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I'm doing it this time!
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Default What do you eat on "good" days?

I'm trying to take baby steps. Right now I eat whatever is around, healthy or not, whatever is convenient. I need to stop grazing because it's causing my bathroom scale to go up and up and up! This is NOT good!

What do you eat on a good day? Is is all healthy, or do you mainly try to look at portion sizes? How structured are you?


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I used to be a big time binger, so my good days for the first few months were just me getting below 1700 calories. I ate just about whatever I wanted, but with time tended to pick the lighter options so I could enjoy more of them.

Now, I don't have a perfect day plan, but I do try to keep to a few rules
-oatmeal for breakfast
-fruit and veggies several times a day
-at least 1 serving of nuts every day
-lean meats
-nothing highly concentrated with the bad stuff- calories, fat, etc (except occasionally)
-1400ish calories.
-45 minute work out several times a week.

Started July 1, 2012 @ 290lbs
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Here We Go Again
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Daily I eat: Oatmeal or whole grain cheerios for breakfast. English muffins with LC cheese or slice of canadian bacon, egg beater & a slice of cheese. For lunch usually turkey & cheese sandwich on whole wheat. I'll add tomato or avocado - sometimes roasted red peppers, and occasionally mayo. I eat cheese tortellini once a week, and then I'll have soup & a whole wheat roll. For dinner it's mainly lean meats and vegetables. I'll have salmon, too. Brown rice also. Occasionally I'll have pierogies with dinner since I love them. I make a taco bake 2x a month, and every Fri or Sat I make a healthy pizza for pizza night! As for snacks...popcorn, wheat thins & LC cheese, clementines & 1oz mixed nuts, whole grain fig newtons, and I eat Luna/Kashi bars after a work out. I don't deny myself a lot of the things I enjoy (ie: the pierogies and cheese tort). I just eat them in moderation and control how often I eat them. I also make healthier versions of things I love: Chicken parm/chicken marsala, taco bake with tortilla chips (like nachos), burgers, etc.

I eat the same foods during the month and rotate meals every two weeks. It just makes meal planning easier. And I eat 3 different breakfasts/lunches to keep it simple.

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I have a new thing that is working pretty well for me -- I got the idea from a Reader's Digest article I read in my eye dr.'s office!

Basically, I eat vegan and mostly raw foods til 6. At dinner anything goes, but in small amounts.

So, in the morning I'll have a smoothie with frozen fruit and chilled green tea. For snacking I stick with veggies and hummus or fruit and nuts, something with just a little protein. For lunch I have a green salad usually with beans, sunflower seeds, avocado, whatever.

Then for lunch I have half the plate veggies, the other half divided equally between a starchy something (say, mashed potatoes) and protein (say, roasted chicken.)

This is working nicely for me because during the day I don't have a lot of time to eat anyhow....so the vegan food is easy. Then at night I can look foward to a nice meal with my family, even with a glass of wine or dessert, as long as I keep the portions small.

I don't have a scale or weigh myself but my clothes are much looser.
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Originally Posted by doIlookfat? View Post
What do you eat on a good day? Is is all healthy, or do you mainly try to look at portion sizes?
Well, both kinda. I mean, for me, healthy does not mean low fat or low carb. It means whole grains, low sugar, lots of produce, beans, nuts, avocado, and some yogurt, cheese and eggs. So I most definitely focus first on eating healthy food. What I eat is more important to me than calories, if it comes down to it. But I also watch portions. I've given up stuffing myself, and I'm working on paying even better attention to my hunger and satiety signals. But honestly, that's been more of an end-game strategy for me. Earlier on, I used more structure and limits to help me change my habits and tastes.
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Let It Go
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I decided not to restrict anything in my eating plan except regular soda.
I watch portions and eat every 3 hours. So far today I had:
Breakfast - One fried egg on toast One cup of hot tea One cup of OJ
Lunch One - Salad with 1/2 wheat roll Iced tea
Lunch Two - Glass of milk and a Chocolate Chip Fiber Plus chewy bar
Dinner One - 1/2 skinless boneless chicken breast (grilled) with Mango Salsa
Dinner Two - will be a repeat of dinner one and I will add a vegetable
Throughout the day I drink plenty of hot tea, iced tea, water and of course I need my Coke Zero LOL
For an evening snack I plan to make a fruit slush in the blender.
This is a typical day for me.

