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Baby Steps
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Default Weigh-In

When do you usually weigh yourself? In the morning? At night?

Do you think that you weigh less in the morning like they say you're supposed to? Or don't you think it really matters?

(It's weird, I stepped on the scale before I took my shower and I'm 2 pounds lighter than I was this morning ). Maybe all this "going" to the bathroom is flushing anything I eat out of my system. Not sure why but I've been GOING alot lately. I think I liked it better when I only went a couple times a week. Even if I am losing weight! lol

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I weigh myself in the morning. Later on in the day everything you eat and drink is with you and your weight fluctuates so much. I know I can bounce between a 7 pound diffrence throughout the day. Probably the 7 pounds of water I just drank

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When you weigh yourself (morning, noon, night) is not as important as being consistent. I weigh myself every morning as soon as I get up, after I use the little dieter's room but before the first cup of coffee, before breakfast, before ANYTHING.
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OMG I would never weigh myself at night.....I would faint! I weigh myself in the morning. I can pack on a minimum of 5 pounds during the day!

Phew...it is making me hyperventilate just thinking about weighing myself at night!

Just be consistent that's all that really matters...down is down.
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I've always heard that weighing yourself in the morning, before eating anything is best. Now, I haven't weighed myself lately, so I can't say this from experience. I think that as long as you are consistent is all that matters.
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Movin' and Losin'
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I weigh-in at TOPS, and we meet on Monday nights. It really is a pain, but I need the accountability and an un-biased scale reader. So, all day long I worry about how much I'm going to weigh that night. I've even found my lightest clothes, and I wear them every week. Then, I think about what I'm eating and drinking and how that will effect my weight. I've probably gotten a little too obbsessive about it, really!

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I weigh myself in the morning..when I weigh my self...I go by my blouse sizes and pant sizes MORE than the scale...I have heard it is not good to weigh yourself EVERY day, That is is better once a week...and I must agree because I get discouraged, when I don't see the scale dropping EVERY day...then when I get discouraged..thats I believe when we want to cheat ...and fall off the diet...I look at this as a way of life not a diet ...but it is not healthy anyway to lose more than 2 pounds a week after the first 2 weeks..

I am one of those people on Atkins that never reach ketosis even if I stay on induction permanately....I stil lose weight even though I don't...

I would like to share that I read that the weight comes off in the REVERSAL of the order it goes on the body..so I gain weight first in my thighs...last in my stomach...when I lose I LOSE INCHES ....FIRST ....in the upper stomache area....and LAST in my problems area...

I go by inches more...the way I know I've lost inches is by my pant sizes and blouse ..blouse FIRST ..I am down one blouse size in 6 weeks. myand a pant size.... I lost about 3 pounds the first week and 2 pounds the next week.. 1 ound a week since..I've lost a total of 10 pounds in about 6 or 7 weeks..

But I am losing alot of inches.

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This sounds backwards, but I weigh myself at least twice a day because it keeps me from obsessing. I can fluctuate up to 5 pounds per day and I'm fine with that. I like to know what my "range" is. I've also learned interesting little things about my body. Most importantly, I can now tell when I'm heading into a little weight loss "break".

That range of mine will start narrowing down from a 5 pound spread to 3 and then down to 2, etc. When I get to where there is no change between morning and night, I know that I'm not likely to lose pounds the next week. I find it reassuring because I know that's how my body functions and then I don't get all worked up when things stop for a bit.

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I usually weigh myself every morning just to see where it's at.... this keeps me from obsessing because my actual weigh in time happens to be 7:30 pm (because this is when I started weighing myself yadda yadda). So, now I can go 3 or more days without an official weigh in because I can look at my weight in the morning and judge by that how I'm doing.... like this morning when it finally dipped below the 180 mark, I got so excited that I can't wait to weigh myself Sunday!

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I've got to say that weighing in seems like a personal matter, and we bring a lot of baggage (in addition to the pounds) with us to the scale. For some it's the enemy, but for others it's a reality check. For me, personally, I need to weight in daily. If I've lost, I'm ecstatic and it gives me incentive to keep going. If I'm the same, I know I'm on the right track and feel good about my food choices for the past day or so. If I've stayed the same for too long or the needle starts heading to the right, then I'm even more determined to log in my foods, measure more carefully, and plan my meals with a bit of a keener eye. For me, weighing at least once a day is definitely a win-win situation!
Paula -- AKA "Mom, Queen of Everything"
"Life is lumpy." -- Robert Fulghum

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