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thin within
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Angry Thursday Daily--nov 6

hey y'all. just trying to get caught up on posts today. internet service was drifting in and out most of yesterday. nice fall weather here. getting ready to go shopping in hour or so. still haven't gotten out to do this this week.

we are in turkey for two years, courtesy of the military. what an opportunity we have to see the world. i have never been to an ambassador's residence or attended a ball. this is all new to me. my dd is so excited to be going to the sitter's tonight. the sitter and her entire family are super wonderful. i feel very comfortable with the situation. my dh is so excited and is hoping that i'll be willing to let her stay with sitter more often.

please pray for our deployed troops and their families left behind, especially as we approach the upcoming holidays. i feel proud to be an american and am grateful that our military is voluntary. each one of our troops has made a conscious decision to join so that we might all continue to enjoy the freedoms that we have. i am so thankful for and proud of them.
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Pure Energy
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Wow, how exciting for you! What a wonderful opportunity for your kids too. They will learn so much from it. I was in the Navy and it was very hard sometimes. Unless you're in it you really don't know what it's like. It takes so much from you and is definitely a sacrifice. I will pray for you as well as everyone else. Holidays were the worst for me, so terribly lonely. America is a truly wonderful place. Thanks for reminding us of that. Have fun with your shopping. I hope you find tons of bargains.

I worked last night from 3pm to 11pm and haven't slept yet (5am) I'm going to stay up to take my sweetie pie to daycare or as we like to call it, "The Club", as in Logan spent the day at the club. Then at 0915 I have an MRI on my knees. I'm praying for them to find something fixable and not just say... well, we're not sure why you have great pain and popping, scraping noises.

Somewhere after that I hope to sleep some but am getting my haircut at 3pm. I actually wrote to Oprah a few weeks ago trying to get her to give me a makeover, something about a show about women in men's jobs who find it difficult to maintain their femininity. I haven't heard from her yet so I'm going for a haircut.

I wish you could lose weight by sheer force of will, by wanting it badly enough. I'd sit here and furrow my brow and mean it so much that I'd be a size 6 in no time. Like I told my dh, I'd make a deal with God if I could that if he'd only take away my weight, I swear I wouldn't take my body for granted this time and I mean it. Hopefully this WOE is God's way of granting my wish.

Well, have a great day Chicas!!
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soon to be goddess
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Wink good morning

Hey Ladies. Hey Fullfig and Jamlinrich, how is everyone today?
Fullfig.....how exciting, going to the Ambassador's ball!!! I'd feel like a dressed up version of cinderella. Hope you find something to wear....and something sexy!!
Jamlinrich.....you poor girl!! You are going to be sooo exhausted, hopefully you will get some sleep soon. Did you have a bad fall? or is this knee injury from everyday stuff. How painfull that must be. **Sending you good thoughts**

Yesterday wasn't a very good day. Not sure what was going on in my head (emotional eater) but I know I didn't stop munching those darn choc. chip cookies until I ate the last 4 of them. Thankfully, the temptation is now gone and I can hopefully re-focus on Atkins. I hate getting side lined in a funk, and then the guilt and sugar lingers on for a few days until its out of my system. I have my wi tommorow but may wait until Saturday to have a few good days under my belt.

next challenge ???

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I'm a Jovi Girl
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Good morning all!

FulFig - I always pray for our millitary! My dad is retired Army, MY FIL, also retired Army and my cousin is currently active army! Also I sent you a Private Message.. Did you get it? It sounds so glamorous to travel like that! BUt I know it is hard work, and definately putting your life on the line in times like these now!

Jamie - OMG you and I have SOOO much in common! I have bad knees too! I have the crunching and grinding and for over a year they thought I had Rhumatoid arthritis. Then about 6 months after DH and I moved from CA to WA I went to A specialist here at the University of WA, I found out that it wasnt Arthritis at all, but Patella Femoral, my knee caps dont sit on my knees centered, they are both skewed to the out side. Haveing two kids put pressure enough on them that they skewed even more and I have to work out the quads regularly in order to keep them moving closer to center. Eventually I may need them replaced, but I have found that the exercise helps with the pain. although they do crunch once in a while...

