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Default is it always simple carbs?

Ok, my last question was " is it all just for comfort" and many responces were affirmative.
Now i'm curious, because i know this is the way it is for me, but the only foods i feel compelled to over eat are sugary foods, starches, like bread, pasta etc., chips, junk food and the like.

Does anyone get urges to binge on foods that are not simple carbs? like beef? salad greens? apples? i guess cheese might be one...i can eat a lot of cheese but normally i would be eating something else with it , like crackers. Generally i don't eat a whole lb or 2 of pure cheese.
is it always junk food, or processed, simple carbs?

I don't know why i ask. Maybe i'm just looking for patterns or something.
i really want to get to the bottom of this over eating thing that i have been struggling with for years and years.

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well I think they are easy to over eat because they are so much easier to find. seems like there is a ton of them in everything. I love apples and because they are sweet i crave them lol. Ido want red meat a lot to because i havent been eating much of it. Its so hard to cut breads and pastas out though cuz there so yummy lol!

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Simple carbs are surely the hardest for me. It's a combination of the craving, plus the fact that they're usually not so filling.

I can eat a lot of fruit, but not what anyone would call a binge.
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itsnot always about what i eat... just that i eat. i once ate a whole bag of carrots. . but. i was desperate. . i definatly go for the sugar, and the fried and the heavy foods. . but when nothing else is available. i will binge on just about anything.. ridiculous i know. . oh well glad i can change..

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I could binge on nuts if you let me lol
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For me it's always the simple carbs.
Same as you with cheese - I can eat a lot of it but always with crackers or French bread - so yes, the simple carbs!

The only way I can stop the binge is to not eat them - the more I eat of them, the more I want them.
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My binges were almost always simple carbs or sugary fat foods. I think perhaps part of it had to do with the fact that the food was things I denied myself while dieting and part of it was that carbs help your brain produce seratonin, which calms you. For me, not eating it wasn't the answer. Telling myself that I couldn't have certain foods just made me eat more of them when I finally caved in. I haven't binged since last winter sometime, but when I feel the occasional urge, it's almost always a longing to eat Pop Tarts or ice cream or the same old crap.
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no< I will eat an entire t-bone steak, or nuts, (esp cashews) and chips, but the salt is the biggie over the carbs I think. I would take them over other carbs, and would also go for pretzels, or salty nuts.

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