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GOOD MORNING LADIES!! It's hump day! Hope you all are having a good day ....

jeweliek - YUMMY! Now I want to try an indian taco! I've had some indian food, but never one of those ... sounds delish!

Shrinking girl - 7.5 inches in 2 months is awesome! How do you like working out at curves? I've heard about them, but never went in to check it out.

Hot splashes - try tweaking your diet a little maybe? Don't give up!

Jacque - You sound like a busy woman! How exciting, sending your kids off to college. That's great!

Crazymama - LoL how old are your children? I have 3 combined (mine, his, and ours) 14, 8, and 15 months, and they are a handful but so much fun!

nello - from size 20 to size 12! Wow! That's awesome!

dcapulet - hope your enjoying you Vay-cay!

jessicado - 10 minutes is better than no minutes, right?

pucedaisy - i've never cooked with tofu, but that creamed spinach sounds good.

Delphi - thanks! It's good to be back!

FullSteam - Thanks! I am SO GLAD to be back online!

Sasha - ya, 5 hours of sleep isn't much. I need at least 6 to function! LoL

Ms Perception - oooh, i LOVE football! Have fun! And i know what you mean about undo-ing you hard work. It's always hard for me to pass things up like nachos and BEER when im at a game! LoL BE STRONG!! You can do it!

So today i jumped on the scale and it read 141.2 ... yay!! I am ALMOST out of the 140's. I REALLY don't want to gain any weight between now and this weekend. I'm going to the "Comedy Jam" on Saturday and it will be my first nite out with NO KIDs since the baby's been born ... so it's been about 15 months. LoL This is like me and my hubby's "date nite." There's going to be some good comedians there, so it should be fun. I plan on going to the mall on my lunch hour to find an outfit. Wish me luck!

If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands ...
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jessicado- eek I'm trying not to eat out as often. Its usually the weekends that are the worst esp recently because we have had to go out of town. We had been doing good cooking during weekdays but last night after my nap, it was late and we didn't have much groceries at home. I feel like even though I am trying to make healthy choices when I eat out, theres going to be more salt in everything. I can't wait for this weekend to be over, its the last one for a while that we are going out of town. And unfortunatly this one will be the hardest yet. :/
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Hey girls...just a quick check in today. Sister and family are still here so not much time. TOM came yesterday and so did an extra pound..grrr. I did get almost an hour of walking/jogging in yesterday so that was good. My sister and I are planning on working out today and I plan on being very careful about my eating today because last night we had brownies and ice cream.

Delphi, you look great!! You guys motivate me so much!
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One day at a time...
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Hello chickies!

Another day down and I'm looking forward to the weekend where I can get some work done without being distracted by having to teach all the time... haha.

hotsplashes - Hang in there. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble and if you have ovarian cysts it could definitely be messing with your hormones and making weight loss more difficult.

cmo4 - I hear ya on the pep talks, when I start out on my first run of the week I am usually fighting an internal battle that goes something like this "i can do this... NO I CAN'T OMG!!!.. no no, I've been able to do it so far, I can push forward and get it done.....WHAT IF ITS TOO HARD OMG!!!...no really, i can do this... BUT WHAT IF I CAN'T OMG!!!!" There you go, 5 minute warmup walk inside my head.... frightening place. Also... congrats on the loss, you're taking away those lbs like crazy!

jessicado - way to go on the 10 minute job... more than I could do right now I'm sure! You're totally gonna find the c25k easy I bet.

Delphi - Thanks! I felt awfully proud and trust me... I was also huffing and a puffing and thinking "it's got to be 3 minutes" and when mr ullrey (i'm using his podcasts) came on and said "you have one minute left" I'd actually slowed down the moment I heard his voice... thinking it was over and then I was like "oh no! not another minute!" But I made it through... somehow.

FSA - Thanks!

Shasha - Sometimes... you just need rest and honestly... if that's what you need then it's the best thing you can do for your body.

misspiggy - You know, I kind of rolled my eyes at myself when I joined Curves, but I really needed something to get me moving again without killing me. The Curves I go to has the smart tag system which kind of keeps track of your workouts and calories burned and pushes you to work out at 85% of your maximum to ensure your'e getting the most out of your workout... I know not all Curves have them and honestly.. I wouldn't go to one that didn't. I've found everyone to be really friendly...sometimes too friendly and they all end up chit chatting while I'm working my butt off which means they go slower and they hold me up.. but other than that, I really do like it.

ok ok, I'm off to get ready for tomorrow.
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Back at it...again!
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SG-Wow, your new pic is great! (if you don't mind my saying so) I hardly recognized you since I'm so used to seeing the other one.

