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I am a perfectionist, but I can never last that long. The longest I have gone is 2 weeks without bingeing.
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I think it depends on what perfectly on plan means. For me POP for 1 week is: I exercised, I eat my 1400 calories of food that I love each day. Then on the 7th day for 1 meal I eat what ever I want in what ever quantity I want (untill I am full) and don't count it. When I do that, it is POP! Lots of wiggle room there. But if I binge on an absurd amount of food until I can barely move, well that day in not POP!!! Then I have to clean up and move on.

In other words, my POP is never perfect, it is just a PLAN that seems to work for me. Jelly

Trying again
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Originally Posted by joyra View Post
Sometimes I'll read the boards and someone will say "I've been POP (perfectly on plan) for 4 months now and I just fell off the wagon." ..and I think... ack, that's way too long to be perfect!
That drives me nuts when I see people with the 40 days POP. Nearly every time I've seen that they fall off and then give up and gain most/all of their weight back. All for one little mess up.

Originally Posted by sws19 View Post
ha! to be honest, i think i use my "plan" as more of a suggestion that an actual plan.
This is what I do. My "plan" is 1800 calories, with a 70/15/15 ratio or so, under 2500mg sodium, more than 35 fiber, and more than 45 protein. I also plan on taking my gluc and multi every day and drink 96oz of water. Some days I do really, really well. Some days I don't. I aim for a monthly average and am pleased when I get close. That gives me the flexibility to have bad days as long as they are well balanced by good days.
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I have never been perfect, just trying to get healthier and slowly reach my ideal and comfortable weight. I guess I never POP!


"When your belief in you and your dream, is greater than your belief in other people's opinions, you will have mastered your life."

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Do you remember how it felt when you fell off the wagon just try and remember that feeling so it doesnt happen again but you also have to remember we are humans we make mistakes and we all get bumps in our road to sucess so having ups and downs are part of life you just have to learn how to bounce back from the downs faster and faster and then pretty soon they will not happen anymore.
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I guess it's going to depend on how flexible the plan is!
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Generally, my plan is to exercise and to eat 1300-1500 calories. When I have done that everyday for a week or more, I experience all this anxiety! I feel like I want to stop exercising or eat a whole pizza. It's crazy, and I think it has a lot to do with my history of depression & binge eating. I can't remember the last time I binged... it's been that long. But I feel the more I try to control my eating, then the feeling comes back stronger.

So I stay on plan for like a week and then I'll be off-plan for maybe two weeks (but not like, binging.. just like not tracking calories or doing less exercise). My weight bounces up and down but ultimately after a month it is down.. but only maybe 1 lb. I just wish I had it in me to be stricter but I'm so afraid that I will be strict and my mind will revolt and I'll sabotage things worse than just going off plan.

It's almost like I have to trick my mind into not realizing it's on a diet.
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