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Default I blew it!!!!!!!!!! after doing good for 10 days

Not sure why but this week is worse then last for craving stuff.
I was at work and there was some popcorn chicken so I kept eating it 10 pcs.
What a goof I am. I am eating thinking stop but wanted some crap so bad.

Oh well at least I drank over 4 glasses of water last night alone in 3 hours so hopefully not to much damage done,

Start again today.

Maybe I should take stuff to work I can eat and leave it there in case munchies start.
Have to say not being a veggie person this is getting old fast but plan to stick with it and try new ones to. Meat isn't my problem nor is the now fruit it is no candy ( thats obviously why I am doing this right) and NO starch.

Anyone else have a harder second week then first.

Do I go back to day one and do the whole 2 weeks over at under 20 grams carbs?
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I still have a hard time with sweets. My main problem is chocolate. With the help of these ladies here I've found some choices I can live with to substitute "real" chocolate. Now when the cravings hit I just eat those things. Works for me (so far-don't want to jinx myself). As for the Girl Scout cookies? Time will tell if I can actually resist them. I'll have to have hubby lock them in his car

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Me to, I have really hard weeks, seems like more hard then easy lol. Hang in there, one day isn't going to ruin your efforts, unless you take it further.

Hugs !!!

Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."
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I found that the best way to get past sweets is to stay away from them completely. That includes any low carb sweet substitute. It broke my cravings a lot faster and I now have some control. I still occasionally have an intense desire for golden grahms without the milk, but I'm not sure why

The important thing is to learn control and good eating decisions. I've been doing this for almost 7 months and am still normally under 20 grams.

As for veggies, find ways to sneak them in. Make stir fry. Sautee them and "smother" your meat with cheese and the veggies. I've found the clam chowder recipe on the recipe thread is not only super yummy, but a good way of sneaking in lots of veggies. Just a few ideas.... Be creative! The good news is that it's very likely your tastes will change. Getting over that super-sweet addiction, food will start to taste different to you and you'll find that you savor the other stuff a lot more.

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I agree that the first week can seem a breeze, and then the second week comes crashing down on you. Personally, I believe it's because we get so "psyched" that first week -- we're FINALLY sticking to a plan and we're seeing some loss. Then, by the second week we're starting to mourn the loss of some of our favorites (corn, danish, tacos, etc.). When you start to view it as a WOE and not a diet, somehow it makes the loss not as significant and easier to deal with on a daily basis. Don't knock yourself over the head with this one. We've all experienced some binges that would put others to shame!!!!
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