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Old 01-01-2011, 04:59 AM   #61
One Day At A Time
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I said no to cake last nigh and no to binge eating as well - i ended up having midnight lunch which lead to some pastry and then peanuts i just threw some of the peanuts away and said that is enough now, go to bed. It felt really good! I said no to pastry this morning and hope to keep it for the rest today.

Love yourself, no matter what!

I place my hand in yours and together we can do what we could not do alone
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one pound at a time
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lolas, I am right there with you. My New Year's Resolution is to only eat fast food once a month. And even then only healthy options (as healthy as fast food can be lol)
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At 5:00
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Originally Posted by lolas View Post
Taco Bell...trying to break fast food addiction.
I said "no" to Taco Bell, too.

In the best way possible! I mean, I actually went out to get the Tacos for everyone else (all of whom were saying "Get yourself something!"); didn't order anything for myself; and when I got home, didn't take bites of anyone's food! It was really hard, I kept saying "Just one bite...no one has to know..." But I knew that would lead to an entire taco and then me going out to get myself some.

I also said no to the stacks of leftover cookies in the kitchen. I was so close to binging. But I just walked away.
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2011 kms in 2011!
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This morning I said no to my body. I'm coming down with a cold, possibly flu. Normally I would just bury myself in bed, possibly even call in sick, but I've just started my resolution of 2011 kilometers in 2011 so I dragged on my sneakers and hit the elliptical in the gym. I only got 5 km in (instead of my usual 6) but I'm feeling better for it.

Now subsisting on cold pills and coffee in the office...
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I just said 'no' to a binge on Ramen, cereal, and birthday cupcakes. But more importantly, I said 'no' to negative self-talk and avoidance. Feeling a little more confidence in myself and hoping to keep it up.
"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good."

Restart: 5/3/2011

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I said no to leftover Christmas candy and cookies. They have been sitting in my bedroom for about a week now, taunting me. I felt bad just trashing them since people had given it to me, so I just let it find a home on my dresser, tempting me whenever I started to feel that carb craving. Today I gave it all to my brother. He's 16 and skinny...yes, I know i'm perpetuating the problem, but right now he's in good health

It feels good to only be surrounded by food that fuels my body.
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My mother-in-law sent us home with 6 slices of homemade pound cake. i ate my 3 slices in one night. My husbands have been sitting in the reefer for 4 days. It's like he doesn't even know they're there. I used to eat all the cake that came my way, whether it was for me or not. But after 4 days of resisting, I packaged them up and put them in my husbands lunchbag. He said "thanks, I'll eat them for lunch and break". So much better than me scarfing them down.
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Nothing yet today, but yesterday I said no to Krispy Kreme donuts. If any of you have a KK nearby, you'll fully understand how hard this is. I saw one of our sales people walking into the office w/ about 5 boxes and immediately thanked her for thinking of us, but politely declined. Even as folks walked by and asked me where they were and ate them, I held strong! Woohoo!
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I haven't binged or purged in well over 6 months now but last week, I had the urge to do so and it was STRONG! It was the first time in a long time that I have actually entertained the thought of going on a binge (where I eat anything and everything I can get my hands on ... seriously) then going home to throw it up. I said NO and didn't do it and am super proud of myself.

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Nutella Girl
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Congratulations SouthernBelle!

Today I said no to my sister's leftover pizza for breakfast. I even had it on a plate and ready to stick into the microwave before throwing it back in the box and making myself a protein shake Hahaha I kill myself sometimes
'Few people know so clearly what they want...'
My weight loss story

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Effort = Success
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All yesterday and today I have eaten really healthy! ^_^ I've turned down chocolate, and basically anything junky (chips, fried things, etc.)... I've also been drinking a decent amount of water and a few cups of tea a day for even longer. I've seen good improvement in my energy, especially from the tea. I've been drinking at least one cup of a detox tea, and other kinds like chamomile. School has been a good side tracker from going freaky with the food. :P

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Wendy's Fries and Frosty. At my work people eat out and order in a lot so I often have to make myself say no! Luckily I always pack a good lunch so it's easier to say no than if I packed something I don't want to eat.
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Zumba Freak :)
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The question for me should be.. "what didn't I say no to?" (j/k)

I said no to a lot so far this week and I feel like I deserve a gold star on my forehead for, at least, two days. It's so hard to go out to eat and eat the right things.. not to mention watch your friend chomp down on dessert and you (the dietee - I think I just made that word up) sit and pretend the tea your drinking is SO MUCH BETTER..
Also.. my husband has the biggest sweet tooth and decided he was going to bake a whole freaking cake (just go out and buy a cup cake or something.. meanie). I haven't touched it at all. No big deal
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2011 kms in 2011!
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I didn't say no to anything yesterday. Yesterday morning I fell in my office lobby and bruised my coccyx. I've been in pain ever since. So last night, feeling sorry for myself, I said yes to a Lindt Excellence Extra Fine Dark Chocolate with Chilli Pepper Extract. 510 calories, and that was my supper. It made me feel so much better, if not physically, but my soul got a little lift.

Our bodies may be on diets, but our souls never are. Sometimes you need to say yes, but make it worth it!

Still in pain today, but I've had my lift. Back to healthy eating...
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I completely avoided the potato chips at the supermarket today - they're my big binge product.. in a bad week I can eat 5 (big) packets all by myself that's kind of why I realised I needed to do something about my lifestyle! I walked into the lounge one day & saw like 3 big empty chip packets beside the couch & felt so ashamed..
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