Angel-eyes - it will get better! Falling off the wagon on any diet, especially during the holiday season is easy to do and hard to get back on. Get some extra protien and fat as early as you can to help!!

as for me, I am off to the gym after the kids are off to school. I am still waiting for my Doctor to call. I talked to the Nurse Practioner yesterday, and she wants the dr to review my symptoms. He was out yesterday. She is concerned with all the problems that I am having that I am still having severe issues with my Endometriosis even 3 months after surgery. I am almost ready to say.. YANK IT ALL OUT! I am just scared to go on HRT because I have HORRIBLE side effects on hormones.

Anyway.. I will check back later! Hope all are having a great day!

"Have a Nice Day!" - Bon Jovi
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Movin' and Losin'
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Good morning, ladies!

Fullfig: Wow! What an opportunity! How exciting! Have a great time at the ambassador's ball. Let us all know how it goes! And, thanks for the reminder about how fortunate we are to live in the U.S. I will definitely pray for the troops and their families. I am very grateful for all they do and all they sacrifice!

Jamie and Karen: I hope you both get to feeling better! Let us know what the doctors say!

Angel-eyes: Eating healthy is very difficult to do, and I've slipped up many times. That's why I've been trying to lose my extra weight for three years. It's a challenge, but think of how great you'll feel and how proud of yourself you'll be when the extra weight finally comes off for good!

Well, I got some of my cleaning done yesterday that I wanted to, but I still have some to do. So, when I get a break from work, I'll be cleaning the least fun parts of the house (I leave them for last) -- the bathroom, the dining room table (which piles up with junk very quickly) and vacuuming. Always fun!

I've been exercising each day this week, and even added an additional 15 minutes to my workout yesterday. Maybe I can make this a habit -- I know I need to.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday!

Take care,

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on my way down again
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Hi Fullfig and all. Nice to meet you. The troops are certainly in my prayers. I can't imagine being in Turkey...and a Ball. Have a great time. I've only RV'd around the US and Canada.

Jamlinrich-I hope they find a problem with your knee. and Karen too... I know how that is; I have a very bad back and neck and have had several surgeries with rods and more implanted that have helped quite a bit. Now I've twised my knee a few days ago, and it's hard not to be able to bend. (I'm not a bendable Barbie right now) LOL. And the bad thing is, I twisted my knee while walking for exercise to help get the weight off, so I'm still going to walk carefully.

Angel-eyes, I'm an emotional eater too. I did well on the diet yesterday with the exception of eating a little too much celery. It was just so cool and crunchy. I doubt I'll weigh myself today and just keep moving in the right direction.

Jdoggmartin, It's pouring rain here today, so it looks like I get to clean today. We're going to paint the livingroom, kitchen, diningroom and hallway, so I have to box up all my books and belongings. I'm looking forward to an uncluttered look when we're done. Well, everyone have a great day! See Ya! Barbie

Ibroccoli i
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Head Princess
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Happy Thursday, everyone!

Fulfig - you have my undying envy. I can't wait to hear all about the ball. I was married to a guy in the military once - that's a very tough way of life. So now you have my undying respect, too. I heard that the dreaded ex left for Iraq a few weeks ago. Even though we don't talk, I still worry. He has a wife and a baby girl now. It's just all so scary.

Karen & Jamie - wishing you well on the knee issues.

Jdogg - way to go on the exercise! Keep it up!

Barbie - Happy cleaning!

I was feeling all down yesterday, so I decided to go buy myself a present. And since there's been so much discussion on practical presents, I went for a compromise. I bought myself a new coat (black, mid-thigh, and trimmed in the most god-awful black faux fur) but paid too much for it. I just didn't care - it looks great, will go lovely with my tiara, and does very kind things for my legs.

