitNStrongforme: lose 8 lbs.
saraht: lose 3lbs. to be 155.
sylv: lose 10 lbs.
Matilda08: to get below 235.
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Sorry I am late my goal was 10 pounds but lost 6 pounds oh well 6 down 4 to go!

Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food." Romans 14:20a (NIV

Goal one......200
Goal 2..........195
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congratulationsssssssssssss on the loss bootsie! that is wonderful. I just came from the ex. forum and congrats on your ex. schedule too! wtg!
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