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Default Week 3 - feeling down


I lost 11 lbs and am now just going up and down on that. Today was the end of week 3 and I didn't have any loss at all - in fact I am up 1 lb from my lowest weight.

Eating on induction for 3 weeks now. It's not TOM. I haven't been eating a lot of LC junk food. I'm diligently, and honestly, recording my foods on FitDay.

Over 3 weeks I've eaten 4 Atkins breakfast bars - limited splenda - no caffeine - 95% of the time I've drank my full amount of water (half my body weight/oz) -
Per my accurate entries on fitday
average calories 1551 per day
average carbs 11.76 per day (3% of total calories)
average protein 100g per day (27% of total calories)
average fat 118 per day (71% of total calories)

No booze (don't drink alcohol anyway).

My biggest frustration with this is that I really want to get below triple digit loss to go. As of this morning I have 100.5 lbs to lose. I just REALLY want to see 99 pounds to go.

The only thing I haven't been doing is increasing actual exercise. I have been more active with my son and I'm walking further (parking further from store entrance etc), but no formal exercise. It's been way too hot to go for a walk (over 90 degrees even early in the day). We can't afford a health club membership (and even so, there wouldn't be anyone to watch DS while I was there. He doesn't do well in nurseries so if they offered child care it wouldn't matter.) I'm not making excuses. Just telling you where I'm at and offering facts that maybe you can help me find an answer to. We cannot afford home exercise equipment either.

I'm not on any meds other than anti-depressants. Can't give that up.

I do eat a fair amount of cheese, so if it's a yeast issue, that would be the only factor. (don't eat any of the other things Dr A listed as a yeast allergy problem)

DH isn't losing well either, but he's still losing. (down another 2 lbs on week 3 - total 12.5 lbs lost) And he IS using the LC easy food (Atkins shakes for breakfast every day. He doesn't eat veggies all day long and loads his veggie carbs at one meal. His job is somewhat active, but he's not getting any more exercise than before.

I'm not ready to throw in the towel, but... It really sucks and kills the motivation, ya know?

That's my story... can anyone help? (Ideas, comfort, whatever...)

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Dont throw in the towel yet!!

My first thoughts were....

~ cut out the atkins bars completely! I stall out for about a week and a half for every bar I eat. Im better off eating a snickers!

~ eat ALL your carbs! get them in veggies

~ lower your fat intake to around 60%

Keep your food clean, and stay away from any processed stuff until you get back to losing. Then add them back one at a time, and watch your weight to see what exactly is causing you to stall out.

Dont give up, you have done great, just a few changes and you should be good.
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If I remember correctly, I lost 12 lbs. in first 2 weeks of induction. My third week, I had no loss. I think my body was just trying to catch up. Future weeks, I started seeing a 2 lb. a week loss. So, keep at it, I think this is pretty normal to happen. Good luck and don't give up.


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Don't give up!! You're on the road to weight loss and any slip will make it that much longer before you see another weight loss.
I definitely agree---up your carbs!! That's the one thing I'd start with

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I agree-
i've heard alot of people have a slowing down of the loss around week 3 like lillybelle-I don't know the explanation, but I've read alot about it here...
and also-darn those atkins bars!!!! 9 out of 10 times when you see someone on this board who is having a stall early on in atkins, atkins bars are listed as part of the diet. many people trust these products because they have the atkins name on them, but they are loaded with sugar alcohols! I've tried 2, and they tasted horrible to me anyway.
As far as ideas go, upping the exercise is always a good idea. You will always see a greater loss and fitness level if you can get a little in no matter what your plan is. I'm in the same boat with ya-our town has an excellent company sponsored gym, so affording it isn't my problem, but having a little one and no one to watch him is. I just do what I can at home. Try to start out with crunges, leg lifts, lunges, etc. No equipment required. When you can, maybe buy a tape or dvd of aerobics, yoga, or whatever interests you-something to get into a routine that you can do when you have time, when the baby takes a nap, or after he goes to bed. Shop ebay, garage sale, or a goodwill or secondhand store, and you won't even have to pay full price for that. Best of luck! Hang in there!
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Thanks all.

Measuring did NOT help. Just reinforced the lack of loss. (no inches lost either)

I did give into the feeling of defeat and 'cheated' - in a LC way. I ate some cashews (quite a bit more than I should have) and I went on a minor binge getting the stuff with sugar alcohols out of the house. Weighed on Sunday and was dismayed to see the seeming affect of that binge - was up 2 lbs. Have still been eating cashews but no sugar alcohols etc since Monday and am now down 4 lbs from Sunday (3 days!). Maybe my body really needed the extra carbs the nuts provided? I admit also, I was in a mental place where I wasn't tracking my food. I think I was afraid to see it in 'writing'.
I also got some of the LC flax wraps and made some yummy roll up sandwiches. (used 1/2 wrap per sandwich - 3 net carbs from the flax) Guess my body was saying 'Enough!' to induction and needed more stuff.

So, in a little less than a month, I've lost 12.5 lbs. (tomorrow will be 4 weeks done - a longer and healthier lifetime to go!)

Starting Medifast Take Shape for Life on 12/3/2008
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That's good news! I sometimes wonder if I am getting too little carbs also. I seem to be stalling again and cutting back doesn't seem to help. maybe I'll run out and get some cashews!
Good going Robin!
Keep up the positive attitude! Maybe it will rub off on me! I could use it lately!
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