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HI there, i am new to 3fc, and I just want to say I absolutely love this website, and it has already given me motivation in my short time of being a member.

I am on a fixed budget. Let me explain, I am a single mother at the ripe old age of 22, and I go to university full time. When i get my student loan in, I can't help it. I go STRAIGHT to mcdonalds and other places and eat foolishly and waste money away. Like today. I just walked by and walked back on by and left with a lot of food for my daughter and I. I ate so healthy all day. I thought about what I was eating, packed snacks that I enjoy like trail mix, oranges, cheese, etc. So why do i insist on doing these mcdonald runs? Could i just be impulsive? Should I just try to control this? Is there any tricks that i should be aware of to stop doing this? or do i just need to change my life style?

Sorry, this is also a rant lol! I just feel kind of fed up with my patterns. Even more so because i recognize them. grr. And there are times when I am not a totally poor student, and during those times i eat out all the time, everyday.

I feel better off broke, food wise that is!!!

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Hey there. I am kinda like you. I am 20 year old mother in school as well. I use to definitely stop at McDonalds and burger king a lot. I thought once I started school it would be easier to lose weight. But being a mother and being in school full-time is definitely challenging and the convience of fast food is a plus.

I think you just really need that AH-HA moment where you just think enough is enough and I HAVE to change. I stopped telling myself I want to lose weight to be thin and started to think of it as I want to be healthy so I can watch my daughter grow up into a beautiful woman and see her babies too. That is was really keeps me motivated. I don't want to be another statistics in my family and die from heart disease in my 50's or 60's because I am overweight or unhealthy. Also try to look at it like this. I can do it now and be happy for many years. Or do it later when I wishes I would have done it sooner.


P.s Your young now you skin will more then likely bounce back. I think about that too. If I stay fat and then in my 40's if I was almost 300lbs and then finally decided to lose weight my skin would be saggy.

* Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts * Winston Churchill

I'm not giving up!

Smily face for every 5lbs lost!

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Hi there!

The fact that you are aware of what you are doing is a good starting point. Most people mindlessly continue on that route but you have obviously taken some time to think about why you are doing this.

You diet is an important factor in helping you combat cravings and impulsive like this, but you also need to make sure that you are doing your best in other areas too.

For diet I would eat as much fruit as you desire before meals, and either have a large green smoothie daily or a large green salad daily. Fruits and greens contain all the nutrients your body needs and will help tame cravings.

Now as for the impulsiveness. If you want to combat it try avoiding the place - can you go about your day to day without walking past it or coming into contact with it at all?

You should also try to take some time to write down other triggers - like maybe stress, smell of food etc...and try to come up with resolutions for them.

If you have a plan, you are more likely to combat this issue (along with eating nutritious wholesome foods like fruits and vegs).

Also another thing to be aware of is how you feel before, during and after eating this food - especially note the after. Becoming aware of these feelings (like the greasy feeling after a binge) will help put you off in the future. It did me!

Hope this helps a little

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Hi, sweetiepetite,
i completely understand the frustration of eating well all day, then blowing it in the evening. My mental trap was giving in to the urge to let go and binge by saying to myself that i would just make tomorrow my REAL day to start eating right.

I know that we all have our own weaknesses, but, as for mickyD's and other burger joints, i am usually pretty much able to stay away from them armed with the knowledge that they sell THE worst CRAP that you could ever put into your body.
it's loaded in preservatives, sugar, additives (which is why it seems so addictive to some people:because it IS) has little nutritional value, and is deep fried in oils that easily go rancid.
So, that's why i'm not tempted to eat at mickyD's.

that's not to say i'm perfect. my binge foods are sweets and candy usually.

I think one mental trick that works reasonably well for me when i'm tempted to stop for binge food is to just decide not to stop and get your trigger food once. If you know that you can bypass your binge food once, you are more likely to bypass it again in the future. We are more likely to repeat a behavior if we have done it once before. Thus we build a new habit: going home with out stopping to get junk food.

another thing that helps me is avoiding - complete- avoidance of the food or foods that you feel the most compelled to eat. Just like an alcoholic must avoid all alcohol, i have to avoid sugar.
one little bite and i know i'll go into a relapse.

and know that alll the steps in the right direction DO make a difference.

You eat potato chips, you're going to perform like a potato chip - Laird Hamilton
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Find a walking route that would go AROUND mcdonalds, without seeing it. Even if it is a longer walk.. well.. longer walks are better

WELCOME to the boards!
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My saving grace has been the fact that my window motor on the drivers side decided to quit working. I can't roll my window down. I thought about getting it fixed, because it really is annoying...and it doesn't cost that much (my dad would install it for free), BUT...you don't know how many times it's saved me from going through the drive through. Almost daily.
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