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The worst cravings when watching food on tv ....

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Default The worst cravings when watching food on tv ....

So far i've conquered most of the triggers that set off my binge eating.. I switched to atkins mocha coffee shakes for nighttime cravings. I stock the house with 90 calorie snacks, i fill up on fruit , and drink plenty of water. I write, or exercise when i'm struggling with severe anxiety ( i'm an emotional eater too) . However, the worst is watching my favorite food either being prepared, or eaten on a tv show i love ....I watched a series not too long ago where they were making french toast, went out and bought a smart ones french toast meal, but i really hate that it has this hold over me ... It sucks, because that's when i feel deprived, when i'm reminded of what food i can't have.. Yes, I've placed restrictions on the food i really like, there's no way i can eat it without consuming more than i set out to eat ....

Does anyone have this problem?

btw i realize that some people don't watch tv, and that's cool, but i have shows that i'm absolutely addicted too, when i 'm not reading, i watch them online.

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Yes! I can't watch food programs or even look at pictures of decadent food in magazines or online. Pinterest is really difficult for me. I am fine with the healthy foods and recipes. It's the comfort foods and sweets that get to me!
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It's unfortunately because just like scantily clad women, food is all over the tv screen. What a mixed message right? The only time I get swayed by food on tv is when I'm restricting myself too much. This is the reason I cannot and will not diet anymore, intuitive eating has taken care of that.

However, I find that I associate sitting on my couch and watching tv with binge eating. Everytime I sit to watch tv I think about popcorn or chips or a sandwich or nachos or whatever I used to binge on. Switching seats has put an end to that. I eat all my meals at a table like a person, snacks too.

So over restriction combined with hunger and a comfy place that reminds you of past over eating could be a bad combination for you. Switch things up - take a snack with you that is both healthy and delicious. Instead of nachos dipped in yellow cheese sauce (one of my worst habits) I have cheese and crackers. I've found these delicious rosemary crackers that are perfect with blue cheese or a sharp cheddar. Instead of brownies have a square of dark chocolate with some roasted salted almonds. These foods are rich and decadent but they also provide nutrients and they won't blow your whole day. Portion control is a powerful tool you can use in your favor.

And maybe if seeing food on tv is a problem for you then switch to watching the real housewives - those ladies are always out at dinner at parties and restaurants but you never EVER see them put anything in their mouths lol.

"No matter how developed you are in any other area of your life, no matter what you say you believe, no matter how sophisticated or enlightened you think you are, how you eat tells all." - Geneen Roth

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Well.. It's usually just when i'm watching my favorite shows.. It's not soo much being too restrictive over what i'm eating, they're just mental cravings.. I'm not actually hungry..

I do believe in dieting.. I am on a diet.. Before it can become a lifestyle change for me, i have to limit, and learn to control what i eat.. This adjustment period is a diet.. I'm transitioning into a new lifestyle from my old unhealthy one.. So that's a title that i totally claim ..

Ugh .. The real housewives, no thanks.. I mean food is going to be around me whether i watch tv or go out to dinner with my family, and friends.. It's my last remaining trigger, but like the others , i'm learning to control it so i don't have to cut out everything... ..

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