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Seeking self security
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Default what have i done

This is like my fiftieth attempt at losing weight the Locarb way. The very first time I did the Atkins diet i think i lost about 30-40 lbs. However, i can't stay on the diet for even two weeks now. Tomorrow would have been two weeks since I restarted, but i had to go and ruin it by 1)drinking like 5 beers on friday, michelob ultra, so that's not terrible but 2) eating mexican food for lunch and dinner yesterday along with desert at each meal. I just had to let that out. I was in ketosis for most of the last two weeks, i'm wondering does anyone know if i have sabatoged the last two weeks with my carelessness the last few days?
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Welcome !!!

I really couldn't tell you if you are out of ketosis. Have you tried those ketosis sticks?
Insekure, if you are having such a hard time at low carbing then how about trying another plan. Or if atkins is to strict, how about south beach? Maybe atkins just isn't going to be a WOE for you. Remember when you get to goal, you still have to maintain by eating the same way (or very close to it). Have you tried WW LC. I was on atkins a few years ago, lost great slipped up majorly and couldn't get back on for nothing. I was beating my self up as I was gaining weight, until finally I said thats it, I couldn't do it anymore. I'm not saying quit, not by no means, but at the same time take a good look at what WOE will fit your life style and make sure its something you can stick with.

Good luck !!!!

Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."
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Baby Steps
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Insekur: Welcome to my boat. I can't seem to stay OP for long either. I haven't reached goal and truthfully have "rethunk" it For me, it's unrealistic to think I can get to goal by JUST the way I eat. But I'm a slug in the exercise department. HOPING to change that...but so far it's a no-go. If you can't stay OP for long, find out what your longest time OP is. IF you want to stay on Atkins, then baby-step it. if 7 days was your longest time OP dare yourself to go 2 more days OP and see if that works. Or when you feel the urge to cheat....allow something a little higher in carb but not a total carb blow-out. (and all the while I'm saying this I'm trying to figure out how to follow my own advice). Hope all goes well and keep trying You'll find something that works for you again

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Somethin's gotta give
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You probably havent ruined it, but its a setback- just get back on the wagon and check with sticks the next couple days....it's not sprint, its a journey

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