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A fellow LCHFer's passion

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Default A fellow LCHFer's passion

I know two threads in a day...Not going back to before.

But this was an amazing article I had to share:


I especially like the point about the LCHF community being evidence based. Is that patting us and myself on the back? Yes. But that doesn't mean it isn't true. Going against conventional wisdom is a big step. And I certainly did not do it lightly or all at once. But I knew I had to. My uncle is just 22, 22 years older than me and has dementia. I knew people had cut fat, cut meat, cut butter and gone for more whole grains and vegetable oils. I don't know about you, but when I look around it doesn't seem to be working. When I looked at my body and how I felt mentally and physically, it certainly wasn't working.

As the author says, research for yourself. But if you've never experimented with LCHF and going grain free...well that is a choice one makes for themselves based on what they feel is best. But oh boy, if I could sell what it did to me in less than a year, I'd be richer than Bill Gates in a year.

Here are some quotes from the article because I like them so much.

"By the LCHF beast, I mean the contrarian sub-culture that defines the low carb community. Low carb has always been a kind of anti-establishment movement; scorning the now-defunct food pyramid by eating it upside down. To eat low-carb, one had to go against the grain (yes..I know); you had to adopt a middle-finger attitude to what the good doctors (and politicians who paid the good doctors, who were paid by the agro-industrial complex lobbyists) told us to eat.

Yet one of the consequences of this contrarian approach meant you had to take a keen and personally accountable interest in your diet. In other words RD’s, LCHFers tend to actually care very deeply about their health. Embarking on a blind swim against the nutritional current (and primarily through self-experimentation) would seem like madness; yet when people found that they lost weight, felt great, performed better at work and on the sports field, had more energy and reported an improved sense of control in their lives, they really started to question the authority of the so-called nutritional experts. Skepticism and distrust grew into a full-blown rebellion. People grew, and still are, justifiably angry at learning that most of what they were told by people calling themselves 'experts' (and are still being told) is actually complete bollocks. On top of it, we have an industry **** bent on telling us that our overwhelmingly positive experiences (and the emerging evidence) are all wrong. No wonder this LCHF revolution took on almost evangelical proportions. The parallels between dogma and evidence are numerous, and like all other 'earth revolves around the sun' moments, yours is the choice of what side of history you find yourself on.

Yes, it must be tough watching everything you thought you knew with such certainty being eroded by the relentless pursuit of truth that is the scientific method.

LCHFers probably research diets and the concomitant emerging evidence far more than any other dietary lifestyle group does. The foundation of the LCHF movement is Evidence. It had to be. Personal experience and robust science. It’s always been the only tool the LCHFers had in the Diet Wars all these years – the fact that it works, and works better than anything else, emboldened a public rebellion against the 'info'(my substitution) were told is good for us. If new evidence emerged that saturated fat was in fact bad for you, LCHF numbers would plummet. because LCHFers take such a keen interest in evidence. Each day, as the evidence mounts, more and more people join the fight.

It is hardly surprising then that the old model of a subservient client, gullibly following the advice of their registered dietician doesn’t work anymore - especially not for someone with a real interest in the truth and an internet connection."

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