Started my weight loss journey on 3-28-2012
My Plan: I eat every three hours!
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oatmeal for breakfast. mostly fruits and vegetables and then a yoghurt as snacks. i cook something healthy for lunch as its when i have the most time for cooking. usually its a chicken dish, or an omelette with tons of vegetables and light on the cheese. something light for dinner. usually i just grab some bread and spread some spundekäs on it and then grab whatever veggies are around in the fridge. or bread with tuna salad. thats a really good day for me. some imperfections that happen are when im cooking for the two boys i watch i pick at their dinner and also on the weekend i usually go out to dinner. i try to keep it healthy but i know its not as healthy as i could eat at home.
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Plan you meals and shop around that plan, don't bring "bad foods" into the house, if they are not there, you can't eat them. I also eat every few hours, it is all planned out and measured. 1/4 cup nuts, 1 cup cereal and so on. It takes effort to lose the weight and half the of the effort is the extra time you will be putting into cooking healthy and planning what you are going to eat for the week before you go to the store.

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Height: 5ft 4 (on a good day!)


On "good" days i pretty much eat the same things over and over.

Breakfast is always a Fiber One Bar, i love the chocolate and the caramel ones

Lunch is always a huge bowl (2 cups) of Special K or a plain kind of cereal (ie Cheerios, Kix, Crispix, etc.) with blueberries or a banana or strawberries and milk

Dinner is always either a large salad with chicken, or a large salad with chick peas, a large salad with turkey, i also always throw in tomatoes, olives, cheese and use a light dressing. I also sometimes will eat a wrap with turkey, a can of tuna with pickles on a bed of lettuce, a Lean Cuisine Pizza, or a wrap with fat free refried beans.

Snacks i usually have are a piece of fruit ( apple, banana, orange, grapes etc.) and a handful of almonds measured out before the gym

At night sometimes i will make 2 bags of the 100 calorie popcorn or have a tootsie roll pop and chug water

This works like a charm when I combine it with cardio and weights 6 times a week for weight loss

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I recently saw a nutritionist to get some help on my eating patterns. It sounded crazy, but she actually recommended that I eat around 1500-1800 calories a day. If you characteristically binge, it is often because you will try to eat as little as possible and then eventually set yourself up for a binge. Because of this, I eat most of my food earlier in the day and slowly taper off towards the end of the day.

I eat oatmeal with fruit and fat free yogurt with fruit for breakfast almost every morning. I have two servings of fruit and a piece of cheese for a snack. For lunch, I eat around 400 calories and then also have some sort of vegetable. I eat a small afternoon snack, which is usually a fiber bar of some kind. My dinners vary.

I've recently decided to start incorporating a dessert as many days as possible since when I binge it is mostly on dessert foods. I try to stick with all natural desserts like dark chocolate covered cacao nibs or something else that does not have a lot of artificial stuff in it.

I actually find that by eating organic or foods that are not highly processed, I have a significant decrease in cravings and binges.
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Height: 5'6"


I eat approx 1400 calories a day
(I have days I eat veggies & fruits too)
And Normally I fit in a homemade pizza everyday But I wanted potted meat today.

Today I ate
1 sausage pattie 1 egg pattie 1 slice cheese on a hamburger bun

Snack: Yogurt

Lunch: 2 cans potted meat & 12 crackers

Snack: rice crispie treat

Dinner: Chicken Sandwich ~(on hamburger bun with lettuce and mayo)

Snack:rice crispie treat (a favorite of mine)

(a total Of 1395 calories For today)

One For every 10 Pounds Lost:

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just me
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Height: 6'1"


Today was a "good day" for me. I usually eaten aroun 1600-1700 calories, but had a low day today, roughly 1450 caloriess total.