All is well here today. I've been OP and feeling good. It's been a kinda lazy day since it's rainy here, but thankfully I got my biking in before the rain started. I hope it stops long enough to go for our walk tonight!

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Hey gals typin from an iPod on wifi so it's short, but doing good a bit too much wind but getting in those runs and even some hiking. Miss everyone and now I'm going to finish all reading all your news. Thanks Delphi for checking my fb I've had zero computer time this trip! Be home on Wednesday night next week ttfn
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Just checkin' in this morning. Finally the scale has settled on a downward movement. Finally flushing the water out, and guess chalk the rest up to muscle gain. I guess after three months or so, I've finally managed to gain a pound of muscle, while creating a deficit. I got me some guns. At any rate, I actually saw 185 this morning, but I just want to see if it sticks around for tomorrow as well. Well ladies I'll be back in a few to do personals and catch up. Enjoy your days.
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Ready for final round!
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hey ladies....
I been MIA or a couple of days. I was working alot til I hurt my back! Now im going to doc. So excerise is out for awhile. I lost around 4 lbs this month but blah I wanted more. I guess I should be happy I didnt go up. Have a great day everyone!!!
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Originally Posted by FullSteamAhead View Post
Jacqueeeeee, how is your mom sweety? Wishing her a speedy recovery. You must be so tired sleeping in the hospital like that...not easy. What a good daughter! Just remember to take care of yourself which is sometimes hard to do at times like that but the lack of sleep and all sometimes has a residual effect on us . ANyhow, glad the surgery is over with now and mom is on her way to recovering : ). I agree with the girls....things will settle down and you can get back to your schedule. Keep us posted
Thanks...nothing like being pulled between 2 generations. I actually got a good nights sleep last night and got up for boot camp this morning...feeling pretty good. Hopefully the move for the first college kid will go smoothly. I figure next week, things will feel "normal" again...whatever that is.

Originally Posted by Ms Perception View Post
Joci-Hope your mom's recovery continues to go well. You get some rest and take care of yourself, too!

I also had a good scale day. I hit 150.4, so I am only a half pound from my August goal.
I hope it goes well too!!! Just talked to my brother and she has a bit of a fever but they said that is because she had like 10 blankets on her since the surgery. She has been freezing the whole time. Hopefully she will go to rehab today and get on with the recovery process. Seems like people get sick when they are in a hospital, so I want her OUT of there!! on being so close to your August goal...KEEP IT UP.

Originally Posted by misspiggy408 View Post
Jacque - You sound like a busy woman! How exciting, sending your kids off to college. That's great!
Yes I am busy...but with stuff I would rather NOT be busy with. It's all relative if it's exciting to be sending 2 out of 3 kids off to college...it's a catch 22. I want them to spread their wings and fly...but I also want to keep them home where I can protect them. And be with them. The house will be so big with only one at home.

Originally Posted by Delphi View Post
Just checkin' in this morning. Finally the scale has settled on a downward movement. Finally flushing the water out, and guess chalk the rest up to muscle gain. I guess after three months or so, I've finally managed to gain a pound of muscle, while creating a deficit. I got me some guns. At any rate, I actually saw 185 this morning, but I just want to see if it sticks around for tomorrow as well. Well ladies I'll be back in a few to do personals and catch up. Enjoy your days.
You are doing great!!! Keep it up....and I am sure you have gained more then just one muscle

"When I changed my attitude, I changed my life!!

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Good Morning Chickies!!!

MsP~ Ooooh I love your new avatar pic! Miss Skinny Minnie!!! Look at you!!! You look fantastic!!! You are so close to breaking out of the 150's!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! I'm sure it will be any day now I'll be reading your post announcing you've hit the 140's!!! So, were you able to get your walk in last night or did you get rained out?

~ Hey hun! Sounds like you're doing great! Hope to see you soon!

Jessica~ congrats on the loss! Almost 2 lbs? That's awesome!! Yeah, the little ones don't quite seem to get the whole 'healthier lifestyle' thing.

~ oh I know! It's crazy how many DVDs there are over there! Pole dancing--Bwahahaha! As if! Never in a million years--no way. I'm entirely too self conscious! Congrats on 185!!! That's fanfreakin'tastic! I'm sure you've gained way more than a lb of muscle girlie! WAY more! You're looking stellar my dear!

