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Default The latest bright comment I received

Actual conversation I had earlier:

lady: My gosh girl, how much weight have you lost??

me: almost 80 lbs *big smile here*

lady: how much more are you wanting to lose??

me: I'm going to lose 20 more at least


What am I supposed to say??

me: well, I walk 3-5 miles a day and strictly watch what I eat, I guess they can say what they want *try to smile here and walk away*

I refuse to let another person get me down but I thought I'd share this with my fat chick sistas...

I have a family member who was deep into drugs and they ruined everything around him, it just hurts to the core that anyone would even THINK that I did drugs to get where I am!!!!!! I am still a big girl and I'm just still stunned about this.
Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it ~Bill Cosby
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with my mind on my monkey
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Don't be sad about that comment - what she said (in a less than suave manner) is that you look fantastic just as you are! It's a back-handed compliment, but nothing to get down about. Congratulations on your success and keep living your healthy life. Your body will regulate just where it needs to be, whether that leaves you 20 lbs. lighter or not.
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Just ignore her . No one is gonna think you did drugs to lose weight and if they do they are just stupid. You look great and we are all so proud of you. I think you look healthy and happy. Don't let her get you down.

Low carbing since 6/03 - reinducted 2/06
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Going to ONEderland
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How funny. I'm sure she meant to be nice, but it sure didn't come out that way did it? She was just blown away, hadn't seen you in awhile. You do look good if that is your picture on your avatar (and I assume it is).

I saw a guy once who had lost a lot of weight and I'm sure my jaw dropped just as badly. I asked him "what happened to you?" He then told me he had lost weight and I had to recover really quickly. To be honest I was horrified at how he looked! He had always been a big Teddy Bear type guy. Looked like a lumberjack or a big Swede. I always thought he looked good, never really thought of him as fat, just a BIG guy. Sweet guy too. The kind you just might like to cuddle with.

Anyway when I saw him with all that fat gone it actually scared me. I thought he had cancer or something! Like when you see someone you haven't seen in awhile and they look so different you have to assume they got sick and couldn't keep any food down or something.

It could be that since she hasn't seen you in awhile that was her immediate reaction. She shouldn't have said it (like I didn't tell my friend that he looked better heavy although I thought he did), but it is a shock to see huge changes in someone sometimes.
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What with people and the crack ? I know how you feel.

I want to the doc's office the other day( she hasn't seen be since I started losing weight) As I was leaving she ask how I lost the weight..........I was thinking What your a Doc you must know diet and exercise so it took me a minute ........then I said "watching every thing I put in my mouth" and she said "I was hoping you wouldn't say crack". Why didn't she just drug test me?
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Going to ONEderland
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Well people do lose weight that way. My sister in law, (husband's brother's ex wife) was going through a time when she lost weight that way. I guess doctors see it all.
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It sounds like a badly thought out joke. Don't let it get you down, just think, you look fabulous it's shocking!

Sweat plus perseverance equals success!
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Susan hockeyfan7
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Or just look her in the eye and think no, I lost weight by keeping my mouth shut!

Or really shock her and say something like how did you guess my secret? Did it work for you too?

Honestly, just ignore her. She has my husband's disease -- they are missing the gene for tact.

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Baby Steps
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I'll agree with everything people have said. And don't forget the "J" factor (jealousy)!!!!

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I did have a lady at a convenience store that I frequent say "you have lost so much weight, are you sick". I just said, No, I am on Atkins , and it is working very well for me, thank you. I've never felt better.


^^ My new before and current photos! ^^
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You know people open their big mouths sometimes without thinking Congratulations on your weightloss. I would put what she said right out of your mind, your doing great, and she was probably jealous. Judy
When life gives you lemons, make lemonaide
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I agree some people just have no idea how they sound. She probably wasn't being rude just couldn't hear herself talking.
My mother in law is always telling me I really need to stop dieting (and you can see I'm a big girl from my stats). She thinks I'm doing it to please her son. She sat him down and read him his rights. I told her I want to be healthy and fit but relly she thinks it is all her son's idea. And is really being hard on him. Go figure, it is her son she is being mean to.
And I did take a breather from Atkins for a couple of months just for something different, but nothing else works for me. My friend drops in last night. I am enjoying a sugar free rusell stover chocolate with some added walnuts and a cup of coffee. And she says "You're on that diet again aren't you? I just wish you could eat normal." Really I eat mostly real, whole foods. I just leave some alone. Isn't that normal for everyone?
So we all have those who say weird stuff. I say just keep on doing things your way anyway.
Bottom line is you look great and only getting better.

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Okay this isn't nice but.........

Next time she or some one else makes a stupid comment like that... you should say " yes, it works great... you aught to give it a try "

That'll get her goat b/c now you called HER fat LOL !!!

Oh I better stop or I'll get in trouble

Just joshin kids, just joshin.

Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."
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