Here is what I have eaten:
Breakfast - 275 calories
1 cup honey nut cheerios
1 cup 2 % milk
1/2 cup fresh raspberries

Lunch - 300 calories
Mixed together:
1 can chunk white chicken
2 Tbsp light mayo
2 Tbsp pickle relish
1/2 gala apple
fresh rosemary, kosher salt and cracked pepper
ate the other 1/4 of an apple on the side
placed 1 cup of this on a small hamburger bun

Snack - 80 calories
mozerella cheese stick

Dinner - 650 calories
Turkey burger with 1/2 oz of feta cheese crumble in it
small hamburger bun
honey mustard
7 oz yukon gold potatoes sliced thin and baked w/ fresh herbs and garnished with 2 tbsp of fat-free sour cream on top
1/2 cup of fresh green beans steamed with a dash of kosher salt and i can't believe its not butter spray

Late snack - WW chocolate oreo ice cream bar 150 calories

I don't have to be perfect, just make better choices...

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Girl Gone Strong
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Height: 5'3"


I try not to think of "good" days because if I think that way, then I was "good" on some days & "bad" on other days. Like a bad, bad little girl. I don't want to wag my finger at myself or frame discussions of eating in overly moralistic or shaming terms.

I ate a lot today purposefully, as Sunday is an extremely active day for me. When I do this, I try to eat well. My reason for the snacking is I have an hour-long swimming lesson starting at 9 AM, then I go to the gym at 11:15 & do 30 minutes on exercise bike & 15 minutes rowing. The two snacks in the morning are timed for a half-hour before I get into the pool & then just afterward, just before I blow-dry my hair & head off to the gym. (Swimming makes me ravenous afterward.)

Breakfast (5:15 AM): Frozen blueberries w/ Chobani plain nonfat yogurt
Two thin slices of my homemade whole-wheat oatmeal bread with almond butter & teaspoon of sugarfree jam
Black coffee

Snack 1 (8:30): Handful of raw nuts & cranberries & raisins (Trader Joe's measures these out in little packets)

Snack 2 (10:30): D'Anjou pear, small piece of Cabot's 75% fat-free cheddar (would not recommend the latter -- not very good-tasting)

Lunch (1:30): Mixed green salad with red pepper strips, carrots, tomatoes, half an avocado sliced up, sunflower seeds & baked tofu
Diet Caffeine-free coke

Snack 3 (3:30): Handful of unsalted dry-roasted peanuts & handful of red grapes

Dinner (6 today, early for me): Turkey meatloaf slices (mine is embedded with roasted red peppers, mushrooms & leeks), chickpea & spinach mix (recipe from NY Times the other day), roasted cauliflower with curry seasoning

Snack 4 (8 PM): One portion of Trader Joe's 72% dark chocolate
Cup of Stash's chocolate hazelnut tea with nonfat dry milk & Splenda

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Extra gluten
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I eat about 1600 calories, mostly from fruits, veggies, chicken, fish, beans, and lots and lots of nuts. I don't have a typical menu, but today's meals went something like this:

B: Kashi Golean cereal with walnuts, gogi berries and skim milk
L: Chicken, green pepper, and black bean burrito with an apple
S: Vanilla yogurt with frozen blueberries and almonds
D: Salmon and spinach patty with butternut squash fries

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On a good day, I usually start off with a bowl of oatmeal (2 packets, about 300 calories), then eat whatever is convenient and easy (which means I have to keep fattening foods out of the house). If there's nothing bad for me to eat, I'll eat salads, boiled frozen veggies, lentil soup, rice and beans, or sometimes pasta. As long as there's nothing bad for me to eat, then I won't eat it. I also like get a block of extra sharp cheddar, cut it up into half serving sizes (about 60 calories) and eat a piece of that when I'm craving something fatty. Strong cheeses satisfy with much less. I also have chocolate calcium chews, which satisfy my sweet tooth. I can only eat 3 of these a day so I don't OD on vitamin K, so that keeps me from eating too many lol

However, when my husband is home, it's way to easy to take the easy way out, and order a pizza or go out and get some goodies. His days off are usually my "bad days"
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