Misspiggy~ okay, first, I gotta tell ya--I feel like I'm insulting you when I type out your screen name! I think I need to start calling you MissP or MP because Piggy...well...it just sounds mean! Go ahead, call me a loon... Okay, my kids are almost 9, 6 and my girls are 3. I never planned on having 4, but well, twins will do that to ya! We're all done now though, I've got my hands more than full. They're awesome kids though--when they're not driving me nutty Haha! Congrats on the loss, man, you're so close to the 130s!!! Have a blast on your date night! I can totally relate! The most time hubby and I have spent alone since the girls were born was in July when we went shopping by ourselves for an hour and a half--pathetic huh? Oh well...

~ I'm sure you'll do great this weekend! And I need to give you props because I know how many insanely yummy restaurants there are in So Cal and the fact that you're managing to eat healthy is a feat in itself! I gotta ask ya, have you ever been to Killer Shrimp? It was my all time favorite place to eat in So Cal...I am ever so glad they don't have them here! Closest thing we have is Joe's Crab Shack and it's not nearly as good!

Ruth~ dang ol' TOM! Don't sweat that lb--it's all water that he brought with him. And sometimes dear, you just have to give in and have brownies and ice cream! Especially when TOM's around. Have fun with your family and on your workout too!!!

SG~ Hahaha! Oh yeah, I've sounded like that too! When I get like that I'm really glad I'm working out in my basement and not in a gym in front of people--because sometimes I don't just say it in my head! Read some of you blog last night--good stuff!! I love that you took pics of your produce! I have been tempted to do the same thing, seeing as how I never used to buy any!

Tummy~ nice to see you hun! Less than a week and we'll have you back! Hope the wedding was fun and that you're having a wonderful vacation!!!

Heather~ Oh man! Sorry to hear about your back! Do take it easy and don't rush the healing. Don't worry about not being able to exercise, just stick to eating right and you should be just fine.

Jacque~ I hope your mom's fever goes down. I know what you mean, I never like it when anyone is in the hospital, odd how you go there to get well and end up sick sometimes. A big going to you for having 2 baby birds leaving the nest. I get all weepy just thinking about my oldest going into middle school in a couple of years--I can only imagine what a mess I'll be when it's time for them to head off to college!

Well, I sent the boy to school today! He was still feeling a little off, but I think he'll be fine.
Down a little more today, just .4 away from being able to change my ticker, Aug Goal and 50 lbs lost!! I'm stoked!

Not much planned today, just housework (which is never ending), laundry (also never ending) and if I'm feeling extra inspired, I'm heading upstairs to scrub some walls today!! Oh don't you wish you were me?

Well ladies, the girls are being grumpy this morning so I better see what I can do to change that. Have a great day ladies and be sure to...

Drink Your Water!!!
It is never too late to be what you might have been. ~ George Eliot

= 20 lbs gone
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Good Morning Everyone!
Both boys are back in school. My second son's first day was yesterday. Today he starts Advanced Math and just cannot wait. Football starts next week and his school trip Eco-Week will send home a requirement to hike, walk or run 40 miles to train for the mountain hiking they will be doing!!!

Last night hubby and I ran up hills and speed drills for 3.4 miles! I was the scale hit 182.0 this morning!!! I hope it is the same tomorrow for my weigh in.

Today isn't too busy...with Avon I have to call all customers that haven't ordered and said they wanted to, 2 meetings at the different schools with councelors, a meeting for Yearbook and then just work.....this makes tomorrow look like I could have a nap!

I am wishing everyone a GREAT onplan day!

Crazymom: I hope your son does well at school. Maybe he will feel better when he is with all his friends
Jewelie in CO

Round 2:

Alright Back STRONG after a little break and Gonna Make it!

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Good morning everyone!

misspiggy- Omg yay you are soo close to hitting the 40 lb mark. Oh the comedy jam sounds fun. I used to live in Nor Cal and I went to it a few years ago. I think it was the one being held by wild 94.9 or something. Have a great time!

ruth- Ugh stupid TOM, you will be losin that lb in no time. Hope you had fun with the fam.

shrinking girl- thats such a cute pic of you. Did you highlight your hair?

ms p- yay for being OP and getting your workout in. I know it can be hard sometimes to workout when its raining outside.

tummy- hope you are having a fab vacay. Where are you at again, I forgot.

delphi- Awesome job on the scale movement, I knew it would happen this week. Are you feeling better? Oh and I had a chance to look at your updated pics and WOW....just wow. You look amazing!

