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diamondgeog 02-07-2014 01:27 PM

An approach that might stop binging and keep you in control? Perhaps
These last 9 months have been life altering for me. I've exceeded my wildest weight loss goals and gotten in the best shape of my life. At 48. I am eating less and much less hungry. No pills, no gimmicks, no diets. But good help on the internet including 3FC and good science.

Consider the following. People aren't 'fat' because they are hungry. They are hungry because they are 'fat'.

When many of us start having a lot of carbs, fast food, junk food, processed food. We alter our chemistry. We reduce the ability of our bodies to access stored fat but get better at storing it. We are hungry all the time because our bodies are just storing machines and even when we do cut calories our bodies are very bad at accessing our stored fat. So it is hard and we can't just loose like that other person.

But there is hope. I cut out all the above foods and especially wheat and pasta. It was hard, very, for the first 3-4 days, and then hard for 3-4 weeks. But I was tired of being always unhealthy and hungry.

And when I went low carb higher fat it has been unbelievable to me. I stuck with it because I was so much less hungry. I didn't crave the old food and exercise was easier. It wasn't nearly as hard as before because I was using science, not conventional science but what people believed before 1970, and instead working with science.

And I know my chemistry is fundamentally different because I do have an occasional big carb Mexican meal and my body reacts completely differently. Before I would have been hungry in 2 hours. Now the same meal can fill me up for 8 hours. Why? My body can burn carbs now instead of storing them only.

Now of course I don't do that often. But it is an example of how your body can get back to working well. So instead of 'blaming' yourself or emotions or this or that event. Step back and know for most of us it is the food itself that is creating a cycle not 'us'. You know why you are hungry? Because you are hungry.

Try lowering carbs, cutting out bread and pasta. I know it sounds impossible. It isn't. Give it a month. It might transform your life.

Wannabeskinny 02-08-2014 10:01 AM

Ah, here we go again with the carb police. Everyone has to find what works for them and although I will agree that our society eats a lot of empty carbs - way more than we need - that doesn't mean that carbs are evil. The entire world eats carb, think of how much rice people eat in Asia, think of how much pasta is eaten in Italy, think of how much corn is eaten in south America. I'm willing to limit, I'm willing to be careful, I'm willing to understand the effect that too much of something can be harmful but obliterating a whole food group out of my diet has caused nothing but binges. And weight gain. And then depression, and then the whole cycle starts all over again.

I get it, you're a "shout it from the rooftops" type of guy. I'm very impressed with your success and your positive attitude and I truly rejoice at your newfound joie de vivre. And I also understand that you're trying to be helpful to others who may be struggling. And I agree when I eat too much wheat I feel lethargic and hungry. And there's a lot to be gained and understood from realizing that. But for me, and many others I suspect, it's easier to just deal with disordered eating than to cut out a delicious major food group that is unavoidable and will be there at every party, every holiday, every function, and every day life. If you look really closely at the people around you who don't have weight problems - they eat everything. That's who I want to be, not someone who is perpetually avoiding this or that.

I want my cake and I want to eat it too.

diamondgeog 02-08-2014 10:14 AM

Not the carb police but pointing out, for many not all, you might be fighting your very chemistry and metabolism if you don't focus on carbs. I know I had messed up my metabolism so much and especially insulin production it would have been virtually impossible for me to succeed without doing that.

There is a large and growing amount of science behind this. I was as big a binger as probably most here. I am no longer hungry. I really do appreciate your second paragraph. I would have liked to have not cut stuff out in some ways. I tried that for decades.

Some evidence you can get to the point where insulin is always present. So food gets stored too much, not used too much of the time. This leaves people eating a lot of calories hungry all the time.

Keep an open mind that 'disordered eating' might be the result of a disordered metabolism where the body is storing food as fat and holding on to it. And if you are able to try cold turkey for a period you can get your body working in a more normal range AND find hunger and cravings much reduced or eliminated.

Ironically I can eat carbs now and be fine. So for me the only true way to have my cake and eat it to was to go cold turkey, eliminate bread and pasta, get my body back to normal. Get rid of cravings. Now I can have some if I want to and be fine.

But not before getting my insulin chemistry and metabolism, using food not overly storing and holding on to it, right.

diamondgeog 02-08-2014 12:01 PM

Or think of it this way. How many people here binge on brociolli or spinach or even steak while eating the fat? It is mostly sweets, breads, baked goods, fried foods, starchy vegetables. Things that are sugar or become glucose almost immediately and raise blood sugar.

