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Default hunger?

Hello everyone! Found this group yesterday and am excited to join the community.

Day 3!

I am realizing that I don't think I know what it feels like to be actually, biologically, hungry. I have been eating as a response to emotional cues for so long that now, as I attempt to pay attention to what I'm eating and when to eat, I can't really make sense of what my body is telling me.


Time to relearn a basic human function! I'm like a newborn....
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Resetting to day one tomorrow. Today was pretty freaking bad, stress wise. I ended up totally gorging myself on chocolates (which I don't even LIIIIIKE!!) and dinner out. That's dinner AND appetizers. I mean I ate so much today that I feel sick.

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Second Goal: 140lbs
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I'm closing the book on Day 11 and I'm feeling so good! The thought of bingeing has crossed my mind from time to time, but it hasn't really been appealing. I did go all weekend without counting calories and I'm sure I ate more than my target calories, but nothing bad or unreasonable. Also, I ran 11 miles on Sunday and I am committed to fueling my body properly before, during and after my long runs.

SarahinBalance, one of the things I want to learn is how to be satisfied without being stuffed. I'm so used to eating until I'm really full, even when I'm not bingeing. Congratulations on having a good, sensible weekend!
Back in the saddle. Again.
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doing it
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Thanks Vixsin and Tamara - I have been trying to cut out the junk food, and will continue to do so, especially after hearing it has worked for you. The hard situations I struggle with are the social ones out... one slight slip-up and I end up going home and thinking I've blown it so I might as well eat crap for the rest of the night.... ugh. I have to get over the all-or-nothing mentality.
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Yesterday was day 1 binge free...again. I feel like I've turned a corner..getting stronger.
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day 31 yesterday. I did eat an incredibly decadent dinner that my husband made for me though ... my stomach is actually feeling pretty rough this AM. So an overeating day for sure, but not a binging day!
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Staying the Same
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Day 1 complete. At loss range calories to boot.
Push on some more!

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So today is Day 8 - I have my Valentine's dinner tonight with my fiance - We were going to go to a local Italian restaurant but I asked if we could go to Macaroni Grill (not as good but has nutritional information published). So I know i can have a yummy meal but stay within my calories. and we FINALLY got the evite "save the date" sent out last night - Thought it would be such a nice touch to send it out on Valentine's Day, but was having problems with evite all day so didn't think it would happen.

Dress shopping on Saturday which was bittersweet for me because I really wanted to be back down to my comfie weight before hand - That said, I can't stop living my life just because I'm a few pounds over where I want to be. And I notice that the more "in control" I am (though I struggle whether it's ME in control, God giving me control considering I feel like I'm praying so much about it, God in control etc.) Anyways the more controlled I stay the better I feel - Which makes me realize that it's NOT about the weight - the shame isn't from the weight, but from the binging and the post-binging depression. I am happy here as long as I am taking care of myself and staying on plan and the weight can come off when it does.

The Same 7 - I started a thread about it, because I'm curious what others have to say, "satisfaction" is a hard one as, for example, if I go to bed in that in between place then I know I'm going to be starving in the middle of the night. And I really like the slightly-full feeling but don't know that it's very conducive to weight loss (PS AGREED about staying fuelled before/during/after long runs, have a 1/2 this Sunday )

Hope everyone else has a beautiful day - I know the weather has been so beautiful here.

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Originally Posted by tarte View Post
Thanks Vixsin and Tamara .... I have to get over the all-or-nothing mentality.

You are MORE than welcome, Tarte! I am happy to help. And yes, you do need to work on changing thought patterns. It is an absolute uphill battle at first but if you persevere and fight on in the face of everything, you will reach an easier path. And you will have all kinds of cool battle wounds (stories) to tell about from along the way.

You can do it! We ALL can.

Today is my Day 129. Self High Five!!!
"Finish what you've started."

Re-re-re-RE-started on 2/25/17

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Out of the 2-Ohs by 11/23/17 (Onederland?)
Out of the 190s by 12/30/17
Out of the 180s by 1/25/18
Goal weight of 170 by 2/25/18

One for every 5lb lost:
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Checking in for DAY 3. Should go smoothly seen as I'm still getting over the stomach flu -- was able to have coffee and am feeling hunger, which is a step in right direction since up until last night I couldn't ever bare the thought of food.

My mom's coming today for a month...so, so, so looking forward to the TLC and home-cooked meals. She's also weight conscious so she makes light fare and is a phenomenal cook. Wish I could invite you all over for a meal
Dancing broccoli is just so cute ...
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I am in control.
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Hello to everyone ~ I am a compulsive/binge eater. I am on day 44 of being binge-free. I know all too well what it is like to stare at my open cupboards (or fridge) and eat everything sweet in sight while telling myself to stop, that I'm stupid and fat, and that I'm hurting myself...all while continuing to eat like a zombie. I'm glad this board is here. I never really thought about how many days I had been binge free until I found this thread. I started counting calories January 3rd and that has kicked me into gear to be responsible. It's working and it feels good. Good luck to everybody ~ stay strong ~ you can do this!
Original Goal Story and Pictures from 2011 here

Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining your weight is hard. Pick your hard.

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Day 28 is going fine!
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Coming here to post on the "not hungry not full feeling" - Got it right now - I know I'm not really hungry but definitely not full. Trying to hold out until 3 to eat my snack and hopefully it'll be biological hunger so that the popcorn will actually make a dent in how I'm feeling.

I've been in a GREAT mood today but have found myself planning the meal(s) I'm going to eat after the 1/2 marathon - dreaming of buying a box of laughing cow ice cream cones and eating them all, bfast tacos, chips/queso etc. etc. I KNOW that all the dreaming in the world won't mean that I'll be automatically happy with the "perfect" meal. And even full-ness doesn't mean happiness. I know that I'm sleepy right now (mid-afternoon slump) and am putting off things that I don't want to be doing at work. So of course food is going to be more appealing than working and being sleepy.

Venting so that I recognize the feelings instead of eating them.

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hello all! I missed checking in last week because I was just so busy with school and my precious little puppy! The weather these past few days has been amazing and I am finding myself so much less tempted to binge and more tempted to get outside and play! Also, I weighed myself this morning and I've lost a pound since last week! YAY!

I think today is day 12...either way, I'm feeling good and I hope this new spring-time attitude keeps up!
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No binge since 5/10/10
Mini-goal #1: 1st 10 lbs: 10/07/09
Mini-goal #2: 10% of body weight: 4/28/10 (Finally!)
Mini-goal #3: 211 lbs (my all-time adult low): 1/26/11
Mini-goal #4: 20% of SW (202lbs):
Mini-goal #5: Onederland!:

Overall goal
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