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worththeeffort2 03-15-2014 10:37 AM

Adjusting Goal
When I started my current program, I was encouraged to set an interim weightloss goal for myself and once I met it, readjust for the final goal. I was told to do that so as to not overwhelm myself with the enormity of the amount of weight I needed to lose. Although, I haven't come near the interim goal, I decided over the last few days to stop focusing on that interim goal. It felt like I was lying to myself and not very well. As a result, I've readjusted my fake 160 pound goal to the real 135 pound goal and I already feel better about myself.

Does it seem daunting? Yes, I suppose it really does but I've already lost over 50 pounds, so I just need to do that two more times, right? My short term goal is consistently to lose 10 pounds a month. I think of that 10 pounds/month as progress toward my ultimate goal. Sometimes I make the 10 pounds, sometimes I exceed that goal, sometimes I fall short. Regardless of the outcome, I'm learning that I don't die as a result and the world doesn't stop turning.

Progress, progress, progress. Each few ounces I lose, each day that I stick to my eating program, each day that I maintain my food journal, is progress toward my ultimate goal.

yoyoma 03-15-2014 10:45 AM

Good for you! I find that what works best for me does not always work well for other people. I find it works best to keep an open mind and adjust my strategies to those that help me, regardless of what other people suggest.

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