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thin within
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Wink Daily Chat--tuesday, Nov 4th

good afternoon all. all is well here, other than a plateau that is. thought i would get on for a bit to check messages before getting dd down for her afternoon rest. although i was trying to hold off buying new clothes just yet, i need to buy a few things. we just got invited to the ambassador's home for thursday night. my clothes are at the point where they are so loose that they make me look bigger than what i am. so, i have resigned to picking up a few things. there are not a lot of options for full figured women here. gotta run for now. hope y'all have a great day today!
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Good Morning Everyone,

Hey Fullfig, can you wear a belt over your shirts, to give you a fitted look but still loose if you know what I mean... OKAY YEAH the 80's style LOL haaaaaaaaa !!! I'm happy that your clothes are baggy, can't wait for mine to get that way

I did really well eating yesterday, and DANG, I'm proud of myself, considering I've been having a wicked time keeping my calories low.

Today at lunch I'm going to run out to see if there are any T-giving decorations (prob not, they bypass this holiday for Christmas OY, I guess it just comes down to $$$).

Have a wonderful day.

Love, Leens

Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."
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Off to work in 5 minutes.
Still at 217 - I shouldn't be complaining since I haven't weighed this since 1996. It's amazing how frustrating it can be to not see the numbers budge...but you are eating totally on program. Although I also remember when I've eaten a lot of bad things in the past my body doesn't gain it immediately either.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Fullfig - Can I ask why you are in Turkey?
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Movin' and Losin'
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Hey, everyone! Hope you are having a good Tuesday!

Well, last night I weighed-in at TOPS, and I lost a pound. I was excited!! I really wasn't expecting to lose anything because of my pancake and macadamia nut indiscretions.

My car is still running with that "Check Engine" light on. I feel better about because of what you guys said about it possibly being for a check-up. I'll be glad to get it taken care of tomorrow (whatever it is).

After four weeks on Atkins, I feel like I'm really starting to have some energy. I actually feel like exercising, which is a great thing. It wasn't like I didn't have any energy before, but not quite enough to get real excited about exercise. I'd walk up the stairs, and my legs would hurt... anybody else have that problem?

Have a great day!

Take care,

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I'm a Jovi Girl
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Hi Gang.. thanks for the reply on the Davinci syrups! I didnt think about checking walmart!

I dont have time to get personal right now.. but I wanted you all to know that I get to go SHOPPING today! FOR ME!!!! I am dropping the kids off at school and going off to the mall to get some new bras.. and some clothes for this shrinking body! WOO HOO! I am only going to get a few items as I know that in 2 or 3 months they will start to get big again.. but hey.. It is still going to be a fun day! AND the new BON JOVI CD is in the stores today so of course I will be getting that as my reward for 25 pounds gone! WOO HOO!!! (Can you tell I LOVE BON JOVI THey are the only guys in the world who could give DH a run for his money! LOL!)

Talk to you all soon!

"Have a Nice Day!" - Bon Jovi
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Head Princess
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Default Not dead yet!

Hey everyone!

Much to my surprise, I'm still alive today. I went home at lunch and pretty much slept until today and while I don't feel great, I feel better than yesterday. I'm pretty much taking any medication that I can and trying not to move or breathe. Have any of you used sugar-free cold medicine or lozenges? I'm relying heavily on them but think that there are still carbs in them because my ketone sticks are dark pink instead of purple today.

Still no weight loss but it's normal for me. My weight fluctuates 3-5 pounds during the course of a day, but when I get to a "0" weight (160, 170, 180) I tend to stay there for a week and my daily fluctuation goes down to 1 pound a day. How bizzare is my body? But, hey - at least I'm getting to know it.

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are. - Anais Nin

Started Atkins 7/15/2003
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Each Bite of Sugar...
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It's a sunny COLD Tuesday morning here in Seattle. It was 22 degrees this morning - somehow we went directly from 75-80 degree Summer to 20's Winter.... what happened to Fall????

Anyhow, scaled showed me up 2 pounds this morning, but I don't really believe it. I didn't drink enough water yesterday and I know that makes a difference with me.... that and I continue to deal with this nightmare AF.

Brought good foods to eat with me to work.... but am craving the macadamia nuts. Figures - of all the "bad" things I could crave that are laden with sugar and carbs, I want the macadamia nuts.

Haven't been all that great about eating my veggies. Somehow I really got away from taking salad with me to work and the hard boiled eggs. I have 3 dozen eggs aging in my fridge because I really stopped wanting to eat them unless they were accompanied by lots of bacon - which, by the way, Costco has 4 pounds for $9!

