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S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"


Cake, congratulations!!! My word, 23 miles over!! You are amazing! (But I see you're a little crazy too, wanting to major in English! Welcome to the club! Lol!! )

Ican, and that is why you are an English major and not a math major, lol!!!! J/K! Wow, now that really is topping off April with a bang, running a 10K!! Good luck!!

Ms_P, I know you will be so happy to be settled and to get your computer set back up! We'll be happy to have you back regularly too!

FSA, I'm sorry TOM has returned so early for you. I'm probably going to be dealing with it in the first week of May, ugh. Not a fun way to start off the month, but at least I'll get it over with!

Lewis, meeting your goal was AWESOME!!!! Way to just do it!!! Yay!!

Well Ladies, I have officially met my exercise goal for April!! I exercised every single day! I honestly would not have done it without you and this thread!! I never would have found the motivation, yet you inspired me! Thank you so much!!!

ORIGINAL GOAL (45 min once a day): April 1--Biked! April 2--Biked! Walked! April 3--Biked! April 4--Walked! NEW GOAL (30 min twice a day): April 5--Walked! Biked! April 6--Biked! Biked! April 7--Biked! Biked! April 8--Biked! Biked! April 9--Walked! Biked! April 10--Biked! Biked! April 11--Walked! Biked! April 12--Biked! Biked! April 13--Walked! Biked! April 14--Biked! Walked (kinda)! April 15--Biked! Biked! April 16--Walked! Biked! April 17--Walked! Biked! ORIGINAL GOAL (45 min once a day): April 18--Walked! April 19--Walked! April 20--Walked! April 21--Walked! April 22--Walked! April 23--Walked! April 24--Walked! April 25--Walked! April 26--Walked! April 27--Walked! April 28--Walked! April 29--Walked! April 30--Walked!--MET GOAL!!
Slow Carb Diet (*Modified), Re-Started 6/14/16 > ----------Slow Carb Diet (*Modified), Started 5/3/15, Met 1/23/16!

*See my modified Slow Carb Diet plan @ Carb-Sensitive Dieting (Thread 5)

GOAL: 164 lbs, Normal Weight (BMI)
MAINTENANCE GOAL: Keep slow-carbing!

= 10 lbs lost; = 5 lbs lost: _____
"A year from now, what will I wish I had done today?" -- Unknown Author

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work hard.
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Height: 5'9


Meant to do a 10k today but after about 4 miles I started to feel a bit off, so I only managed about a 5 mile run (still, at the beginning of April, running 5 miles would have been almost unimaginable. Amazing what can change in a month).
My April totals: 58.4/19.0/39.4

Congratulations on a great month CakeBatter, Jacqui, FullSteamAhead, Ms P, Lewisempire, Terapet and any ladies out there I've missed! You guys have been a great source of support throughout this crazy month - - I probably would have sat on my butt, stressed as all ****, and never accomplished all the hard work I needed to do!

See you all tomorrow in May!

PS: Jacqui my in ability to add is definitely one of the reasons I'm not a math major--maybe i should start running only whole miles, to make it easier on myself!

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S/C/G: 177/157/138

Height: 5'6"


Apr 1 60 min Zumba class: 60 min Yoga class
Apr 2 60 min step class
Apr 3 30 min elliptical(8/8);30 min treadmill(4.3)
Apr 4 Yard Work
Apr 5 60 min Step class; 60 min Zumba class
Apr 6 60 min Step class: 60 min Yoga
Apr 7 60 min Body Sculpting class

Apr 8 60 min Zumba; 60 min Yoga
Apr 9 0
Apr 10 0
Apr 11 0
Apr 12 0
Apr 13 0
Apr 14 0

Apr 15 0
Apr 16 0
Apr 17 60 minutes Zumba
Apr 18 90 minutes walking (strolling pace)
Apr 19 60 minutes Zumba
Apr 20 30 minutes jogging outside
Apr 21 15 minutes Elliptical; 60 minutes Body Sculpting class

Apr 22 60 min Zumba; 60 minutes Yoga
Apr 23 45 min Step
Apr 24 60 min Zumba
APR 25 0
APR 26 45 min stroll with my neighbor; washed cars
APR 27 60 min Step; 60 min Yoga
APR 28 60 body sculpting

APR 29 60 min Zumba; 60 min Yoga
APR 30 60 min Step; 60 min Yoga

Thanks ladies for a fun month of exercising. You were very helpful and motivating. Especially when I allowed all that anxiety to get in my way. I am feeling much better these days and hope to keep it that way. Congrats to all of you who made goal. I tallied all my minutes by type of exercise and found that very interesting. I should be able to use the April statistics to set some kind of goals for May although I know May is going to be crazy. Thanks again for all the great encouragement.

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Hi girls Tallying up my minutes and heading over to our new thread. Ty to all of you so much for the inspiration and encouragement. A big congrats to all of you! I took yesterday off too (ankle still a lil'sore but not much) and am absolutely fine today girls so I have no excuse. I feel the difference not exercising a few days so as soon as I am done posting I will hop right to it.......see you over there

No workout for me yet today but boy did you a4/1 -40 min. wii aerobics
4/2 -68 min. ( 30 min. walk-t.m, 20 min. wii aer., 18 min strenght training).
4/3 -none
4/4 -82 min. (40 min. walk-t.m, 20 min. wii aer, 22 min. u.b.s.t)
4/5 -60 min. walk-outdoors.
4/6 -40 min. wii aer.
4/7 -17 min. u.b.s.t
Total: 307 min.

4/8 - day off
4/9 - 80 min. walk-outdoors
4/10 -50 min. walk-outdoors
4/11 -none
4/12 -60 min. (40 min. wii aer., 20 min. u.b.s.t)
4/13 -75 min. (40 min. wii aer, 35 min. walk-t.m)
4/14 -105 min.(60 min. walk, 30 min. wii aer., 15 min. u.b.s.t)
Total: 370 min.

4/15 -20 min. walk
4/16 -90 min. (walk, aer.+u.b.s.t)
4/17 -40 min. walk
4/18 -none - just so busy cleaning, etc...lots of ex. that way.
4/19 -Day off
4/20 -90 min. (30 min. wii aer., 60 min. walk)ll inspire me to make sure I get in my walk or a workout.........everyone is doing great! Have a terrific evening girls, Catch you all real soon!
4/21 -60 min. (45 min. wii aer.,15 min. u.b.s.t)
Total: 300 minutes

4/22 -20 min. walk
4/23 -35 min. wii aer.
4/24 -60 min. walk
4/25 -45 min. walk-beach
4/26 -Day off
4/27 -20 min. walk
4?28- 45 min walk (beach)

4/29 - none
4/30 -none
Total: 225 min.
Monthly Total: 1202 oh good, whew! Just made it!
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