I'm still stalled out and getting rather upset about it. As you can see on the food log, I'm keeping the carbs down. Is it the nuts (so I'm giving them up for now)? Am I not getting enough calories? I'm wondering if my body is just being really resistant because it hasn't been down to this weight in almost 8 years. Is that possible? Argh! The frustration!

I did stand on the scale last night and asked dh to press on my shoulders until the scale went up to 200. Wow! 40 pounds is a lot of pressure. I'm not sure how I moved. That was even more effective than trying to lift 40 pounds because I could feel it through my whole body. What an eye opener!

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are. - Anais Nin

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Question for anyone who uses Fitday.....how the heck do I print out my daily food. I don't know why I can't seem to figure that out. I know there are reports to see what your totals are etc but I want a print out of what I am eating also.

My weight is finally down today. Just 2 more to go to get back to where I was before surgery and HALLOWEEN! Then it is on to the remaining 19 pounds.

I am making chicken parm tonight and I am going to use pork rinds as breading. I still can't believe I actually bought those things! Hopefully the sauce and cheese will mask any pork rind taste. I have nibbled on one since I bought them.....not to disgusting.
Did anyone see my question from yesterdays post about the pork rinds being ok or not in induction? I also asked about macadamia nuts. You all seem to think they are a dangerous snack but I understood that they were the nut of choice on this plan. What gives....is it just that we can't stop eating them or are they really not on this plan?

NO CHEATING TODAY. I had my usual egg and sausage patty for breakfast so I don't have any cravings today. Let's hope that keeps up through the day.
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Hello, hello everyone!

I had my council meeting for graduate students last night, and I'm very proud to say that I completely resisted any urge to partake in the meal that they were offering (beef stew, buns, some other soup kind of thing). And let me tell you, it smelled sooo good, but I didn't even take one bite! It helped too that I ate something before I went there. And I finally got back to the gym this morning - I am on a roll!

fullfig: I saw a documentary on travel to Turkey a week ago and it seemed like there were a lot of amazing things to see there! Such a great opportunity! I can hardly wait until I am done my master's so that I can go live in another country again for awhile.

Day 4 for me - and so far I haven't had any headaches or anything that I've heard others mention in the beginning (except one, but I rather think that's more related to the fact that I stayed up much of Tuesday night working on stuff I had to finish for my supervisor). The only thing that's been annoying is that my housemate keeps eating my eggs and I need them for breakfast! But otherwise, all seems good at the moment.

What's your story?
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Movin' and Losin'
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Great job on resisting the food, Lekker! It's great that you were prepared and ate beforehand! Way to go!! And, great job on getting to the gym. You definitely are on a roll!!


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Hi everyone - just a quick hello from work today.
The nuts make me stall all the time - but I don't deny myself because at least it's not candy and it makes me feel like it's splurging. I just bought Pork Rinds for the first time this week and I'm thinking it will be an acquired taste.....but at least it's crunchy. I think it should be fine for induction though.

Whenever I want to see what my weight loss really feels like, I take a backpack and load it up with bags of sugar and flour and books and then stand on the scale till I get back up to my original weight. It's really kind of gut wrenching though - I never felt like I was lugging around that much extra weight....but I guess I was.

Have a great day everyone!

Oh BTW - Fullfig.. THANK YOU! for you and your dh's commitment to our military AND to our freedom. I am grateful for people like yourselves who sacrifice living in the US to ensure our continued freedom. I hope you have so much fun at the Ambassador's house!!!!

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I am so excited about the Ball Fullfig - as I bet you are too.....like being a real princess. Speaking of which will you be wearing a tiara? (If you don't have one, I think I no someone who may have one you can borrow?? )

Jamlin - sorry about the noisy knees - hope they find out what's wrong and it's fixable...and Karen you really don't look off center to me....but then looks are deceiving?

Star - coats sounds great - definitely need a pic of the coat with the tiara!

Nonbendable Barbie - I don't think you'll get fat eating extra celery - I wouldn't worry about it too much!

