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Question Qotw - 4/18 - 4/24

Here is the question for this week (2 parts):

How long have you been overweight? What have you tried to lose it?

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thinking about how long Ive been overweight is quite depressing. Since I got married the first time....18 yrs ago! All weight loss success has been with a lowcarb of some sort, even way back when. It wasnt atkins, but it was a "nothing white" diet. Worked...got that 100+ lbs off. Now I keep trying to get the rest of it off Slow and steady I guess.
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Baby Steps
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How long have you been overweight? All my life (well, except for a couple years around the time I turned 16)
What have you tried to lose it? Grapefruit diet, Slimfast diet, Weight watchers and now Atkins. Hmm...I see a trend of "no exercise" with each of those. lol

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I have been overweight for five years -- the length of my marriage. I have made half-hearted attempts at SlimFast, the Cabbage Soup Diet, low-fat diets, etc. They all generally lasted a few weeks. Atkins has been the only thing I can stick with and lose weight.

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I have been overweight my whole life. There are some teen years that I slimmed down quite a bit, but I always regained it. About 2 years ago I had went from 315 to 190. I think during that time I was doing Slim Fast and exercising. I became very fanatical with weight loss and would fad diet to lose 5 more pounds, etc. It worked to get it off, but now I am back (almost) in the same position. Its very depressing to look at my thinner pictures and see me now. I have tried the cabbage soup diet, south beach, the 3 day diet, scarsdale diet, negative calorie diet, and low fat. I think that a lot of these plans would work, but I never made them work. I am really enjoying Atkins and hopefully I will see the benefits of it soon, because I could do this for life.
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1. My entire life (wait, I think there was one week when I was not lol)

2. Everything (except wls).

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I have always been a "big" my entire life it seems. I have been on all diets slimfast, garlic, grapefruit, low cal, low fat, soup...alll of them. I have tried every kind of diet pill. In HS I wasn't really fat but I thought I was. I gained my most weight when I moved away to another state, then lost it, eating tuna and excercising, ha ha. Then when I was preggers I gained it, lost it all doing atkins-and now I gained it back because I was in a terrible relattionship and had no self esteem so I ate to make myself feel better. Since the break up I have lost about 20lbs. Give or take a pound.


"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
-Abraham Lincoln

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