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Default Looking bad, feeling worse.

Hey again, guys,

Please help me- I need support. Recently my brother has started getting fit, and loosing weight. It's really depressing me- this time last year, that was me. From Aug -Dec 2012 I lost nearly three stone. For the last 10 months , I've yo-yoed. Lost 10 pounds, gained 12, lost 12, gained 10. I can't do this anymore-It makes me feel horrible, and I'm sure some of you can relate. To make things worse , I started Uni last month- the last 5 weeks have been filled with boozing, take aways and micro-meals. At the moment I'm at 15 stone 2 or 3, and my lowest Is 14 stone 2. My overall aim is 12 stone 5. (My highest is 16'12.) I hate to be that person who wines all the time , but I need a lot of support and encouragement, so I'm hoping I can get that here, and that I will be able to come on and get it. From tomorrow-24 Oct- I'm starting a complete health kick, so no booze, no sugar, no nothing, until the start of Dec at least. I want to get to a total loss of three stone- so 13 stone 12- by Christmas, and I'd really love it if you lovely people could help me keep motivated and most importantly, keep in control!!


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It is great that you are motivated and you will find lots of support here. It is also clear that you "know" how to lose weight. The sticky point is that, like so many here, the long term maintenance is the problem. For most of us this is not a one time, get it done, wow now I am a normal weight forever. It is a continuation of the same types of eating that allowed us to lose weight that will allow us to maintain that weight. Guess I am saying at some point a person has to realize that you will never have jumping carrot motivation every day, but you can have a long term goal of eating well and doing the best you can every day and not going off the deep end when one day or two suck in terms of consumption. One foot in front of the other
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Originally Posted by snowpatrolchlo View Post
From tomorrow-24 Oct- I'm starting a complete health kick, so no booze, no sugar, no nothing, until the start of Dec at least. I want to get to a total loss of three stone- so 13 stone 12- by Christmas
To me this sounds a little extreme. I wonder if this all-or-nothing mentality is the best way to go about it. I would suggest instead that you cut your calories to, say, 1,500 per day and eat **mostly** healthy foods. That's it. Do it consistently and you'll see results. As has been said several times on this board, "weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint." Successful weight loss, at any rate.

JMHO Freelance
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I know it's tempting to do extreme diets at a young age (which I'm thinking you are since you are in college?) because they tend to work at first, but it starts a bad pattern that can last a lifetime and ruin your metabolism. Try to just do what freelancemomma suggested... Good luck!
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Personally, I think that it is great to focus on eating just real food - so the no sugar, no alcohol part makes sense. Maybe you could consider focusing on taking care of yourself by eating real food and staying active in ways that you enjoy instead of focusing solely on weight loss.
I wish you all the best!
Always working on my healthy lifestyle!
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