So you can not focus on carbs. But if so I believe it is much harder for some. Maybe impossible for some to succeed and get in control and reach their goals

EasySpirit 02-08-2014 12:26 PM

I agree completely; whenever I lose weight, whether on calories or WW points, I do much better when I watch my carbs, especially wheat and sugar. Unfortunately, at this time it seems almost impossible for me to get on track. I seem to have a problem balancing my food (and drink) with my exercise. I am doing very well with exercise now, at other times I have the diet under control, but slack off on the exercise. I am holding at 162-163 for the past month, but only because of the exercise. I know I would be gaining if not for that. Yet, when I finally get my carbs and overeating under control, I will probably slack off again.

diamondgeog 02-08-2014 11:41 PM

Yep. Watching Fathead the movie. It explains it pretty clearly. When insulin levels are up your body just holds on to calories and especially fat. So if you aren't targeting carbs/sugar you're trying to fight biology. In my experience I not only didn't succeed in weight loss but remained hungry all the time if I just tried to reduce eating and did not target carbs. So it was a viscous cycle.

I don't 'like' it. But I'm also not going to ignore it. I've tried to cut all 'junk carbs' from my diet. To me this is bread, pasta, starchy vegetables, sweets, potato chips. It is working and sticking to it got easier not harder because the things I eat now are so much more filling. Insulin is what it is. I am not going to work against the knowledge that is coming out, or rather being rediscovered, I am going to use it.

diamondgeog 02-08-2014 11:54 PM

There is also the 'rice paradox' of Asia. But it really isn't. If you peel it back it actually backs up everything more and more doctors and experts around the world are saying.

Until recently there were a lot of very active farming and labor intensive jobs in Asia. Lots of movement, lots of physical labor. You can get away with a lot more carbs in this situation. They still aren't great for you but they do less damage. Second there probably is some less insulin sensitivity if you take overall populations.

But with modernity and more sedentary jobs, diabetes and heart disease is accelerating, a lot, in Asian countries.

So if you are Michael Phelps and swimming 5 hours a day or have really good natural ability to not produce too much insulin then you will probably be ok with more carbs.

But I am guessing almost everyone here doesn't probably fall into those categories. Is carbs the be all end all for everyone? No. But I would definitely take it seriously and look into the science if I was having problems with weight and/or binging.

DrivenByAmbition 02-09-2014 12:08 AM

Very good points, diamondgeog.

As for the poster, that I will leave nameless, sometimes I believe that if you have to be so negative on a post, it's better to not make a post at all. This is not in reference to you, diamondgeog, just for clarification.

Some people, like myself, can't have cake... So you can eat my piece.

diamondgeog 02-09-2014 08:38 AM

Not everyone who is overweight got there the same way. But for many people in America and around the world a primary cause is too many carbs and insulin being out whack.

The good news? Not only can people lose weight, they can loose around the belly, get insulin metabolism back to normal, and get hunger under control. I've said how in this thread. It has worked for me. And millions around the world.

You can use science and information and succeed. Or at the very least try that approach. When I started in May I literally Googled Why am I so hungry after eating fast food. That led me to discussions on carbs, hunger, insulin, glycemic index, belly fat. How America blamed fat not sugar/carbs for heart disease 50 years ago with disastrous effects.

Sure experts differ. And everyone has to shift through info for themselves. But I found the carb info compelling and every benefit predicted happened to meŽ better bloodwork, belly fat radically down, hunger way down, weight loss.

magical 02-09-2014 09:04 AM

I have noticed the many threads on low carb dieting in this forum recently :)

Anyhow, for me, peak performance comes with eating carbs before training, not anything else including protein, even though I'm not Michael Phelps, lol. So there is a role that carbs play in my diet.

Each to their own, I guess.

diamondgeog 02-09-2014 09:36 AM

Absolutely. Magical imagine though if you had ever eaten enough carbs to get to twice your high weight like many here and could barely run and where hungry all the time. You are at a different point in your journey.

Look up Ken Berger on low carbs in the NBA. Fascinating stuff. Also Professor Tim Noakes. He literally wrote the 'bible' on carb necessity for running. He has done a 180 on his earlier work. That being said carbs do have a role especially in high energy intense activity settings. Although lots of interesting work people can train their bodies to get better at using fat in these situations.

Actually magical very glad you posted. Its as much people's bodies are literally different than to each his own. Your body can burn carbs much better than someone whose insulin system isn't working well. For very overweight people like I was we need to get that working well, get over carb addictions in many cases, and control our hunger. If we get to the point where best pre meal for an intense activity more important than hunger all the time, that is a huge victory.

Wannabeskinny 02-09-2014 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by DrivenByAmbition (Post 4939586)
Very good points, diamondgeog.

As for the poster, that I will leave nameless, sometimes I believe that if you have to be so negative on a post, it's better to not make a post at all. This is not in reference to you, diamondgeog, just for clarification.

Some people, like myself, can't have cake... So you can eat my piece.

