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Default Not sure what to do (long)

I have been getting treatment for my binge eating disorder and to this point it has been a lifesaver. I have gotten more from it than I ever thought possible. My binge urges have been reduced dramatically and I have been successful in using the tools I have learned to help me avoid binges when I have wanted to give in.

I had a relapse, under extreme circumstances. I am back on track, but I admit to having tremendous urges to swing the other way and restrict in order to get off the weight I've gained (almost there, about two to three pounds over).

So what do they do? They put me on a meal plan.

Because they want to treat the whole disorder - both the binge cycle and restrict cycle - they are prescribing a regimented plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I can choose the foods and how they are cooked, but they write out the portions I have to adhere to. I have to do this until my weight stabilizes and I'm ready to move to intuitive eating.

I am panicked and not wanting to comply. The amount of food they want me to eat seems HUGE. And loaded with requirements to eat carbs. And only about six oz of protein a day (plus 3 servings of dairy). AND on days I exercise, I have to add more carbs. Not more protein, but more carbs. AND I still have exercise restrictions so I can't burn off the extra calories through exercise. AND they want me to occasionally have dessert!

I am deathly scared that this plan is going to make me regain everything. They say that the restriction cycle will just make me end up binging again, and that if I want to get to a normal relationship with food, I need to eat to the point of satisfaction rather than staying at a lower calorie level. They promise to review my menus to make sure I'm not going overboard and that if I gain, they will tell me and adjust accordingly/determine what is wrong so I don't go the other way.

I don't know what to do. The staff haven't steered me wrong yet, and their specialty is treating eating disorders (that's all they do), but this challenge scares me to death. So far, I have done so well. It hasn't been easy but it hasn't been the hardest thing I've done either. Now I'm faced with a true challenge that will be hard and scary.

If I do this and am successful, maybe I could finally have a normal relationship with food. I might be able to eat more and still maintain while not overexercising or letting my weight or food rule my life. If I gain, they will tell me.

If I decide not to do this, and either tell them no or pretend that I'm following the plan, then I'm basically stuck in a holding pattern and probably won't advance more. But a regimented plan seems so restrictive. Then again, I didn't do so well on the less prescribed plan since I kept losing weight - not because I was intentionally trying to lose weight, but because I was so afraid to overeat and regain.

Should I take a leap of faith and try to follow a meal plan I don't agree with?
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I say take a leap of faith and trust them.

I never thought I'd lose 1 pound following my medically supervised diet. I was nervous and afraid and stressed out. But I had nothing to lose as I needed to lose weight and what I was doing wasn't working. Here I am 128lbs and counting!

I know our situations aren't the same but the leap of faith is. I wish you the best of luck.
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I would trust them and go with it. They are professionals in dealing with this and it's gone well for you so far right? It does seem a little odd to treat the restrictive part of the cycle with restriction, but it's probably becasue they are forcing you to eat more so it stops being scary or something like that. I had to literally force myself to eat donuts in the lunch room otherwise I would have kept avoiding them and they would have remained scary. So maybe that's where they are coming from.

Also, they aren't going to have you do this forever, just like i'm not going to force myself to eat donuts forever. The point is to learn something and change your thinking. Go for it kittykatfan! You can keep posting on here to vent about everything and we will support you .
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Kittykatfan, try and see. Look at all the weight you lost! It is amazing! A couple of pounds over is nothing compared to that loss! Relax and eat at the prescribed times, and learn to be hungry at those times of the day. When you are satisfied, stop. For sure they don't want to to overload your stomach, but just in case, ask. I am sure you can tell them how you feel, and they will tell you what to do... You'll make it!
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My gut instinct says you should trust the plan. They are experts in the field and you've said they haven't steered you wrong yet. That being said, it is YOUR decision to make. Whatever decision you make own it and tell them. Telling them what they want to hear, but doing something different isn't going to help you. Hang in there! You've done great so far - you can do this!
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Thanks everyone. You are confirming my initial instincts. But it is so scary! Going back to eating all these carb-land foods after basically eating primarily lean proteins and veggies with some fruits and limited carbs and processed foods is frightening.

I have lost weight before while eating carbs; in 2005 when I lost a lot, I ate a ton of whole grains, beans, lentils and fruits. But so many say stay way from carbs and they (and I) had great results doing so. Even today, when I went shopping, I couldn't stay away from buying salmon, sea bass, and chicken breasts: more than I need for a week in this new plan.

I will continue doing what I have been doing this coming week so I can clean out my fridge and freezer, then will try to start the conversion the following week. I am doing a lot of business travel in a couple of weeks, with less ability to cook my meals, so maybe that's a good time for me to start pushing to eat foods that fit the plan and sound good to me.

I guess I can look at the bright side: I can eat some of those foods I used to enjoy, like bread and pasta. And the occasional dessert

And if my weight goes up, I can tell them "I told you so!" and go back to a plan that allows a better mix of foods.
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Originally Posted by KittyKatFan View Post
I am panicked and not wanting to comply. The amount of food they want me to eat seems HUGE. And loaded with requirements to eat carbs.
No reason you can't lose or maintain your weight on a high-carb diet. I lost 50 pounds in 2011 eating 1,500 cals per day, about two-thirds of it in carbs. I continue to maintain on a high-carb diet (about 2,000 cals per day, 300 g or 1,200 cals in carbs). Carbs have been vilified in recent years, but the pendulum has swung way too far, IMO. If you don't have any health conditions such as diabetes or insulin resistance, if you're able to control yourself (for the most part) around carbs, and if carbs don't make you feel physically bad, there's no reason to avoid them -- especially the "good" carbs in whole grains.


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KittyKatFan - I am in awe at the amount of weight you have lost. That's fantastic!

By now it is 2 weeks since your post and you should be well established in this new food plan they have you on. How is it working out? I think it is a very good idea to re-introduce you to "regular eating." I think I could actually use this treatment myself.

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Well, I rebelled against it subconsciously and started restricting. And, surprise surprise, I binged four days later.

I was very mad at myself for doing that. But I also am glad it happened because it made me realize that the only way I will be able to break the binge-and-restrict cycle is to go down a path of intuitive eating and moderation.

I am now about 9 days binge free. I have restricted a little but am going to give the meal plan and exercise plan my full attention once I get back from my business trip next week. I will write out my one week meal plan while I am on my trip. I don't normally like to plan things a week in advance but I do think it will help me if I write out exactly what I'm going to have so I won't be tempted to eat more. For example, I am going to test myself with pancakes. I always eat more of them than I should, so I think that if I write out that I will have 3 4-inch pancakes an a quarter cup of syrup, it will help me ensure that I don't eat in of them.

Part of me is scared of the weight gain, but they check my weight weekly and the therapist promised to notify me if I gain more than a few pounds. And part of me is sort of looking forward to eating things I really, really want, just in smaller amounts.

I will let you know how it goes.
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I say do it. Like you said they are professionals and they haven't steered you wrong so far. And I'm sure at the end of it you'll feel so much better and have a healthy relationship with food. Good luck!!!
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