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Pure Energy
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Default Sunday, Sunday, Sunday Nov. 16

So, I'm in California still. My aunt has cable modem so it's been nice to be able to get on here and take care of email and keep up with you guys. Especially with the time difference, that's why it's 3:30am and I'm up. We're leaving tonight on an 11:30pm flight back to Illinois. The night flights were a good idea. El baby-o sleeps right through the whole thing. It's been a nice visit but I'm ready to go home.

I've done fine on the WOE, no problems, no cheats at all. The only thing I've done "wrong" per se is not really counting the carbs. But I had no non-veggie carbs, stuck to my 2cups salad and one cup other veggies so I feel good about it all. If anything, I didn't eat enough.

There's a store that I love here called Trader Joe's that has tons of wonderful organic and just slightly outrageous foods. It's so hard to find that stuff in small towns.

They had a pecan spice bread that was low carb of only 3g for 2 slices but I made the decision not to try it because I didn't trust myself to limit my intake to one or two slices at this time. Same about the tortillas.

I also caved in and bought some macadamia nuts. I poured out and counted 4gms worth and was so looking forward to it as the big splurge and was totally surprised at how disappointed I was. It's almost as if I have been building up these carbs and foods I "shouldn't" eat as more wonderful than I remember. I think that's dangerous because it will make me miss them more.

So, I'll weigh in when I get home and determine my net loss for induction. I've decided to stay on it for a while. I'm happy here for now.

Well, have a good Sunday. We're going out to a buffet breakfast at Marie Callendar's and then baby clothes shopping!

Hugs all around.
Jamie and El baby-o
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

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Pure Energy
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Oh, I was hoping someone would be here. For the first time I am craving carbs pretty bad. My aunt's house is filled with it. I have spent the last 3 days shopping for it with her. Everywhere I look are loaves of luscious sourdough bread, chex mix, chocolates.

I just ate 3 slices of prosciutto ham wrapped around cheddar chunks but I am craving a hunk of bread so bad. Help!!!! It's not even that I'm hungry. (whimper, whimper) I'll try drinking a bunch of water and some psych out. It's not really that great is it? Plus, is it worth a face full of zits, a butt full of fat and all the other ucky side effects. Half my brain says no, the 29 years of carb trained brain says yes. I'm gonna be strong.

Maybe it's because it's been a stressful morning. Baby is teething something horrible, screaming in pain and threw up all over me and him. Ugh. Deep breathing... Phew...As Bob Marley said, " every little thing is gonna be all right."
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Atkins start date 11/1/03
start weight 204
current weight 171.8
goal weight 135.0
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Movin' and Losin'
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Hey, Jamie! It sounds like you're having a great trip! But, I know the feeling of wanting to come home, too. It also sounds like you've done a great job of eating right on plan. Your trip there is almost over -- resist the bad carbs for just awhile longer. You can do it!! You've done a great job so far, don't give in now!

I just got back from church and don't have too many plans for the day. Just some grocery shopping and watching football.

Oh, I found the Davinci syrup at Wal-Mart. They only had three flavors -- vanilla, hazlenut and something else I can't remember. I debated for awhile between vanilla and hazlenut and finally decided on the vanilla (Boring, I know.) I had to try it right away last night, so I had some coffee. Whoa! I must have put too much in -- it was too overpowering for me. So, this morning, I tried again, with quite a bit less, and I couldn't taste it! So, I've got to figure out exactly how much to put in... And, I would still love to find the Toasted Marshmellow -- that just sounds wonderful!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Take care,

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My low carb supplier only has three flavors of da vinci syrup. I enjoyed the caramel but I find the vanilla doesn't have much flavor at all. I wish they had chocolate. I did get some low carb chocolate sauce from them but it's not very good.
"I don't know what the heck I'm doing, but I hope to **** it works".
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on my way down again
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Hi Jamie, I'm glad you're enjoying Calif., me being 4th generation here and all. LOL I like it enough to stay. I have my sister stop at Trader Joe's when she goes to San Franciso since I'm 4 to 6 hours away from any of their stores. I have her get me Bella Vita low carb pasta, Penne Rigate. It's 80% less carbs and makes great mac and cheese, mac. salad, pasta salad, the works. It can be passed off as regular for company too. I wish that store would sell online since I can't find this anywhere else! She tells me of all the great things they sell. I'd say it's time for a low carb shopping spree.

I hope you did OK with your bread temptations. French bread was always my hardest. Atkin's says if you have to go off the diet, stay on the list of foods we can have even a chef salad or extra nuts. . Have a good flight home. I hope your baby feels better too. ~Barbie~

Hi to Gina, Linda and all too!

Ibroccoli i

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Jamie - step away from the breadbox - keep your hands open and above your head (Okay, everyonce check to see if there are any itty bitty bread bites hiding in there). Sounds like something triggereed those cravings and being in a place where all that high carb stuff is plentiful can be very challenging! I hope you were able to resist the temptation!

I had an interesting weekend - but I am still feeling SICK, SICK......coughing and snorting and unable to breathe - worse today than yesterday - even went to the clinic (I hate going there as your never know who you'll get)....told me it was just a cold and go home - but did a throat swab after I mentioned my dd had strep throat! I CANNOT BE SICK!!! Will have to drug myself, I don't even have time to see my own dr - who would have at least given me a prescription to hold onto in case I was not getting better.

Bar Mitzvah on Sat was fabulous.....and pretty lc friendly. After morning service - there was a buffet lunch: salad, strawberries, tuna salad, egg salad, rolls/bagels and cold poached salmon. I stayed away from the breads and cookies and desserts, and stuck to the lc stuff - with some melon and strawberries for dessert.

Dinner time was pretty good - but I did stray a bit - starting with the Crantini at the open bar before dinner and a couple of mini eggrolls being passed around.

Dinner was a buffet with many lc choices: chicken (took the poached breasts and stayed away from the one with the orange sauce), roast beef, smoked meat, salads, and steamed veggies. The potatoes looked scrumptious but I dared not eat them.

There was also a very tantalizing sweet table after dinner - laden with cakes, squares, tortes and fresh strawberries with a chocolate sauce fountain for dipping! I had some strawberries and melon again - but I did break down when the waiters were circulating with Spanish coffees served with those chocolate spoons. Ate most of the whipped cream, licked my spoon and drank some of the coffee....but not the whole thing.

Today was a bit worse - it was the MOVIE POPCORN that got to me. DH and I have been to movies many times since starting lc and have avoided popcorn. Today took youngest and friend to see Brother Bear (very cute by the way).....and got them popcorn...and yes, I ended up nibbling a bit along with a Diet Pepsi (what a treat that was!).

So no longer in ketosis - but hope that by morning everything will return to normal????

Have to make sure to pack snacks for all day workshop tomorrow as I know there will be lots of unfriendly high carb stuff.....will bring my own Atkins muffins w/butter, some cheese strings and a small can of tuna juist in case!

Time to drug myself and try and get some sleep!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and did not indulge as I did!


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Each Bite of Sugar...
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Default Confessions of a Trader Joes Junkie!!

Totally addicted to Trader Joes!!! We have two of them up here near where I live and I can't get enough of it. I do the majority of my grocery shopping there.

Been a long weekend of laundry.

Going to bed now - glad everyone had a good weekend.
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"Too much of a good thing can be wonderful." Mae West
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