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Lovin' Life
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Default Weekly Chat, May1-7/06

pinch anda punch no returns .....this is what woke me up this morning at 630am!! My dd is at her dads and on the 1st of the month, this has always been a thing to do....call family(me!) and be first to say this. If you're lucky enough to be there in person, you get pinched and punched in the arm dd loves it !!

I cant believe its the first of May already! Its suppose to get up into the 70's here today, so I think I'll get my walk in before it gets too close to that number. Dh is working on a jobsite today, so Im fending for myself. I think it will be a good day to get some laundry done, maybe even some vacuuming and dusting.

Have a great day ladies!

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Baby Steps
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Robin: glad I don't wake up to that.....I don't do mornings well (and had a nightshirt that said that as well ). Happy May Day!!

Well, I'm back and ready to re-do what I wrecked. My gut is just SICK (mix of TOM and the junk I'm sure). I can't wait to feel better again! All I want to do is crawl into a hole. Well, it's OP eating and water for me today. Can't stomach (no pun intended) exercise today. I'll be lucky to get water down.
Hi everyone!!

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Morning Ladies and Happy May

Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."
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Morning Girls:

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I got on the scale this morning, and was down a pound, but i'm just going to keep an eye on that and not get to excited. I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks.. Had my brothers visit, and then TOM decided to drop by the following week. *sigh* So maybe I can get back on the excersise this week. Moose starts baseball practice tonight, so maybe I can walk the track there.

Anyhoo - nothing going on here, just a long lovely weekend, and now back to the grindstone.

Have a good one ladies. My laundry's calling me.. unfortunately.
Blessed Be! - Falon

Decided to change my life - 1/26/06

Fourth of July Challenge -

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"On the road again...."
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Smile Week 5 day 1

Robin-pinching and poking? I get some of that! I have a four year old son and he is not into mom sleeping...ever!

lady adnerb-I saw your pics and read several of your posts...I agree you look great! I don't know where you started from but right now just to be to where you are would be great...I'm at 163 right now and I feel like I will never get there. Hang in there and dont beat yourself up. Just one step at a time. Your made of the right stuff to get'er done or you wouldn't have made it this far!

Leenie-a big wave and HAppy May to all as well!

I had a good week end I bought two pairs of pants (three sizes down from where I started!! ) and my daughter hugged me this morning and said...Mom I can put my arms all the way around you now (at just below breast level)!!!

So that's a good start for the week!

You all have one heck of a day!!
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Susan hockeyfan7
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Good afternoon everyone! It was a great day yesterday -- our unwelcome houseguest left for the day while we were at church and didn't come home until after I went to bed. He's talking about leaving to scope out Phoenix tomorrow -- he said he'd be back on Friday and John told him he couldn't come back -- he would have to take everything with him tomorrow. I can't wait! Never again if it's not a relative.

My skirt is tight from eating off plan yesterday. Back on track today.

It's gorgeous and sunny and warm here. I may have to go for a walk tonight when I get home.

Falon, sorry but TOM is not an excuse to skip the gym! Sorry - I couldn't resist.

Happy May Day everyone -- go outside and dance around a flag pole!

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Hi everyone, recovering from this surgery has been a little depressing. My weight is staying the same , so far. I had unrealistically thought that I could go back to walking a few days after surgery, now I see it's gonna be a lot longer than that. I'm eating the right food, but don't expect to see any more weight loss til I can exercise. My stomach is still very swollen and hard. I feel fatter than usual. Took 2 correctol today and hope these will help. No #2since last Tuesday. Since I had Lysis of Adhesions in 10 places besides the 2 hernias repaired, I am pretty miserable. Post-op appt. next week, hope everything is healing well. Sorry to sound so down and hope everyone else is doing great.


^^ My new before and current photos! ^^
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Happy first day of May!
My scale dropped yet again. My husband said my face looked thinner so I weighed again and it said 171. Not gonna question the whoosh fairy, just glad she made it to Texas. Now just 6 more pounds.....
Seems like Tom always gets me stuck but once it is gone I have a week or 2 of losses.
Robin; never heard of the pinching thing. I'll keep that to myself around here though. My hubby and son would gang up on me.
Tammy: 3 sizes down is awesome!
Lily: You will feel better soon and the swelling will leave and I know you will be happier with your tummy. You have done so very well and I just know it is gonna work out great for you.
Susan: Glad to hear the houseguest is leaving!
Brenda: loved you pictures. Great job!
Sounds like everyone is doing laundry today. Me too. Just a beautifull really warm day and hung mine out on the line. Save a little electricity where I can. And it always smells so great when it line dries.

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Evening to you all. Hope your May Day has been great.

Nothing much new in my world. Sleep deprived as always. Have had my DS with me today because he acquired a cough over the weekend and I didn't want him spreading it around at the babysitters house.

Brenda - glad to see you back...we miss you when you're gone.

to everyone else too. Sounds like you are all doing great.

Low carbing since 6/03 - reinducted 2/06
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15 pounds and counting!
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Hey ladies. Day eight of induction and I'm into a pair of pants that I couldn't get into months ago. But I must admit that they are indeed snug. Congrats Ciara on your weight loss. I have opted to clean my house instead of workout today....oh well.