Wow, you did such a good job of keeping me nameless lol.

Anyway, I don't think I was being negative in fact I was agreeing with many points. But I totally disagree with the notion that you have to be Michael Phelps to eat carbs. That's kind of ridiculous to say. I don't know any naturally thin person who is scared of carbs. They might be aware of carbs and keeping a balanced diet but people who don't have weight problems don't go on tirades about any food group. I've been on the low-carb bandwagon for years now. For me (can't speak for others, only me), it's led to binging. Period. I could do it for a while, a few months maybe before I'd break down and go on a lasting binge that would erase all my weight loss. I did paleo, I did atkins, I did low carbing, I did carb cycling, I did food combining. You name it I've tried it. So if I have an opinion then it is of value to me, maybe not to anyone else but I have experience so I get to talk.

I've been low carb for so many years in fact that when I recently started looking into IE I was really really really skeptical. Still am, no lie. Low carb is my default. I still value the lessons of low carb. Dr. Lustig is my hero. It's horrifying how much sugar is added to processed food. I think sugar can play an evil role in our lives whether you're skinny or not. I think the food industry are nothing more than drug dealers - they get you hooked on their special concoction of sugar/salt/fat. I've read all the books, yes I have and I'm in agreement.

And I've done the therapy. I have sought therapy for a number of years to treat my binge eating disorder. I have emotional ties to eating. I'm also chemically dependent on food. It's a viscious cycle and fast carbs play a huge role in that.

But I think I'm done with playing the victim. I'm not the victim of the fast food industry, I'm not the victim of sugar or carbs, I'm not the failure when a diet doesn't work, I'm not a scientist that needs to count grams and calories and fats and whatnots. There is no victim here, just a person who's lost complete touch with my hunger, that eats out of boredom, stress, anxiety, social cues and a whole laundry list of other reasons other than hunger. Just like low carb doesn't work for everyone, neither does IE. But for the first time in over 2 decades I'm starting to see that food is not evil, it's not out to get me and I can't eat what I want. You're talking to a low-carb queen who lost 2lbs this week eating cookies, pasta, sandwiches, potatoes, and cereal too. Is it the best way? Who knows. But at least I know that I don't feel the slightest bit of guilt or shame for it. I've enjoyed every morsel of food I've put into my mouth and feel and look better. It's certainly not easy and I'm the last person who will go around suggesting it to others but after many many years of being a carb victim I'm just so happy to step off that roller coaster. I'm in no position to give dieting advice to anyone. What I've learned most is not to worry about dieting for a while. No more tirades for me. I'm zeroing in on watching the habits of people who are naturally thin, or the people who have maintained weight loss for a long long time.

diamondgeog 02-09-2014 10:36 AM

I've never counted a thing since I started. That has been one of the 'beauty' of lowering carbs for me. Appetite and hunger AND metabolism all regulated itself.

By all means go with what works. Glad you don't see yourself as a victim. I did. I do. The food industry has a LOT to answer for IMO. But what did I do? Wallow as a victim? No, it got me angry. It provided additional fuel to be healthy.

I am asking people to research for themselves. Many hundreds of people visiting here can be dramatically helped by learning more about carbs. That is why I post and that is why I will continue to post. But I will be the first to say find out for yourself.

But I do need to come back to this point. Many people hold on to carbs like nobodies business, as fat in their midsections, and they make them constantly hungry. I know, I was one of them. Do you understand why your approach would not work for them? And who knows maybe you can have carbs now in the quantity you do because you went low carb in past and got your metabolism in order?

diamondgeog 02-09-2014 11:41 AM

It may be confusing as to why I say I am still a victim. Well even if you never purchase processed food or go to fast food you still pay for it. A LOT. Obesity, heart disease, cancer, dementia are crippling our healthcare. To 100s of billions a year. We all pay for that.

And it isn't just their products. Food companies have been driving forces behind disastrous government food advice and subsidies for corn for instance which led to high high fructose corn syrup use in America.

diamondgeog 02-09-2014 12:26 PM

Just saw this on twitter BTW. Was looking at Tim Noakes tweets. Someone said but there are so many 'skinny' Chinese.

This is his reply "@ProfTimNoakes: Not any more. China now country with largest number of obese, hypertensive, diabetic, heart disease sufferers on planet."

Granted they have the most people. Pretty sure he meant numbers not percentages. Point being even Asian countries not escaping harm from carbs. And I will never say veggie carbs are bad. But all around the planet we are eating just too many non veggie carbs and it is killing us.

100 years ago if you asked 100 people why is someone overweight 95 would say they are eating too many carbs. Somehow that wisdom got lost.

Link for the science behind it. One of many links. With many scientific paper references. Especially for overweight, low carb is being proven effective and important in study after study.


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