That's it for me. Hungry today... and am going to go try my Americano with SF Vanilla syrup instead of my usual Splenda. I'll let you know - but that should help with the carbs.
Bridget's Mom (03/02)


"Too much of a good thing can be wonderful." Mae West
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Head Princess
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Storybookmama!!! I'm right there with you on the weather (just a bit south). Last week it was 75 degrees, it snowed here most of Sunday, and this morning it was either hail or freezing rain on the way to work. Blech!

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are. - Anais Nin

Started Atkins 7/15/2003
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Good day, everyone!

Bleh ... we have snow today! (Although it's melting pretty quick) But at least tomorrow they predict the temperature should go up to about 13 Celsius. Boy, nearly a heat wave!

So, I'm on day 2 of Atkins! (I started it briefly in September, but fell off when school got busy in October). I remember the first few days being the toughest, as I have to remind myself that I "don't really want that carbohydrate-filled food!"
What's your story?
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reaching my goals
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I still haven't lost anything but i have excercised for 15 minutes before and after work for the last couple of days. It doesn't sound like much but it's a big accomplishment for me. I hate to exercise. I also plan to start a weight training regimen at the gym on post Thursday. I have an Atkins buddy at work to go with. Hopefully the accountability will keep me going.
Started Atkins on 24 June 2003
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Card Carrying Princess
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...I really did I ate real cake with sugar and flour and everything....and you know what - it tasted GREAT!

We were at the hotel last night for a tasting of the catered meal for dd's upcoming bat-mitzvah - and we were served an entire meal which I mostly nibbled on)....okay I ate the whole salad (oil and vinegar dressing) and we taste tested 3 different types of chicken: in white wine sauce w/mushrooms, in marsala sauce and florentine (spinach and cheese)...I took a couple bites of each - altho I loved the florentine (very carb friendly)...we decided to go with the white wine sauce as many people don't like spinach.... veggies and potatoes on the side of course (I had a bit of asparagus)..and did I mentioned the complimentary glass of white wine???

Then came 3 desserts to our table for tasting: tiramisu (to die for and I had to control myself from eating the whole thing), a strawberry shortcake (quite yummy) and a peach torte (not my favorite).....so I had a few bites of each of those...along with my decaf w/cream. I was expecting a lightening bolt to come down and strike me from the sky but instead I ended up with a TUMMY ACHE when I got home - no kidding! I'm sure it was the "forbidden food" that did this to me. Had a trip to the washroom, and a bit of tummy pain (nothing drastic), but I can see how overindulging can make one sick - as I have heard from others!

So believe it or not I am still in ketosis and trying to stay in control - I don't seem to have major cravings or anything so this is good...weight is hovering between 186.5 and 187 and has been like this for the past few days!

Karen and fullfig - good luck with the shopping. I hope you both find something suitable and cute to fit your new smaller bodies.

Star - Sorry to hear you are not feeling well! HOpe you get better soon!

Leens - congrats on your "good eating"...I should use you as my inspiration and example!

Jina - way to go on another pound down - and I have also been a victim of the "attack of the macadamia nuts" so I know what you're talking about!

Kim - don't worry about the numbers so much - remember other good things are happening even tho the numbers don't change!

SBMama - time for some devilled eggs? or egg salad? or omellettes? or crustless quiche?...or heck - just fry up that bacon and enjoy!

Lekker - welcome to the group and hope we continue to hear from you. Good luck with induction...let us know how you're doing! Just hang in there for a few more days and you'll feel great and won't be controlled by the carbs!

And...we also have nasty wet snow here today - I had to dig thru the hall cupboard locating everyone's (too small) boots, and find a brush for my car. Expecting lower temp this pm with freezing rain pellets (oh something to look forward to!)...and probably iced streets by the time I drive home!

Back to work! Oh ya...cafetaria lunch today - they had chicken legs (cacciatore, with some tomato sauce) and SPINACH (I asked for double spinach, hold the rice)...and it was very yummy!


20 LBS OFF BY CRUISE TIME - January 21, 2012!!
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I am going to insist that my husband HIDE the Halloween candy! Evil, evil Milky Ways. I did so good yesterday and then just before I went up to bed I snuck two small pieces! Why was I so weak?

