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Totally relearned everything about fats

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Default Totally relearned everything about fats

I have learned so much awesome information the last month or two. Just really super fantastic. Especially regarding fats.

First fats do not make you fat. Nor do they give you heart disease. In fact they are some of the healthiest most awesome things you can be using daily, if you use the right ones.

A very important 2010 study of 348,000 people in Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed no, ZERO correlation between saturated fat consumption and heart disease. Zero. It was barely reported, even though it contradicted a major part of worldwide dietary advice. Why wasn't it reported? Simple. Say you are Kraft or General Mills or Monsanto. You tell every news organization make this a headline story and our 10 million advertising budget per year, or whatever it is, goes poof. And the story goes...poof. But thank goodness we live in a world of social media now.


So what makes us overweight? Nor for everyone but for a lot...carbs. The body can only handle so much glucose which is what carbs become when they hit the bloodstream. The glucose is toxic in the bloodstream if it can't be used right away. So it has two choices...perish...or get it out and store it as fat. I had a huge carb belly. It was my body doing the best it could with what I was feeding it to keep me alive.

But fats....good fats...the body LOVES. Your body can become 'fat adaptive' where it is very good at burning fats. It burns em when you eat them, it burns stored fat better when exercising. And fats are filling. I have virtually no hunger anymore no need to calorie count.

So what are my go to fats now? At home grass fed butter and coconut oil. I personally can cook virtually anything in coconut oil, I like the taste. And grass fed butter tastes great and truly is a superfood in every sense.

When people used tallow/lard and butter from grass fed cows and coconut oil there was virtually no heart disease OR cancer OR diabetes. The use of vegetable oils truly has been that disastrous to our health.

The history of Crisco for instance is mind-boggling. It is cottonseed oil. First it was developed to be a cheaper alternative to lard for machinery/industrial uses. Then they started using it in candles. Then when we went to electricity Proctor and Gamble needed a new market so they said..it's a lard substitute. But whereas lard from grass fed is heart healthy, Crisco is a disaster.

Then corn, soy, rapeseed (canola) oils all came and our sad state of affairs has come about.

I urge everyone to Google about fats. I like Mark's Daily apple and Dr. Mary Enig.

But remember people were MUCH healthier and fitter and stronger on high fat diets when they pre-1900 fats were used daily. You lose weight naturally because your body is getting what it needs and wants so your appetite goes way down. And the omega 3 to omega 6 ratios are as good as in wild caught seafood and they have many other protective qualities.

We are eating out less now because most restaurants use vegetable oils.
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