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Question I dont understand

Ive been on induction since Feb 09 and so far have lost maybe 8 lbs I eat 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon in the morning LOTS OF WATER UNTIL NOON Then a double hamberger at noon maybe a sugerfree jello too and again all afternoon WATER maybe at 3:00 Ill have a diet coke Then supper I have either chicken or beef with a spinich salad . A little sugerfree jello with fresh whip cream on it also I drink maybe 5 cups of coffee a day with half and half Please tell me I dont have to give up my caffine Ive read on some of the threads that caffine doesnt affect some people I have not cheated once
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Hi Alice!
I'm not an expert at this WOE / WOL by any means but let me see if I know a couple things to throw at you that might help.

I drink maybe 5 cups of coffee a day with half and half
Five cups of coffee = 5 grams
Five Half n' Half's (individual containers or 1oz. servings)(someone correct me if I'm wrong) = 5 grams
Your getting 10 grams of carbs in your coffee's alone. Are you counting this in your total carb count for the day?

Ill have a diet coke
I count each can of soda as 1 gram. Not everyone does this but there is at least one packet of sweetner in that beverage. Adding that in may also help.

A little sugerfree jello with fresh whip cream
Sugerfree Jello is the bomb! However, it does contain Aspartame which has been known to slow down weight loss in some people. I know that if I eat it more then once a week I can strike down a big 0 on my weight chart that following weigh in. Perhaps try cutting that down a tad.

Your water looks good, I "try" to drink a gallon a day. I'm not a big fan of ole H2O by any means I would rather be enjoying a coffee or soda, but water is the key. I have also noticed that when I drink water during my meals it helps to fill me up faster and I don't tend to eat as much. When I start to feel hungry again I just down some more, wait to see how hungry I really am and take it from there. It's been helping me learn the difference between needing food, wanting food and craving food. (If that made any sense)

I hope I helped you out some, feel free to join in on the food log and chats. Much support can be found here as well as great advice.

Take Care!

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The only advice I would say is make sure to vary your diet, also I eat WAY more veggies than 1 spinach salad a day, helps to keep things moving and is great for snackes, amybe try adding some more veggies (you should have 1 cup of veggies and 2 cups of salad -or- 3 cups salad per day) Also I hate to be the bearer of bad news but caffiene will totally slow down your weight loss, people who I have noticed that do OK with caffiene and weight loss on Atkins are not drinking 5 cups of coffee daily and diet soda, they usually are having 1 cup or 2 cups coffee or diet soda. So try to cut back to 1 cup or coffee and 1 soda that are caffinated and then drink de -caff for the rest. Plus Trazzie was right about the carb count too 10 grams just for your coffee alone.

try the daily food log too, it is really helpful to see what you ate everyday and to see what others are eating.

Hope that helps!! Good luck!

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Hello Alice

You got some good advice so far. Some people can handle coffee, but five cups is kind of excessive. You may want to wean yourself until you are only drinking one to two. The first time I did Atkins, I was at Starbucks more often than I was at home! I drank tons of coffee (not yucky decaf!) and used half and half. I didn't loose much weight. Half and Half is half milk, which has too many carbs. It isn't allowed in induction. I would suggest trying to cut down on the coffee, and the diet coke, and like Theo'sGirl said, eat more veggies. Hope this helped!

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Default Note to Alice6107

I started Atkins exactly 48 days ago, and I'm down 28 lbs. I read your post and something stuck me immediately. YOUR NOT EATING ENOUGH! remember eating speeds up your metabolism. I can honestly say I've never eaten more quantity than I do now. It's amazing. I also like going out with the guys and having a few beers during the week. I haven't curtailed this one bit since I started, and I haven't even started an exercise program yet (too cold)

Give yourself some variety. I usually have two eggs with cheese and switch between pork and turkey bacon. Sometimes if I had steak the night before I'll have that with my eggs. For lunch, I have burgers, hot dogs, deli meat and cheese, cottage cheese, chicken, and the worlds best diet food. Tuna fish. A small can with a tbsp of mayo is 190 claoris, Og of carbs, only 16g of fat, and 26g of protein. And remember NO BREAD, CRACKERS, WRAPS one serving of any ruins the entire day of dieting.

My lone problem with atkins is this idea that veggies aren't good for you. Mix up your spinach salad with some lettuce and tomato. I also have found a trick. I bought some ranch dressing and some celery. I cut up the celery and dip it in the dressing and I find that if I do this about 30 minutes before meals with a tall glass of water, I'm not nearly as hungry at dinner.

The water is great, and I too had the caffeine issue. I switched to decaf, and ws miserable. Not because I was sluggish or anything, but I like good coffee, and decaf tastes terrible. I like my coffee on the dark side so I put a splash of skimplus in mine. The key is the definition of a cup. I used to drink 4 cups a day, but they were 12 oz cups. Which is technically 6 8oz fl cups a day and eight a standard coffeecups. It's too much. Try and have some in the morning and then at night, but don't drink coffee al day. As for diet soda, I'm not a big fan and use the diet soda as a treat. Another poster mentioned aspartame, and it's a killer to all diets.

Good luck
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Thanks so much for all your help Ill certainly try your advice
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Im glad you asked this, I got tons of great advice on hidden "killjoys" Goodluck and I hope things are moving along faster for you now.

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Wink Im happy now

I broke my stall . weighed Mon morning and a total of 10 lbs lost . I used to weigh 3 or 4 times a week now I stay away from the scale until Mon morning NOW IF I CAN GET MYSELF TO THE GYM YOU ALL ARE SO GREAT
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