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Default Please Tell Me............

A year ago I started atkins, and lost very quickly and never had what they call the induction flu. I have tried four times to restart in the last six months and I am puking by day three and can not even stand the thought of any food. Is this really normal?? I can not get past it....I really would like to do atkins again, but am scared of feeling that way again. I am fixing to give up and just do regular WW. HELP!!

Thanks so much,

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perhaps you should EASE into Atkins by gradually reducing the off-plan stuff...and post an example of your typical induction menu so that the Atkins-savy folks can tell if you are missing something.

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Hi, I have only done Atkins this once and never had any illness from it. In fact, I've been healthier this past 11 months than I've been in yrs. I did hear of others who said they were sick during induction. I would check with your doctor and see what he thinks.


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I was sick during induction-the worst part was the headaches-and I think it has to do with how many carbs you were taking in before you started. The more carbs/sugar you had in your system, the worse withdrawals you will have. I guess it's the sudden drastic drop in blood sugar, and yes, that alone can make you feel puke-y. Like csoar said, try easing into it-like have a week of only healthy carbs before you try again, no candy, cake, soda, etc. I never thought I'd make it through those first few days myself, but I took tylenol, took it easy, and just pushed through. By day 4 or 5 I felt good again-so even if you are just one of the unlucky ones who gets "the flu", it doesn't last long.
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Susan hockeyfan7
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Hmm - I was never sick or headachy - but then I didn't give up my diet Coke either.

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I'm not about to give up diet coke either-from what I've read about it the only problem it causes with this is possibly more cravings, but I refuse to believe that diet coke is as evil as some make it out to be. caffiene will give you withdrawals, but I think the nausea and headaches "atkins flu" comes from abruptly giving up starches and sugars that our bodies are used to. Sugar in any form is very addicting for lots of people-I guess I was one of them, because I had **** the first few days. I was drinking several regular cokes a day before this, and just THAT amount of sugar was enough to meet my "daily allowance" without all the snacks and bread, etc. I tried a sip of my dh's jack and coke last week, which I used to love, and it was like drinking syrup from a bottle-YUCK!
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A couple things...are you sure you're eating enough? Drinking enough water? And if that isn't the cause...maybe the suggestion of easing back into it would work?

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