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I have to wonder a bit about your Mother's motives. A few weekds ago I went to a party, ate the food that was available there, and on my plan, really enjoyed that food, and felt very proud of myself that I didn't eat what I was not suppose to. I did not make a big deal about what I was eating or not eating. My Mother however is still mad at me that I didn't eat the potato salad.
If you can't get her to stop bringing it into the house maybe hide it so you can't see it. Sometimes too, and I know it sounds crazy, I imagine there is something wrong with it, like the spots on the chips are bugs!
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I buy baked chips and then i can eat a bunch with salsa and not go over my food plan for the day.
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I completely understand the dire need to not binge. I've had these moments for months now where I'd have a severe emotional need for non-diet soda and junk food, whether I liked it or not. Oatmeal cream pies and pepsi became my demons. I would feel embarassed being a fat chick buying junk, so I'd justify it and try to feel better by saying it was for the boyfriend, followed by speed walking to the car. Since I'm still living with my parents (which I'm trying to change), I'd find myself hiding the food in my room, and sneaking it when they're in the house, or binging like a machine when alone. I'd feel terrible for doing it and told myself over and over, this is the last time, and when I had nothing left, I'd say one more time, then I'm done. For the past two weeks, I've finally been freed from it. Pounding migraines and almost insanity causing binge urges were about the death of me, but thankfully, I was never alone for long enough to escape to the store without being questioned. (Yes, at 24, my parents still think I'm a teenager)
I think I may finally have crossed the emotional eating / head hunger hurdle, but I won't deny that I think about my comfort foods often!
Keep water handy, and fireballs! They keep my mind and mouth distracted longer than gum, and with the burning feeling, you'll be drinking water and not wanting to eat anything after because of the taste interaction, or lack of ability to taste things for the next hour or so!
You'd think that having been raised by a physician and a weight loss counselor, I'd not have fallen into the binge eating trap, but we're only human and life throws wrenches into the most unsuspecting paths.
Take it one day at a time. If you can get past one binge urge, and feel normal and sane for a time, congratulate yourself. It's a good feeling to conquer the craving and see freedom ahead of you!
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Thanks so much for the replies and support all...

It is frustrating; my mom just doesn't know any better, so I don't want to be harsh on her and like I mentioned she don't see I need to lose weight; I guess since I'm her daughter she doesn't see my flaws. I wish I just had the strength to not care the food is there. I could hide it, but I would still know where it is. And if I didn't eat the stuff and it just stayed there, she wouldn't re-buy it...so I just shouldn't eat it.

To be fair... when I lived on my own and stopped focusing on losing weight for awhile; I would buy chips..sometimes 2 bags if they were on sale and just eat them all in one night... when I'm stressed, lonely, depressed, those foods that I can just pick up with my fingers and keep putting in my mouth take my mind off things for awhile. But now I am focused on losing weight again..I don't think I would be buying things I know are a trigger food for me.

it's just trying to get in control, forget about the food and staying on plan... *sigh* the power of food.
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One 3FC member suggested that it's very difficult to binge on chips when you've done your nails. It's true! When I was going through some major junk food withdrawal, I had the best nails of my life. Wet polish can prevent a whole lot of things - just don't buy the stuff that dries in 3 minutes.
~ Becky ~
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Throwing them away is a good one. i've done that before. i don't like to be wasteful, it is against my upbringing, but with junk food there are only 2 options, you can waste it in your body, or you can waste it in the trash.

other suggestions:
you can stash all the junk food in a particular pantry, then convince your self that that pantry is not accessable. It's just not an option. don't even open the door because it's not for you. Don't think of it as off limits in a way that will make you even more tempted, instead just think of it as food that belongs to someone else, that just isn't for you. make it become invisible to you.

Go shopping with your mom and buy fresh vegitables. hummus and baby carrots. fresh romaine and tomatoes to make salads. When your mom sees you chopping up fresh greens and cucumbers everyday for your salad, she will start buying that for you. I know because my mom did that when i lived at home!!! if she sees how enthusiastic you are about your health food, she will nurture it. cuz mom's are like that.

in those trying moments, just remind yourself that now is the time your are going to make an important decision. It's easy to get up your resolve after the binge, you know, swearing from here on out, your not binging EVER again!? When you are in that situation of being tempted, know that that is when you are about to make the really important decision. the decision that matters.

it will get easier. the more you stay away from junk food, the less tempting it will become.

You eat potato chips, you're going to perform like a potato chip - Laird Hamilton

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