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Default How long 'til I no longer go crazy?

I have always been overweight. I'm an emotional eater who stuffs her face when she's bored or upset. I go on binges when I'm especially upset and then feel awful when I realize what I've done to myself. I finally realized about a week ago, after seeing that I was getting closer to 300 lbs, that I was slowly killing myself. I have everything to live for and I don't want to do this to myself any longer. So I started this past monday (I know, the week of christmas ) counting calories. I am using fitday and doing well...but I feel like an addict coming off of drugs. I crave all this BAD stuff and it has nothing to do with hunger...I want it.

My question is...how long, in your experiences, does it take to get over these cravings? I want to be healthy so bad, but this "addiction" is pretty bad.

Thanks in advance.
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It really depends on the person I think, because as soon as I decided to start my new lifestyle, I personally didn't find it hard to stay away from anything. Of course for each person it's different. Good luck on your journey, and just remember that nobody said it was going to be easy!


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I think, as Beautiful Ace said, it depends on the person. Personally, I LOVE food. I come from a family full of GREAT cooks with the budget to splurge on great products and sophisticated eating (of course I am also down with dozens of buffalo wings and good ol' fashioned pizza too)! I just love food, and I think it is safe to say we all have that in common. I think you can tone down going crazy simply by thinking of things differently, which I think will become easier as you begin to see progress. Once you notice the lbs. dropping, why would you want that bucket of french fries or gigantor piece of chocolate cake?

The thing I find hardest even this far in my journey is the temptations closest to me (as far as what a family member of mine is eating right across the table) rather than the temptation to go out and drive through McDonalds. What I've begun to do is try to copy what it is I am craving after the worse version.

For example: Tonight (I am down visiting my family) and they wanted cheese tortellini with cheese sauce, sausage, and garlic bread. While they ate that, I had a lean cuisine lasagna and half a toasted 100 cal english muffin rubbed with garlic. I fulfilled my Italian craving, and didn't consume the thousands of calories they did. Granted, it wasn't the healthiest meal, but it got me through the day, craving free.

You'll find your way, it just takes some practice

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What blanna said... tonight my family had pizza and I had a Lean Cuisine Panini (southwest chicken I think) and a cup of brusell sprouts. I left the panini open an ate it like it was a pizza. My dinner was all of 360 calories and my family's was much much more.

Find ways to take your favourites and make them healthful choices. I don't endorse diet frozen meals (this is my second one in three months) but they get the job done when you need quick and easy!
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Well, according to most of the research I've read, it takes about six weeks to form a "habit"...any kind of habit. You can cut the cravings WAY back earlier than that by cutting down, or even better cutting out, all refined sugars and simple carbs and increasing your protein intake a lot -- as this will help to even out your blood sugar and make you feel more full all the time, etc. However, in the big picture, at about the six week mark it does seem to get easier to just eat what you are supposed to -- that is eat the healthy stuff in smaller quantities, as a habit has been formed.

Some people are more emotional/binge type eaters and it really is an addiction so that complicates things, but the above is my best advice and knowledge on the subject of getting past the intense cravings that can hit early in a weight loss program.

You can do this!!!
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krp, you can search back 2 months or so and find this EXACT POST that I wrote... feeling like I'm in withdrawal, feeling like I might not be able to do this forever...

The good news is the longer you stick to it, the easier it gets! It's true! 2 months later, I'm no master, but now a "bad day" for me is still under 2000 calories and it's pretty easy for me to average 1500 calories.

For me, I have been trying to cut down portions and space out how often I have bad foods. Saying "never again" does not work for me--it leads to me obsessing about it and having a binge on it. So if I ate fast food 3x a week, I can cut down to 1x a week, then 2x a month, then 1x a month, etc. Thinking I'll never eat it again makes me crave it more, makes me miserable, and I quit dieting.

I really feel like lately I've fallen off the wagon lately but since I had been so good with everything for a month or more, my "off the wagon" is not the disaster it once was.

Stick with it. It gets better!
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Hi i am the same way too i eat and eat and eat and it is totally out of emotion and boredom. I started again to get back on track the day after xmas, was good for three days and then yesterday had a mini binge on cheesecake, pretzels, three muskateers, and almonds. I wish i had an answer for you, all i can say is some days are easier than others. Right now i am home alone and i literally have to say out loud to myself, YOU ARE DONE EATING FOR THE NIGHT, do not eat because you are bored. It's tough but just know you are not alone. Good luck

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I am an emotional eater also. And, I truly eat for EVERY emotion: being bored, sad, angry, anxious, happy...you name it! I can overeat at every occasion...from Thanksgiving Dinner to the family reunion picnic! Whenever I change my eating habits in a positive way, I usually have carb cravings. I know they are cravings because I can drink a glass of water before the meal, eat the meal, drink water afterward and still go seeking something sweet or a bread product. So, there are a couple of things that I have been doing lately. 1) I have a list of alternative things to do besides eat: call a friend, read a book, listen to music, go to bed early, surf the net, brush teeth, drink a glass of water, fold clothes/straighten out my closet, stretch, or leave home (if possible) for a short walk to distract myself.

We live in a toxic environment. There is not much in daily American life that promotes a healthy diet and exercise. Remember that. You have to set yourself up to be successful. Get junk food out the house. I stopped taking my ATM card to work, because I was prone to impulsively stopping at a gas station or fast food place on the way home from work. I carry my checkbook. Lots of places like that won't take checks and I don't like going through the hassle of writing one.

Continue to think positively about yourself. Write down one successful choice you make each day. Don't focus on the binges; pick yourself up the next meal, or the next day.

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I have a history as a huge emotional eater, didn't learn good coping skills and dealt with some negative stuff in my childhood and past. I think how long it takes relates to how much you're dealing with and your willingness to learn and use some new methods.

I still have times when I'm greatly tempted to binge, but I've been able to avoid it, although I do still emotional eat from time to time. It does get easier as time goes by and you address the roots of the problem. It helps to focus and remember that this is a soul craving, not a body craving, and to address it as such. Find the things that work for you. Even this week, I was doing great and then became overwhelmed because I was taking all of these "unsafe" chances by being social and getting positive feedback, then I made a social gaffe. Instead of eating when I got home, I wrapped up in a blanket (to help me feel safe) and took some deep and calming breaths and mentally talked my way through it.

In some ways, it got harder before it got easier because I was dredging up all of these issues that I used food to avoid dealing with before. But it's certainly been worth it.
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