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Princess to Be
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I officially started over yesterday. I kinda got somewhat of a headstart last week. I am down two pounds and have an awful headache. I don't know if my BP is up or what. I've had this null headache about two weeks.

I bought some dressing from Olive Garden. That is really helping me to eat at least one salad a day.

I really have to get this weight off, it's grossly affectly my moods and BP.
Eating Healthy
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Lovin' Life
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S/C/G: 300/too much/155


Im here....retaining water like a big huge sponge!!! Even my sunglasses left dents in my nose!!! Its that premenstral, perimenopausal, allergin attack on my system. I drank 92oz of water yesterday, and only p'd 5x all day So, Im hitting the protein and extra eggs today to see if I can get rid of at least 1/2 of whats going on in my body. Im so tired too! Just feel blecky!

Im off to the gym this afternoon. I dont know how much Im going to be able to do, but I'll give it my best effort. Have a great day ladies.
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Susan hockeyfan7
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Morning ladies!

New developments in the unwanted houseguest deal. He called his parents yesterday and was trying to get money out of them to go to Phoenix and they told him no way. Then he asked to stay with them for 3 weeks until his boss is ready to take the RV to Phoenix and they said no way. We've said no way past this coming Sunday. So, he has no place to live after Sunday and no money to get anywhere. So last night, out of the blue, he decides to join the Marines! He apparently had been thinking about it and had called a recruiter and they said they'd take him if he signs up for 4 years. He was in the Marines years ago out of high school. Guess he figures the government can support him for the next 4 years since no one else will.

Falon, I'm still not buying TOM as an excuse for staying away from the gym -- sorry my dear. You can walk on the treadmill even if you have to walk slower. At least we have good weather here today -- you can go take a walk outside. I'm not looking forward to cold weather on Thursday again.

Lillybelle -- take it easy until you feel better. That's major surgery, so it may take you a while. I'll bet you see a drop in the scale once you are recovered completely and it will surprise you. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Ciarra - sounds great on the weight loss -- good job!

Jackie - when DS takes a nap, you sneak one in too. Naps are the best!

Indiana (sorry, don't know your name) - cleaning house is exercise. You stoop, walk, bend, carry, lift, etc.

Tiffany - did you give up caffeine? Or cut back? That can give you a headache for weeks.

Robin - the water will disappear. And a workout really will make you feel better even if Falon doesn't believe me (hee hee).

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Going to ONEderland
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Good morning girls. How is everyone? I'm not back on Atkins, and thinking I won't go back now. A couple of months ago I joined Zooba, and yesterday they sent me a book that I ordered. It's called "French Women Don't Get Fat". I started reading it last night and it sounds like the sort of thing I've been looking for. We all talk about low carb being a "lifestyle", but I've always had my doubts that I could live with it that way. And my many failures and deviations from plan have convinced me that it isn't something I can ever hope to do long term as in forever.

I do think I've learned a lot from low carbing and I do think the principles are sound. I think eating healthy meats, vegetables, fruits are the right way to eat. I do think too much bread is bad. I do think too many sweets are bad. But I don't think complete denial of the things we love is ever going to work for me. So I think I need to learn a different way of eating, a way that allows me to completely enjoy all the foods I eat, but that also teaches me to limit the things that cause me harm.

I'll still keep posting here if you'll have me, but I really want to try this other method for awhile. She starts by having you record all that you eat for 3 weeks. Then you look at what, how much, and when and you check for "patterns". Having found the things that you are eating out of balance, too much of, you then begin to limit those things. Saving your "treat" for the weekend, not eliminating all treats. She has wonderful recipes and different ways of making various foods, talks about a different philosophy, about quality over quantity, about eating in "courses" with beautifully decorated servings. About eating slowly and enjoying the food, but eating smaller courses, and enjoying the whole meal. She says that the greatest pleasure we get from food is in the first 2 or 3 bites. Which makes sense to me. I've noticed that myself after a fast. 2 or 3 bites taste wonderful, after that the pleasure begins to dim. She says that Americans don't always go for the best quality foods, so we rely on getting our pleasure from quantity rather than the superb taste of foods. Too we eat on the run too much and aren't focused on the pleasure of our meals.

It is a very interesting book, she was brought up on France, but came here as an exchange student, discovered chocolate chip cookies and brownies here and then went back home 15 pounds fatter. Gained another 10 after being home, until her "Doctor Miracle" helped her to figure out how to take care of it for the rest of her life. She lives between France and New York now and has advised others on how to eat to find your own personal "equilibrium" (what someone here called being "normal").

It isn't a rapid thing, it seems to be a genuine lifestyle change. I love the way it sounds. I sure want to try it.
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Well, Sheri, I am glad that you have discovered that you aren't really a carb addict and are changing to another way of eating that will suit you. I wish you good health and good luck. For those of us who are carb addicts and have found this wonderful method of controlling the madness, having a little 'treat' here and there is not an option. You wouldn't expect an active member of AA to drink a little bit but "just on the weekends". This WOE is something that we carbs addicts need in our lives but I understand that it isn't for everyone.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful, sunny spring day - AND enjoying it!

A house is not a home without the clickity click of doggie feet!
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