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Default Not Sure What to Do

Hey everyone! This is my first post on the forum and I am just looking for direction. I will start by telling you all a little about myself. I am 31 and I work in addiction counseling (ironic I know). My whole life I have been over weight, in my adult years I have fluctuated anywhere from 258lbs-290lbs. I have done diet after diet, but I always fail. I have moderate success, but always gain my weight back. I have always gotten up in the middle night and had a snack once in awhile, but the past two years I just get up and eat anything. I started hiding food wrappers and lying about what I eat to my husband. I tell myself to stop and I can't, I get so mad because I feel completely out of control and I hate myself over it. It's not just at nigh anymore. It's all day. I eat super fast so no one sees how much I eat. I literally say stop stop stop with every bite and then I keep eating more, or more quantities. I get scared when I hear noises when I "sneak eat" because I don't want to be caught. I just admitted to my husband yesterday that I have a problem, he is completely supportive but I literally have no idea where to start or what to do. Any advice would be greatly helpful. I feel so embarrassed that I can't control myself.

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Hi Glittermoon, you sure have been struggling there by yourself for quite awhile
but luckily during a strong moment you’ve sought help from like minded people here at 3FC.

My personal advice would be to firstly ask your wonderful supportive husband to stand by your side as you walk around the house filling up a couple of bags full of all the bad foods from the cupboards, draws, refrigerator, freezer and hiding spots both in the car and house, and ask him to dispose of these unhealthy products (you don’t have to know where he takes them to)
These bad tempting foods are not just the sweet and fatty ones they also include the processed food as there are many hidden sugars and salts in processed food, these are also brain stimulants and will be addictive to keeping you awake at nights.

Then I would suggest writing a master shopping list with fresh ingredients for meals that you like that are sugarless, salt less and filling eg . . .
Breakfast - A mushroom omelette on toast and a cup of low sugar fruit eg strawberries
Snack – A filling soup of red lentils, 2 celery sticks, 2 onions, 2 carrots, chicken stock powder, water.
Lunch- 2 slices wholemeal bread, 20 slices of thinly sliced cucumber, some tinned beetroot slices, 100g tin of drained tuna.
Snack – 2 cups of low sugar fruit
Dinner – 120g meat or fish, 100g pasta, potato, or rice, unlimited vegetables (this will really fill you up)
Bed snack – a slice of toast with a hardboiled egg (remember no salt as it’s a brain stimulant) and wash it down with a large cup of warm unflavored milk (milk contains tryptophan which promotes sleep)

I know of one lady who sought a hypnotherapist before she started her diet (it was most successful for her)
There is no mind control with being hypnotized, there is only powerful suggestive counseling
to get the right thoughts into the persons head. As you feel you can’t currently trust yourself with food when alone, it just might be an idea to seek one appointment to aid you getting back on track with the right thoughts.
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You're an addictions counselor, so you have to know that your story sounds like someone with an addiction. I'm in the helping industry, too. I'm an acupuncturist and, you guessed it, helping people with addictions is a big part of my job.

For me, food and specifically overeating food is an addiction - I use it to alter my emotional state and before treatment I found that I was not able to stop. I tried so many diets, tricks, mindful eating - everything I could think of. I really didn't want to be so uncomfortable. It was affecting everything in my life. I was self conscious because I didn't fit into clothing, or chairs. I was tired and cranky all the time. I was depressed and anxious. Its sucked. Understanding that sugar acts like an addictive substance in my body let me accept help in getting over that addiction. I'm currently 85 lbs lighter. My job is going great. My relationships are better than ever. I'm really not depressed anymore.

Here's the good news - now that I've been through dealing with an addiction, I have the ability to be with other people struggling through addiction in a much more real way. I have a different insight into what might be going on with them and what I can and can't do to help. Its been really great for my career. So keep that in mind as you consider wether you'd be willing to seek help for food as an addiction. It might allow you to be of great service to the people you work with.
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Thanks you guys. I am trying to take one day at a time. I have asked my husband to "check" me when I go into the kitchen. I just asked him to ask me if I ate anything, and he has been doing amazing at it. I know it sounds odd, but I need to be checked. I have been good all day today, which I am extremely proud of. I definitely will try some of things you suggested Orange2 and Blog. I think that I went so long not thinking food was an addiction, but hiding food wrappers is not normal. I am particularly annoyed because I KNOW how addiction works. I know the symptoms-I know what to look for, obviously it couldn't possibly have been me..... with food.... I am glad there is a really supportive community and I want to stay involved. Thanks you guys, sincerely!

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Secret eating was my big thing. I went as far as popping out for a pretend errand only to go through a drive thru and eat secretly, disposing on the trash in some parking lot so I won't be found out and then driving home to eat dinner. I'd order pizza and throw away the pizza box in a neighbors trash so my husband wouldn't find out. It was severe.

But here's the thing. Even if food has a strong physiological effect on us I do not believe that following an addiction model of abstinence works. Gosh how humiliating to have to clean out your house and be supervised at all times. It's not as easy for a supposed food addict to abstain. It's not like getting rid of all the heroin until your body goes through detox. You cannot change your environment the way a drug addict does. You will be surrounded with sugar and food anywhere you go.ni believe that learning behavior modification and building a trust with yourself around food is way more valuable than labeling yourself an addict. That's just my opinion though, even though I faced the same struggle I decided to learn intuitive eating, portion control, body positivity and stress reduction. I got the most help from a nutritional therapist who taught me HOW to be normal around food rather than trying to control food. If I could do it anyone can, my binge eating was wretched.
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