Today I am on track but tonight I have a cooking class that is called Roman Cooking. It is supposed to be Italian style but Roman cooking I guess was always served family style. Oh good! More food! I have no idea what we will be making so I don't know what I will be eating...I will try and NOT eat any pasta of any kind. I'm kind of hoping I won't like anything we make (I am the worlds pickiest eater) and then I can go home without having cheated for at least 1 day!

OBTW, I actually went and bought Pork Rinds I can't believe it. A friend of mine at work also picked some up for me....the ones I bought don't taste as pork skinny as the ones she bought. I am going to grind them up for some breading on chicken for tomorrow nights chicken parm. I hope it tastes good. That leads me to a question....are they ok for induction?
Also, I hear so many of you talking about how bad macadamia nuts are. I thought that they were an acceptable nut? I know it says not to have nuts while doing induction but some of us have added nuts etc to the induction plan.

I just couldn't bear to eat ONE MORE egg today so I am a little hungry. I had an Atkins shake for breakfast and have been snacking on cheese and pepperoni all day. I had some ham and cheese roll-ups for lunch with some chicken broth. All I have left for a snack is some celery and what's left of the cheese! Hope I make it.

It is cold and rainy here in MA today. It is supposed to get colder as the week goes on. This weekend looks sunny at least. My husband is moving his company this Saturday so that day is a bust. I have to go with him so that I can set up his computers for him.

KarenW: Congrats on going shopping for new clothes. What a great feeling. Hope you have fun.

jdoggmartin: When I walk up the stairs my knees are on fire! I keep saying to myself...when you lose the weight it will get better. I know how you feel.

Leens: I was shopping this past Sunday and I couldn't believe that they had all the christmas decorations up already. COME ON!
I think there should be a law. You can't put it up until after Thanksgiving.

Check in with you all later.
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soon to be goddess
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Talking Hello....

Hey girls, how is everyone today?

Froufy.....say it isn't so?...you got snow already yesterday? yuck. Hopefully it won't stay long. Good for you for just 'tasting' the food for dd's bat mitzvah. When is the big day for her? I don't know alot about the Jewish faith, but I understand that it is one of the most important days for her and the celebration after the ceremony is quite the fancy party. You will of course need a new outfit right?

KarenW......good luck and have fun with your shopping. A bra is a neccesity but try to have some fun with it....what about that zebra bra? that was mentione a while back?...now that sounds like fun!!!

Hi Lekker. so nice to meet you. post often so we can get to know you. good luck on day #2.

I'm having a rather stressful day, both boys are home from school today due to the elections here, and they are at each others throats!!! UGH!!!! For some peace of mind and some sanity, I just popped a movie in for them but normally we don't watch tv during the week. I'm trying to stay out of the kitchen as when I'm stressed i'm more prone to snack carbs......oh...but it is lunch time now!!! I'll have to get in quick and out before I open the carb cupboards. MUST HAVE SOME MEAT!!! lol. I'm going to try the mock potatoe salad (made with caulliflower) and see if thats a good recipie.

next challenge ???

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Pure Energy
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Good morning! Just woke up and I don't want to be up. Got to go to work at about 1:30pm. Grrr. Evil work... So today is day 5 for me and I started out at 201 and today am at 195. YAYAYAYAY! I read someone's post last night about limiting calories too in order to maximize loss. Is that true? Should I be eating fewer calories? I am starting to feel a difference in energy level. I'm not as tired as usual or I perk up more quickly. That's pretty cool.

You guys are awesome. I hope you see how special you each are and what a nice bond you have. Keep faith. It's all worth it. It seems like after you've done it a while it's easy to slip or justify little things but I know you all want to lose it and keep it off and powerful, intelligent women (and jdoggs) like you can definitely do anything you put your minds to. Just take it take by day and remember to be conscious. Sorry if I sound preachy. It's meant with support and love.

Have the most beautiful day where every bite you take makes you feel thinner! Visualize it!
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

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Froufy - you naughty girl!!! I'm glad you paid for it - but not too much. The bat-mitzva sounds like it's going to be wonderful!

Angel-eyes - I find that cleaning curbs my stress eating. It's gets energy out, gives me a feeling of accomplishment, and who wants to eat after cleaning yucky stuff? Just an idea

Jamie - congrats on the loss! I don't personally watch my calories, though I know the some of the people here do. I've found that cutting them back has a negative effect on my weight loss, so I eat when I'm hungry (or when I know it's time - since hungry doesn't happen much anymore) and stop before I'm full. It seems to work for me but as with all things in life, it's about finding out what works for you.

Have a great day!

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are. - Anais Nin

Started Atkins 7/15/2003
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