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Binge Eating Counselling Question

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Default Binge Eating Counselling Question

Hi, first post on the forum (but I've been reading for a long time).

I was diagnosed with binge eating and compulsive eating disorder about 14 months ago and referred for counselling and support. The call came through today and I start my counselling sessions next Tuesday.

I wondered if anyone else had had counselling for this, and if anyone had any tips to get the best/most of the sessions, and also, what to expect? I am a bit nervous about it.

Thanks in advance
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I'm not sure if I have it but I do sometimes binge (in addition to compulsive eating) without having a clue as to the trigger. I hope you enjoy & benefit from the counselling sessions.
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I haven't had counselling for this issue but i have had plenty of counselling sessions and therapy and done plenty of reading on the subject.

First point about counselling is be as honest as you can. Don't hold things back or say things because you think that's what your counsellor wants to hear. Tell them what's going on for you. Sometimes it can be hard to be honest and open but often the best results occur when we can push through those difficult moments.

If a problem comes up, get it out in the open as soon as you can. Any sort of problem. If its a problem between you and the therapist/counsellor its as important as a problem going on outside in your life. Often more important to talk about.

e.g. if the counsellor talks too much, or doesn't talk enough, or does something else you have issues with, don't just let resentment build up. Talk about it. A good one should take it on as constructive feedback and might be very pleased to hear your honest response to their style. That said, remember not all counsellors are the same so if one doesn't work out, don't assume that no one has anything useful to offer you.

At different points in our lives, we need different things so different people may be better at addressing our needs than just one person.

Expect to work with the therapist. They can't lose your weight for you. Hopefully they will motivate you a bit and support you and give you accurate and sensible information. All your decisions will be yours and you have to take responsibility for that.

You can also ask them about their training and experience in the field. It might not mean much on at first glance if you don't know much about these things but its worth knowing anyway. Hopefully you get someone who is not too green. And someone who has training from a reputable institution and course? Maybe ask them if they have any special interests of expertise in a particular aspect of the field of nutrition and diet.

Also keep a good diary and food log from as soon as you start. Do it today even. Keep a diary of your emotional issues and events as well as the food. Keep a diary about what goes on in your sessions as well.

Try to be receptive.

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thanks Pattience, that's really helpful. the therapist is an eating disorder specialist, dealing with overeaters so am hoping it will help. I just have no idea what to expect.
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I went about 5 times to see the ED therapist and it was helpful but had to stop going for other reasons.

For binge eating the main focus was regulating meals and eating every 3-4 hours on the clock. She had me write every meal, time of eating what I ate,etc, how hungry you were, what kind of eating, what you feeling, hunger,boredom,etc. The focus for BED was not weight loss, she said she could not help me lose weight but once eating regulated weight should too.
It was very comfortable sessions.
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Because I am.
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I saw a counselor for about 6 months in 2012 and she wasn't much help for me. She mostly gave me stuff to read and research on my own, then asked me what I thought about what I'd read. Although it gave me stuff to think about, she wasn't helping me answer questions I had and she wasn't helping me learn to deal with things.

I left that counselor but continued to do a lot of the work on my own but I still experienced a sense of desperation and feeling out of control. I asked my doctor to refer me to a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders.

This doctor is having me keep a mindful eating journal to record my thoughts and feelings around food. We then discuss the thoughts and feelings and talk about alternatives that I could substitute. I feel, at this point, that I'm getting help with strategies around food and learning that I don't have to treat food or myself as the enemy.

I've also recently read the book Brain over Binge, which helped me to re-frame the way I think about my binging behavior--not as a character flaw but as an instinct and habit that needs to be re-trained. The book helped me move away from self-blame.
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Thanks for the feedback. I do already log my food intake on a website, aimed at losing weight. I'm not much good at journalling my feelings however.
I do have the brain over binge book (and some others but i have struggled to read any of them.

@davina, i agree the therapy isn;t to help me lose weight, I know i can do that, but i need to get the motional gremlins in control that lead to overeating, and then the weight will come off and i will *hopefully* stop self-sabotaging.
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with my therapist it was not much about feelings to be honest, just to take note of the reason you were eating. it focused mostly on the physiological aspect of binge eating as in biologically wired to stuff food in when it's been deprived. Although nowadays i'm not even dieting and binge so maybe the fact that your counsellor deals with overeating will be more helpful.

I hope the therapy helps you, all the best.
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