Heather- sorry to hear about your back. Hope you feel better soon. Also congrats on the 4 lbs, a loss is a loss.

Jacque- Wishing your mom a speedy recovery. Wow you are going through so much right now and I just want to commend you for sticking to your WL and coming on here to post. College is a exciting time and I know for me, leaving my family was bittersweet because at that moment I realized that my life was about to change.

CMO4- Thanks for the encouragement. I am feeling good about this weekend and have started to make a gameplan. I found out that the gym I belong to has a location near where we are staying. I will just have to convince someone to let me borrow their car for an hour so I can go over there. And I had never heard of Killer Shrimp. I looked it up and it seems like there are a couple locations, one very close to my work. I couldn't load the website though...wierd. Omg how exciting to be sooo close to your 50 lb goal, I just know you will reach it.

jeweliek- Oh wow congrats on your weight loss, I hope the scale stays the same for tomorrow. I'm sure it will as you have been doing your crazy running drills. And uphill too...sooo great! We have these hills by my apartment and we have to walk up and down them in order to get to the beach. I always break a sweat even after walking, I can't imagine what would happen to me if I tried to run.

As for me, nothing too new here. I have tomorrow off since I'm going out of town to my friend's cabin for the weekend. It should be fun since we have it every year and it gives us a chance to see people that we don't see very often. I'm not as scared anymore of the eating good and drinking little/or none at all. I figure that I would rather be good there than go overboard because I know that I will have to come back and report to you ladies. Official weigh in is tomorrow, but I check everyday. I'm down 1.2 lbs for the week. I need to lose another 2.8 lbs to meet my goal for the month and I think its going to be a verrrrrrry close call. Thats why I need to OP this weekend. Alrighty, back to work , catch up with everyone later.
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Morning Everyone!

Shrinkinggirl, Thanks.. I need a new OBGYN to find out what's going on. HOrmones are definitely a possible culprit. Keep up the great work on your shrinking!! I wanna shrink too!

Crazymomma.. I am drinking more water than you know!!lol I'm taking this orange fiber stuff.. tastes icky.. so I really water it down... taking it 2-3 times a day and with about 20 to 30 ounces of water each time.. definitely getting my 64oz of water daily!Lol

Jacque.. My thoughts are with you and your mom!

Jewel.. That workout sounds hard!! Great job on the -2lbs!!

Heather take care of your back!! Trust me.. you don't wanna go thru what I've been going thru!! Congrats on the -4!!

Delphi you are almost at your goal!!

Shasha so are you!! Stick with it!

MSP, Keep up OP!! Good work!

My exercise for today is working in my garden and doing laundry... doesn't sound like much..but for me..that's alot.. plus walking the dogs... slow but sure wins the race!!

Ok.. I'm off to start writing 8 more articles inbetween loads of laundry!!
Dating and Life Coach On Her Way to Health!

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Morning all!

Well as predicted, the scale went up a little today. I have noticed a def pattern in the past few weeks since I started weighing in daily instead of every week. My weight will go down a few pounds, then the next day it will go up about a pound, and then the next day it will go down a few pounds again, lol. I think in the long run I'll be averaging 2-4 pounds loss a week, which I can def live with! If it is 4 I'm going to be really happy...if it is 2, I was hoping at my weight I might lose a little more to start out with since I am bigger, but oh well! I really just want to get under 270 by the end of the month, and as long as I can do that, I will be extremely happy!

SG--I used to live directly above a Curves and I could hear "Please switch machines now" every 30 seconds from like 7 in the morning till 7 at night through my floor. It was awful. For that reason alone I cold never use a Curves gym, lol.

Heather, Sorry to hear about your back. Hope you heal quickly! Don't stress yourself too much so that you end up hurting yourself more. Congrats on the 4 pounds!

Misspiggy--that is great, you are so close! I am sure you will be in the 130s soon. So tell us, did you find an awesome outfit? (I just think of Miss Piggy from Muppets whenever I type your name).

Sasha--have fun this weekend! Again I might mention how awesome you are with sticking to your diet with how much you are out! One of the only reasons I can stick with my plan so well is because there is nothing unhealthy in my cupboards, lol.

Jacque--hope your mom is getting better!

Delphi--sounds to me with your guns you've got more than one pound of extra muscle! Way to go!
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I changed my avatar....this is what I look like today....just wanted to share.
Jewelie in CO

Round 2:

Alright Back STRONG after a little break and Gonna Make it!
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