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Default I really really want to stop and get it...

Ahh....so theres this great pizza place that makes my favorite speciality pizza and I haven't ate it in almost 3 months I usually dont pass by it driving by I will be today and I am sooo tempted to stop and get one. I think i would be okay to allow myself a treat of eating a few slices but how can I keep myself from eating All of it If I get one? lol I know I shouldnt get one at all but feeling deprived completly makes me want it more. And I finally hit a 15 lb loss today so I am feeling pretty good. I know rewarding myself with unhealthy food probably sounds ridiculous but is it really? lol. Ughhhh to give in and get a pizza or not...that is the question. lol. stupid pizza!
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Generally food rewards are not a good idea. It reinforces the concept that 'if you lose the weight you can go back to eating that way', which generally doesn't work. How about making your own homemade healthy pizza at home. With some type of flatbread or pita and some of your favourite toppings. That way you can have an old favourite in a way you won't feel guilty about it. I know I'm not at the place (and may never be) where I can buy some of the old food and only eat a small amount of it.
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I have decided that if I want something, I am going to have it and not deprive myself. If I know that I am going to have it, I make adjustments at other meals and kick up the exercise a bit. I don't want to start craving it and then go totally crazy and eat things out of control. That's just my opinion though.
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It's really different for everyone. I like RealCdn's idea of trying to re-create a healthy version of your favorite pizza at home. I've been making pizza at home with flatbread as a crust and turkey pepperoni. Is it the same as restaurant pizza? No, but it's still pretty good and I don't feel upset after I eat it. If you absolutely must have it, then buy the smallest one that you can buy. Dish out a slice or two for yourself, and throw the rest away.

I take these things on a case-by-case basis. I don't allow cookies or Dorito's chips to pass my lips at all because my resolve flies out the window. It's not that I can't control myself, it's that I choose not to and I start making justifications or just decide that I don't care. So I can't even have one. But other things don't affect me that way; I have a bag of Baked Lay's chips that have been in the house for over a week and I've just had 2 servings.

It sounds like you're worried that you will lose control if you buy a pizza so if it were me, I would probably hold off for now. For me, the anticipation of eating something like that is nearly always better than the reality. We have a spring festival around here that comes with carnival food, music, crafts, etc. I was dying for a big corn dog, so finally I went up and got one. I paid six bucks for it, and it was not anything like i had imagined. It was heavy and greasy and I regretted eating it almost immediately.

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Personally, I wouldn't do it. Pizza is a big trigger food for me so it would be silly for me to try to eat just a couple of slices. But it's personal. I most definitely won't be having any pizza until I have really got things more under control and I really am able to eat it in a controlled way. I was actually craving something like pizza today so I literally took some bread, fresh roma tomatoes, a bit of olive oil and some light feta cheese and stuck that in the oven and had it for lunch. That worked for me Maybe it won't work for you, but sticking to my weight loss program is WAY more important than a pizza. I don't consider it depriving myself at all - I consider it making the best choice for myself and my well being right now.

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If you're worried about eating the whole thing... Do you have anybody close by that you can invite over to enjoy the pizza with you? That way you can have your share, and not be tempted to polish it off, as I know I would be.
I know I personally reward myself with food. Me and my mom love going to the chinese buffet. We don't go very often, but when we decide to go, I decide to go as a reward. For me personally, saying no to everything I love would drive me insane, so instead I say yes only once in a while, and I still lose
Good luck with your pizza dilemma.


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Congrats on the 15lbs! That's a great achievement! I would reward yourself with a mani/pedi or a new lipgloss or something. Maybe give yourself a few days and if you're still really craving the pizza, eat a slice or two and throw the rest away. Just because you're driving by the restaurant really doesn't mean you have to stop in and get the pizza. Think about how good you'll feel if you can drive by and avoid the place! Success! You can always go back, but that way, it'll be more of a conscious decision instead of an "it was there so I got it" type of impulse that I know I'm definitely trying to get rid of. Good luck!

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Hmmm... you are still very new to your journey. I wouldn't have allowed myself a trigger food that early because it would have spelled disaster FOR ME. If you think you can handle it... then do.

I love pizza and it's a huge trigger for me. So I make my own at home on whole wheat pitta's and they are awesome. Maybe try that?
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Mmm cfmama has a point... You can make some seriously good pizza at home with pita. I use greek pita, but it's a little thicker so it's more carbs and calories, but definitely less than pizza from the store.


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Can you get a really small individual one or share it with a friend?

I am not one for depriving myself so I wouldnt say no to anything, everything within moderation and all that jazz Im not as strict with myself as most of the ladies on here!

Just eat half and really savor it, think of it as a treat, if you cant share it or whatever just dump half of it or find a homeless person to give some of it too!
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Another question to ask yourself is "Do I want this to have a taste because I really like it", or "Do I really feel like piggin out"? Most of the foods we binge on we tend to eat because we think they will make us feel good and then we pile them in without really savoring because "this is my last chance", or "last pig out before I totally eat great". It is a tough question. Good luck.
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Since you just began, I would not eat the pizza. Right now you just remember how good you think it taste. Once you have not had somthing for a while and you eat it again, it really does not taste as good as you remember and you feel disapointed. So be strong and dont eat it!!! Go get a new pair of shoes or go out with some friends to dinner and a movie.

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