Angel-eyes: the main point is it's over now...the cookies are gone..and it's a new day!

jdogg - way to go on the exercising - you seem to be very committed and will do well.

Jane: nuts not allowed for induction so save the macadamia's for OWL (rung 2 or 3? I don't remember). Just be forewarned that those little critters are addictive! Pork rinds are okay - but don't go too crazy as the salt/water retention will get you!

Kim - I definitely think the pork rinds are an "acquired taste" and I have yet to acquire it!

Lekker - I am very proud of you - what a great job you did resisting all those forbidden foods....good for you. Sounds like you are on your way.

I just finished lunch (the quiche & salad special at work - hold the crust) and I am still hungry - guess eating the inside of a quiche just doesn't cut it?

Leaving early today for parent/teacher interviews for eldest ds - he is definitely in trouble in a few of his classes (like NOT handing in assignments and of course chatting in class).....so it will be interesting to get the teacher's side of the story (usually very different from what we're getting at home).

DH home sick today - I know he is very stressed at work and has worked late a few times last week and even last night - has a sore throat and has turned into MUCUS MAN (very scary sounding, especially at night). I really hope I don't get sick!

Presented at Board of Directors meeting yesterday pm and this morning...all went well - a few more Board meetings to get through before the ultimate test which is the meeting with our Deputy Minister on the 28th!

Getting hair cut on sat and roots done (no gray for me) and we even have a sitter booked for sat night so we can go out and have fun (and show off my gorgeous hair)....hope dh is well enuf to go out....

Sunday hoping to take littlest ds (5) and school buddy to see Brother Bear as a treat - anyone seen this yet? Should be fun - and I will TRY TO AVOID any popcorn nibbling??

What are everyone else's weekend plans?


P.S....and the best is I'M OFF MONDAY AND TUESDAY FOR A FOUR DAY LONG WEEKEND - YIPPEE Tuesday is Remembrance Day here - which is a statutory holiday for government workers and banks (but stores stay open - get the picture?)....so many of us have taken Monday off in order to get the four days in a row! Can't wait

20 LBS OFF BY CRUISE TIME - January 21, 2012!!

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I'm still doing well...I've avoided the snacks at afterschool tutoring,which is wonderful. I don't know why they feed the kids the things they do....cookies and all kinds of junk. Also, our school runs a concession stand during break that has nothing but junk (save for some "orange juice" that's only about 50% juice.) I would like to do something, but this is my first year at this school so I think it's best I don't rock the boat (yet!).

The lipo-stix are still turning nice and purple pretty quickly, so I guess I'm doing something right!

get out of the 230s by July 23rd: Met 7/23/2009
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150 (final goal):
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reaching my goals
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Fullfig, be prepared to share the details of the evening at the Ambassador's house and the Marine's Ball. I'm dying to hear and see...lots of pics. This is the weirdest thing - I was talking with a neighbor tonight and mentioned your invitation to the Ambassador's house. She just returned home last night from a visit to her parent's home in New Jersey. She had read the invitation that her dad received to the same event. They had it posted on their refrigerator. He had to be in Nigeria tomorrow so was unable to attend. How weird is that? He does communication type work at various embassies around the world. I told her to look for dbil next time he was in Turkey. She said he possibly already met him.

Anyway, thanks for reminding us all to pray for our military. I do so regularly, extra when friends and loved ones are deployed outside our country. The spouses are also critical to our military as they keep the homes/family life running smoothly.

Jamie and Karen, I hope you find relief for your knee problems.

Jdogg, congrats on the exercising. I've jumped on the exercise wagon myself. I've consistently exercised at least twice a day in some form or fashion since Monday.

I would love to post individually to each of you but it's bedtime. am workouts come early.

Congrats to all of you who are on plan and to the ones who have got back on plan. We all will succeed.

Jennelle, which part of MS are you from? Fullfig and I were born in North MS and moved to the coast in the 80s.
Started Atkins on 24 June 2003
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