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missunshine 06-02-2013 07:38 PM

Binge-free in June! Everyone welcome...We can do it!!!
here is a new thread in hope to stay accountable.
my beginning of the month isn't very solid...yesterday was ok but today i overate on granola :dizzy: no cooking and a lot of studying :/

i saw a thread called junk detox and i think i'm gonna give it a go. not buying anymore cookies, candies, chocolates,... usually cofee and cookies are a must for me but i'll give it a try also because sugar is taking a toll on my skin. i have way too much wrinkles and dry patchy skin with no colour no matter how many "miracle" products i use. drinking a lot of water isn't helping either.

so here's to june! one of my hardest months!:^:

Granola 06-02-2013 08:47 PM

I've had an awful start to June, 2 record setting binges in a row. I feel now that I can really do it this time but I've felt that way many times before so there's no reason this time will be any different, hopefully this thread will help keep myself and others accoutable.

Starting off slow: Here's to a binge free workweek.

I'll probably be posting in here a lot...

SkinnyGina 06-02-2013 11:30 PM

Hey Ladies- I had a rough start to June as well... We can do this though! One day at a time, I feel the first couple months (for me even making it three days) is the hardest for me. But I just know with practice and support I and others can overcome binging.

Kscott 06-02-2013 11:52 PM

Let's list the things that can help stop binging. Here are 10 ideas--and I have one of my own--(paint by number). Find a beautiful paint by number--paint it for yourself--family member or friend. It keeps your mind and your hands busy--and off of food.


Any other suggestions?

laceyj 06-03-2013 01:14 AM

My June started horribly yesterday, one of my more intense episodes, unfortunately! It was day 8 and I could feel it coming on. I really miss those Day 60 or Day 70 times! Does anyone else have a harder time in the summer? This has been my pattern since this all started a few years back. good thing about today is that I'm back to eating healthy and had a great workout from all the carbs! (I'm telling you cereal is evil!) I really just need to never buy it again so I'll stop craving it ALL the time. Let's hope for a good month folks!

missunshine 06-03-2013 06:45 PM

all i can say ladies is forgive and forget...there is still a whole month ahead of us so lets not beat ourselves up but pick up where you left it. when you look back in one month you'll be glad you started today.

i made it through today and exercised also ...that's already 3x in one week of doing streching and some light weight exercises but i finally feel my muscles work after a long time. i can feel my abs and tiny six pack protruding under this huge layer of fat.

robotfingers 06-03-2013 08:29 PM

i've been okay in june so far. last month is another story...but it's gone now!

Granola 06-04-2013 12:26 AM

One day down for me! Granted, I was still 'nourished' from yesterday but serial binges are always a serious risk.

robotfingers 06-04-2013 06:57 PM

uh...fail. whoopsies. note to self: don't eat a donut in the morning and think you won't eat all kinds of awful stuff for the rest of the day.

missunshine 06-04-2013 07:39 PM

i had a super day today, it was so easy even though stressfull. it's so easy when you're occupied with stuff all day so you don't have to think about food.
i just found out today that i will probably be attending a wedding in august and i already started planning my outfit and everything...now i'm even more motivated to lose these darned 20 pounds.

Granola 06-04-2013 10:37 PM

I had a good day as well and I COMPLETELY agree with you on distracting yourself with things other than food. I was working outside for 7 hours and as long as my stomach wasn't growling food didn't even phase me. When I'm sedentary at home or sitting at a computer desk doing something boring it's too easy to spend have of your mental power planning the next meal for hours, then finally getting to eat it and being disappointed.


Originally Posted by robotfingers (Post 4762855)
uh...fail. whoopsies. note to self: don't eat a donut in the morning and think you won't eat all kinds of awful stuff for the rest of the day.

I hate when that happens, cutting the calories from the rest of my meals just makes me hungry and committing to just ignoring it and eating normally for the rest of the day makes me feel guilty and like the day was a failure. Oh well, month is still young!

kjasmin1986 06-05-2013 03:13 AM

Yes We Can
Hi all!

I started June well but I went on a binge last night :'( I am at work right now and all I can think of is food. The work environment does not give me much of a choice, it is stressful and quiet at the moment.

Anyways! I need to lose 27 pounds (12 KG), the start is the hardest for me. I was doing so well for 5 weeks then one moment of weakness resulted in a week long binge. I think week 6 is my trigger. I never seem to be able to get over it, not since I put the weight back on (back in Feb).

I have a good and healthy eating plan so it is not that but how do I get started?!! I am lacking motivation.

Good luck all!!

missunshine 06-05-2013 05:18 PM

kjasmin, welcome.
i see we have a similar goal, i was suppose to lose 12 kg too but i lowered it to 10 kg instead since i have a hard time losing any of it.
right now my main motivation is the nearing wedding i'm going to attend and i wanrt to surprise everyone. i also find a lot of motivation on instagram...you would not believe how many inspirational stories and pics you can see there and also do it at the same time as them.

today i had another day of clean eating and i feel amah-zing lol i'm experimenting with salads, at least one salad per day. i hope the scales moves by sunday.

danzingurl77 06-05-2013 06:15 PM

I have been gone for a while- but have still been bingeing off and on.. I could use the extra support again! I started school again last month and although sometimes I am too busy to binge-- whenever I have the extra time I am so stressed and the urges are really strong! I slipped up today but I am determined to make the rest of June better! :) good luck everyone!

sosurreptitious 06-05-2013 07:01 PM

Hello everyone. I'm in desperate need of support. It seems that I really don't have anyone to talk to about my binge eating. I'm still really trying to get it all under control.

I've already had two episodes this month. I've been trying to drown the urge with water (ha!) and gum but I seem to just give in, in the long run :/

Honestly, I feel like I'm lost because I personally haven't found someone that I can openly talk to about this without judgement.

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