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Default Daily Struggle

I have lost 15 lbs and about 3% body fat in just a few weeks, and I'm determined to keep going.

I just have to remember, this is a dull, daily struggle. No "today is the first day of the rest of my life!" kick-off celebration. Just living the same old life, with the added chore of counting calories and cooking. Yet despite how monotonous that seems, determination--not "motivation" is what's going to get me to my goal.

Determination isn't glamorous and it's not pretty. It's difficult and annoying actually. There is no "Rocky" soundtrack music, no Eye of the Tiger, no swarm of kids running behind me, cheering me on as I blast my way over park bench hurdles and up the Philadelphia museum steps. Though I wish there was. I wish I wasn't so real. So dull. So lethargic, like a sloth, eating its cute little apple in a tree high above the ground where all the skinny gazelles and cheetahs run free. I have to be slow, careful, deliberate.

I really wanted a Whopper today. I was SO close. Dangerously close. But I had a baked potato instead. And I still want that damn Whopper. I want the soft sesame seed bun, followed by layers of creamy mayo and ketchup, slightly sweet tomato, crisp lettuce, beef and heavenly cheese. I want it. I want it so much it seems like it’s only a matter of time

The Fat Girl inside me, whom I lovingly call “Tiramisumo”, is slowly trying to talk me into it. She says:

“You can have it. Just eat rabbit food the rest of the day, and you’ll be good!”

“You could cut it into 1/4ths and just eat 1/4 every two hours. After two hours, it’ll probably be too old and gross by then anyway, and you’ll just throw the rest away!”

See how nice and sane and logical that sounds at first? Pretty soon, I’m slowly nodding inside, albeit cautiously, thinking “Yeah, it could work.”

But I know she’s waiting. She’s setting up a trap.

I’ll give in to these Whopper pep-talks, then drive up to the drive-thru, hand the nice young lady or man my cash and receive my hyped-up Whopper, gift-wrapped in a lovely brown paper bag. Unwrapping the Whopper is like unwrapping a present. My taste buds dance and sing. And even though I chew slowly to savor it, a quarter of it is gone too quickly. As I breathe, it’s as if my stomach is doing the breathing, and it’s short of breath. It slightly aches. Expands. Contracts. Expands. Contracts. Expands. Contracts. It “glows” with hunger. Sort of.

It’s not hunger in the common sense of the word. I don’t think. It’s a hunger to feel “full”. More than full. Satiated. Saturated. Warm. Heavy. The heaviness envelopes the world in peace. Peace from the nagging voice. The emptiness. Peace from all thoughts and feelings for a moment. Like a soft heavy blanket for your insides. It’s like “Restless Legs Syndrome” except for your tongue, and food is the cure, because when you eat so much, your tastebuds become immune, the way your nose becomes immune to smells it’s used to. And the aching and the salivating and the itch and the restlessness stops. For a while.

So NO. Nice try, “Tira”. But no Whopper. You think you’re smart. Fat Girls usually are. But my determination is smarter. I may not have my own soundtrack, but I kicked your *** today all the same. That word ties my stomach in knots of mixed feelings… “Today”. What about tomorrow? Or the next day. Or the next day. Maybe Tira doesn’t care. She’ll be waiting when I run myself into the ground. Please don’t. Please.

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Thumbs up

You capture that experience so beautifully! It's such a torturous and tumultuous feeling too... I fought much the same battle with myself in a McDonalds line today, my inner Fat Fiend didn't want to stop at a black coffee and it took some stern words to walk away!
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~jus' being me~
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LOL I love Tiramisumo!
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fat chick FKA Velveteen
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maybe I'm weird but I find this very depressing. I think part of the weight loss battle is in attitude... I certainly don't know if I could keep moving onwards and downwards if I just found it a dull, daily struggle. For goodness' sake, have the whopper if you want it more than being healthy!

run - laugh - eat pie||Twitter
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No Fear
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It is a daily struggle.But,sometimes you have to just treat yourself to something. That is how I feel. because,in the past when I really wanted something ,and didn't have it.I would end up eating tons of other stuff.But that might just be me. Good job on your willpower!
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I want a whopper too!! Your description was just perfect. I just stay away..it's the only way to handle it. Avoid Avoid Avoid
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Originally Posted by Velveteen View Post
For goodness' sake, have the whopper if you want it more than being healthy!
But I don't. The whopper would make me pseudo-happy for about 2 nanoseconds, and no, it really isn't worth it. I'd rather be healthy.

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Purpose + Bucket
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I totally know where you're coming from.
It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one with a smooth-talkin' voice in my head.. Nor the only one to feel weight loss is really.. really boring at times.

Beautifully written, anywhosal. Do you write for a living by any chance? o:
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needs constant reminding
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It is a daily struggle. Often. But then, there are times where one can be in a groove. In a very positive, have done well making good choices for the recent past...feels no need to change that, kind of groove.

And boy o boy... now that is a great feeling. One worth aspiring to.


Calorie Counting Back to Maintenance Weight
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neurotic not delusional
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I'm with Velveteen on this one. I love my new healthy lifestyle. I enjoy making positive changes that benefit me. I am delighted that my body is getting smaller & that I can last that much longer at the gym.

I am actually finding the weight loss process pleasurable. If I thought it was a dull, daily struggle then I wouldn't do it.

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Finding my wings...
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Apt description....

Some days it SO seems like that.... and others... .not so much anymore. It's gets a little easier.... I think.... then again, I've only been dieting for 2 1/2 months... lol
"Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway." - John Wayne

Overall Weight Goal (Started Spring 2006)

My Newest Goal: Lose 2011's Gained Stress Weight & Get Back to my Lowest Weight in Time for my Dec' 11 Vacation!!
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Just a thought...that whopper will always be there. When you reach goal have it.
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you write so well that was awsome!!
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