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Any sort of Alfredo sauce- I would cook a whole box of pasta and have it swimming in sauce (talk about binge) I just live my carbs and sauces too much to resist!
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In the last two weeks, including earlier tonight, I have had nuts three times, which are allowed on my diet plan in moderation. Finally tonight, it clicked: I can't eat nuts in moderation. I want to, but it's like that old Lays Potato Chip commercial, only instead of not being able to eat just one, I can't eat just 5-10. I'm don't crave them. I just have a hard time stopping eating them once I start. I'm afraid nuts are going to have to go!
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Originally Posted by freelancemomma View Post
For the past few months I've been having trouble with some types of crackers (like Wheat Thins) and cereals (like Honey Nut Cheerios). When I was losing weight I could keep these items in the house without eating more than a bite here and there, but for some reason it's become harder during maintenance. I finally decided I needed to keep these items out of a house. When I get cereal or crackers for the family, I make sure it's a type that doesn't tempt me.

I've been having a similar experience, i.e., not being able to keep foods in the house that I was able to eat moderately during my weight-loss phase. I cannot keep pints of ice-cream, Nature's Valley P.B. Granola Bars, or Utz's pretzel rods in the house. This really bothers me because I feel as if I'm going backwards in a sense. Shouldn't my eating habits be improving rather than regressing?

Foods that I have never been able to keep in the house without overeating: cashews, T.J.'s cocoa almond butter spread, any sort of cake
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Originally Posted by missunshine View Post
definitely cookies, nutella, chocolate, granola, anything with sugar.
sometimes i wish my trigger food would be chips and things like that, that are salty, but no it has to be sugar :/
Unfortunately, I'm tempted by both!
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Amen. I keep my fiber one brownies -- in the box -- in the garage. So I really have to think about whether I want to get dressed, pick up keys, and go out.
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A food item I tend to have a problem with is granola/energy bars, like Nature Valley Bars, Go Lean Bars, Clif Bars, etc... For some reason, I often end up eating too much of them!! Maybe it's the sugar and starch in them, plus I like the texture of them and how they feel when I chew them. I can just eat and eat and eat granola bars!

My dad likes to keep Nature Valley Bars in the house though, so I'm trying to learn to live with them without overeating.

Also, nuts!! I can do a number on nuts too. We rarely have nuts in the house though.
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Aloha nui loa
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Cereal! Especially raisin bran and cheerios, I love them. Chocolate milk, I can't have it because I can easily consume a gallon of it in a single day. And coconut. LOVE coconut, and will eat it excessively.
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I cannot have chips or anything fried in my house. My sister once bought a family size bag of chips and left them on the table and I devoured the entire thing in 30 minutes tops. I will not stop until there are no chips in the house so they're now banned. Strangely enough, chocolate, candy, ice cream, and cookies will last a very very long time in my cupboards/freezer. I never even get tempted to eat them.
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I can't have much of anything in the house. Absolutely no snack food/junk food. No chips, no cookies, no ice cream, no nuts or seeds, nothing. None. I cannot control myself. I also can't have things like butter or brown sugar because there is too much I could "make" with those ingredients. Not even peanut butter, granola bars, protein/energy bars or most cereals. Even cheese is a trigger for me.

My cabinets and fridge are pretty boring, but my husband doesn't care and it makes me less likely to binge.
The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.
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Sugar and anything with corn syrup
Diet Soda
And any kind of junky refined carbohydrate.
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Let's see,
Pimento Cheese, I ate the whole container in 2 days
Good Cheese, I was buying it as a treat, but I will eat the whole wheel in a day I am okay with regular block cheese.
Yogurt Dips, I tried the Oikos one and ate it and a bag of radishes in a day
Deli Meats
Pork Rinds, I know it was the favored low-carb snack, but sometimes I just can't stop eating them.

Being on Atkins I can't have the sugar or carbs that I was eating before, so a lot of my problem is just eating too much of something. My most recent binge was pimento cheese and radishes so I know I can't keep the cheese in the house anymore.
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So many carb foods, and ice cream. I binge on them uncontrollably, big time.

I have eaten the following, by myself, in one sitting at one time or another:

*A family size box of Cheezits
*Two entire loaves of sourdough bread
*A frozen pizza that was supposed to be dinner, but I wanted a slice before sweetie got home.
*A pot of spaghetti that was supposed to be dinner, but I was hungry before sweetie got home.
*A half gallon of chocolate ice cream
*A pack of Thomas's English muffins
*A loaf of raisin bread
*A tub of hummus from CostCo, with a pound of baby carrots
*A two pound bag of trail mix, before we even got home from the store

Those are just some of the more amusing things I could think of, off the top of my head. It's kind of sad, when I see it laid out like that. Needless to say, I don't keep any of those things in my apartment right now.
Mini goals keep me sane...But I never forget the bigger picture!

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Here to Learn
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My weakness is pretty much cheese. And anything that has cheese on it. Or in it. Or could possibly have cheese on it or in it. LOL. You get my drift, I'm sure. I can pretty much resist anything else.
I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas A. Edison

It took me 9 years to learn how to lose weight. Don't give up!
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Originally Posted by Shrinkmeplease View Post
Any sort of Alfredo sauce- I would cook a whole box of pasta and have it swimming in sauce (talk about binge) I just live my carbs and sauces too much to resist!
Have you tried cauliflower alfredo sauce?

You can serve it with zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash.
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Sugary cereals, chips, guacamole, snack-ables (e.g., cheez its, goldfish crackers) pancakes and full-flavored (read: high calorie) enchiladas. I've loaded my pantry and fridge with uber-healthy items so the desire to binge has lessened somewhat. I also made healthy substitutions for my favorite foods so it's not so bad. Plus, the one "free meal" a week option keeps me pretty sane.
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