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i really get the urge to stuff my face during the run up to my period. not as bad as before when my diet was so poor. it used to be for chocolate , now its for stodge - bread, bagels etc.to stop myself completely "letting go" i allow myself to eat a bit more than usual which seems to help. mad

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Are you taking vitamins? I have found that taking a good vitamin helps curb the PMS cravings. Just an idea!
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My appetite is insane starting about 4 days before my period starts even though I'm on birth control! My period is starting tomorrow but a couple days ago I was ravenous and was craving Reese's and chocolate chip cookies so I ate a 500 calorie bag of cookies and then ate 9 Reese's eggs AND like 4 small dove chocolate eggs. This wasn't all in one sitting but it was over the span of just a few hours and I actually threw up from all the chocolate 🙊😖 Today I still binged but wasn't as bad it was a whole bag of Angie's popcorn. I feel like my binges are really extreme compared to other women
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I'm on triphasic continuous birth control and even with chemicals I still definitely experience pms and often, every 3 weeks! Usually what I've been doing is indulging myself a little without eating 100% junk. Like on Saturday (I've got pms right now) I ate breakfast...2 pieces of toast, an egg, and 2 pieces of bacon. And felt like killing someone 2 hours later I was still so hungry, so I also ate a piece of chicken, chocolate milk, and 2 sandwich cookies.

Granted that was a huge meal altogether it at least left me really satisfied. I was able to eat a small dinner, and it helped me keep my s*** together longterm. Haven't had another incident and this should be the last day of pms symptoms.
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I know that this thread is super old, but THIS is my problem.
I work out a minimum of 12 times a month (strength...I do cardio 4 times a week usually)...I have my eating under control a large portion of the time...but a few days before I get my period, I start binging like crazy. I'm hoping that this month will be different because I'm actively trying to stop the cycle...but I feel like I say that every month.
My fingers are crossed for next week...I'm seriously going to try to stick to my eating habits.
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PeriodicReader Good luck! If will power isn't enough there are a couple things that have worked for me.

I have 2 separate issues around PMS. One is that I thought I was carb bingeing because of PMS and cravings which was odd because I am not a big carboholic, and then I realized that its more that I can not tolerate most protein sources then. Eggs and meat are nausea inducing. So I go ahead and plan a slightly higher carb macro week - but with stuff that is still reasonably satiating (larger portions of sweet potatoes, etc, or work in a carb heavier thing I really miss like pasta but not the straight sugars). The other is I am actually hungrier. It isnt just "cravings" So I go ahead and up my planned calories - either look for a maintenance 2-3 days or a smaller deficit than usual. Not a gain, but a pause. When I was on the pill I was regular enough that I knew if I did that Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, by Wednesday I could start transitioning back to normal and by Thursday I would be good to go. It avoided the all out binge AND I was raring to go coming out of it because I had maintained the control. I dictated how I would accomodate it. And since I didnt sugar binge, I didnt have to deal with withdrawal so much.
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