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Lightbulb 100 Ways To Get Started

Just thought I would pass this along.....

100 Ways to Get Started

1. Make Exercise a life change, not a goal
2. Schedule a regular time throughout the week for physical activity
3. Start a log of daily fitness activities
4. Use physical activity rather than food as a reward
5. Get off the couch
6. Use fat free milk or low fat milk over whole milk
7. Walk during lunch hour
8. Find an exercise buddy who is serious about getting fit
9. Eat leaner red meat and poultry
10. Drink at least 8 cups of water each day, more when you exercise
11. Walk briskly in the mall
12. Use nonfat or low fat condiments
13. Keep to a regular eating schedule
14. Instead of eating out, bring a healthy lunch to work
15. Purchase toys/equipment that promote physical activity
16. Plans meals ahead of time
17. Limit time spent watching television programs, videotapes, DVDs,
and playing computer games
18. Get a pedometer
19. Skip seconds
20. Don’t skip meals
21. Wash the car by hand
22. Grill, steam, roast, boil or bake instead of frying
23. When eating out, ask for salad dressing and mayo on the side
24. Explore new physical activities
25. Talk to your physician about taking a multi-vitamin
26. Park further from the store or mall and walk
27. Exercise with a video if the weather is bad
28. Dance to music
29. Buy good comfortable shoes
30. Keep a pair of comfortable walking shoes and extra clothes in your
31. Keep a daily food diary
32. Share and entrée with a friend
33. Snack on fruits and vegetables
34. Keep a healthy snack in your bag or at your desk
35. Eat before you get too hungry
36. Eat a good breakfast every day
37. Eat before grocery shopping
38. Take your body measurements to gauge progress
39. Get your cholesterol checked
40. Get your blood pressure checked
41. Get your blood sugar checked
42. Be aware of portion sizes
43. Always remember to warm up and cool down when exercising
44. Minimize high sugar and processed foods
45. Judge how your body feels to help monitor exercise intensity
46. Monitor your heat rate when exercising
47. Start exercising slow, but plan to work a little harder as weeks go
48. Gradually increase to at least 20 minutes of exercise each day
49. Be cautious when starting an exercise regimen without professional
50. Listen to your Body
51. Balance your calorie intake with the appropriate amount of
exercise on a regular basis
52. Start your exercise program slowly to get the most benefits with
the fewest risks
53. Challenge yourself: Set short and long terms goals and celebrate
with every success
54. Quit smoking
55. Choose foods that are lower in saturated fat and cholesterol
56. Learn to read food package labels
57. 30 minutes of activity broken into smaller segments throughout the
day has significant health benefits
58. Get involved in after-school activities so you’re on the go all day
59. Pay yourself compliments
60. Avoid diet pills and any quick fix weight loss programs
61. Do not starve yourself, eat 6 to 8 small meals a day
62. Wear clothing that compliments your body size
63. Eat all types of food in moderation, don’t restrict yourself
64. Don’t make excuses for not exercising
65. Use weights correctly, if you are unsure ask a certified trainer
66. Don’t get discouraged
67. Treat yourself each work as a positive reinforcement
68. Vary your exercise activities to reduce the monotonous – Take
different classes, walk in the park, play a sport
69. Do yard work
70. Eat off smaller plates
71. Eat whole-grain breads and cereals
72. Look for the word, “Whole” as in “whole wheat”- Whole wheat
bread is better because it has more vitamins, mineral, fiber and
other body building nutrients
73. Get enough sleep
74. Listen to upbeat music while exercising
75. Begin in moderation to avoid burnout
76. Limit alcohol consumption
77. Don’t procrastinate
78. Some exercise is better than none
79. Every little bit of exercise counts
80. Getting into the habit of exercising, even if you miss a day, is what
81. Don’t feel guilty if you miss a workout
82. measure yourself by progress, not perfection
83. Be realistic about your exercise goals
84. Read a motivational book on fitness
85. Get inspiration from real-life success stories
86. Focus on how much better you feel after you exercise
87. Visualize your success
88. Get some focus reminders: A special picture, note or object that
serves as a reminder of your promise and commitment
89. Practice positive self thinking
90. Get support from friends and family
91. Identify your fitness requirements
92. Aim to lose weight in the form of unhealthy body fat
93. When trying to lose fat, aim for a maximum of 1.5 pounds per week
94. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress
95. Avoid hydrogenated oils/fats
96. What you eat has a huge impact on energy levels – Aim to
eat balanced meals throughout the day
97. Keep to a regular routine so your body can get used to it
98. Identify things that make you negative and avoid them
99. During exercise, take regular sips of water
100. Smile!!! It will make you feel better

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